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Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P2)

Hi guys –
Hope you’ll liked the previous episode …

Today kaira got up really early and went for a morning walk 2gether . After coming back they had their breakfast wid Akshata and gayu .
They all went for shopping and over there akshara saw Naman taking naitak from one van to the other , she ran towards them and saw that the van was not starting beside only kaira and gayu were there so she called them for help . They fought wid Naman and got naitik saved .
The day passed as they were happy of naitik returning and whenever kaira were together the were talking through their eyes . In the night all went to sleep and kaira sent and i❤️U msg to each other .

Next morning –
Gayu had her exhibition so naitik and akshara went over there . Naira had told that she will be going for shopping and naitak told Karthik to take rest of go wid Naira .
And as u know kaira were together and went for shopping .
Naira had worn a crop top and a cute short skirt , and as usual Karthik was looking hot and handsome .
Kaira went to a shopping mall first , they first shopped for Naira –
N-Karthik how is this dress looking ?
K-jaan u look beautiful in anything u wear !
buy whatever u want ?
N-Karthik tell na shld I buy this
K-accha baba I’ll show u pretty dres u buy that . Okay
Karthik showed her a beautiful white one piece which was above her knees and had a black collar .
N-omg Karthik it’s so beautiful
K- ikr
They were very hungry so they went to eat something .
They odderd cheese pasta with humus and pita with a virgin mojito
Naira was to lazy to eat so Karthik was making her eat

K- jaan last bite have na
N- no Karthik l don’t wanna eat
K-ok than even I’m not eating
N-sorry na
And then she made him eat
They were having cute eye locks and funny moments

Hope you’ll like it
Might post 1 more part 2day ,..
Comment pls ❤️❤️

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