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Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) prologue

A 35 year old couple is taking vows, Both eyes r only having sparkle of happiness
Both sit for completing the further rituals.
Guy make her wear mangalsutra around her neck and applied vermilion in her hair line. Tears drop from lady’s eyes.
Guy sees toward swara, “you are still crying. See now we are married by all rituals and moreover I am absolutely fine.”
Swara wipes her tears “I am not crying, these are tears of happiness. Today I am very happy, after long wait I got you.”
( where my princess is, how can I forget about her prince. Guy is none other than sanskar)
Sanskar smiled at her “This is only possible due to your unconditional love. If you had not come in my life like an angel then I will be always a mad person.”
She keeps her hand on his lips.
Swara “ never dare to say, anything to my love. I only love that innocent boy.”
Sanskar “, I will never say anything about your sanskar.”
Both stood and take God’s blessing.
After sometime they reached their villa.
Sanskar gives his hand to swara to come down from car. Swara emotionally sees towards their villa. Sanskar make her turn towards himself and kiss her eyes which could almost ready to flow.
Sanskar “when you first time entered here that time I didn’t able to complete any ritual. This time I wanna complete each and every ritual.”
Swara” sanskar, now we are not young. “
Sanskar “I am only 35 year old.Are you more than it, because I am still young in your love.”
By saying it, he pick her in his arms. Both entered inside the villa. Sanskar kick pot instead of swara, he make her hand wet in red water. She make her hand imprint on wall.
Swara “ sanskar, now leave me. What will servants and raglak think?”

Sanskar: nothing, they will feel proud of our love.
Swara” but sanskar, your back will pain”
Sanskar “ you are with me, if it pains then you will cure by your love”
Swara “no one could win over you.”
Sanskar “ ya, I know.”
Their conversation disturb by someone’s laughing.
Anni ( raglak child, 10 year old) “chachu, if your talking is over then you can leave to your room. You both can continue your romance there. I didn’t have any problem.”
Ragini come and hold her ear.
Ragini ( nearly 36 year old, Swara best frnd) “Annie, go to your room. Don’t tease these new love birds.”
Sanskar “exactly bhabi, tell your daughter don’t mess with me.”
Swara “ Mr maheswari, don’t dare to say anything to my princess.”
Annie “ ya now speak chachu, choti ma is my side.”
Sanskar “yes, now no one loves me.”
He started to make faces.
Swara “ now enough of your naughtiness, can we go in our room?”
Annie “why choti ma, you are so desperate to spent time with him.”
Swara “Annie, your mom is right. Day by day you are becoming shameless.”
Annie “chachu, take your bride with you or else today she will surely make me beat by mom and dad.”
Sanskar “yeah, now I am going with her. Don’t dare to disturb us now.”
Annie “we will see about it later.”

Sanskar move with her in their room.

Raglak room

Annie come running in raglak room with one album.
Annie “mom, pls I wanna know about chachu and choti ma love story. how choti ma fall in love with him , I mean chachu was mad na.”
Ragini takes album from her hand and starts telling about swara’s unconditional love.

Flashback, 10 years ago

Swara “ Ragini, come with me. Today we have to visit orphanage.”
Ragini “ swara, I remember yr. But before this I have to go for job interview. “
Swara “okay, we will meet in evening.”

Both went in different direction.

Swara reached an old orphanage, where small children and some patients were living.
All children came and hug her tightly.
Siya “ ( 6 year old) di, where is Ragini di?”
Swara kneels down and children make circle around her.
Swara “why? You all are not happy after seeing me. Now go, your shona di is angry from you.”
Bani “ arre di, why are you becoming angry? We are only asking because di snatch our chocolates. So before she come we will hide our things.”
Swara started to laugh with them. All children enjoyed with her.

After 4 hours of enjoyment, she sat on bench and started waiting for Ragini.
Suddenly one person came and sit near her. He started to play with her hair.
Swara “hey what are you doing?”
Person “ I am playing with my doll hair.”
Swara” listen Mr, who are you?”
Person “ i… a…m ..”
He started to think
Person “ I forget, ya I forget who I am ? Do you know me?”
Swara “ are you mad?”
Person “ no, I am not”
He began to hit her and pulled her hair.
Person “do you listen I am not mad?”
Swara “ what are you doing, leave me?”
Listening swara’s shout some warden come and started to separate that person from Swara.
Person “no, I will not leave her. She called me mad.”
Swara “who is he?”
One lady came forward and give injection to him. Soon he dozes off. They take him from there.
Lady “ swara, don’t worry now he will not harm you.”
Swara “ par aunty, who was he? And why he was behaving like that?”
Lady “leave na, he is just mental.”
Swara “aunty I ask his name.”

Lady “sanskar, he is in this condition since childhood. Initial days his parents took care of him but they also fed up after sometime. So they leave him here.”
Swara eyes turned moist listening about him.she started to crushes herself for calling him mad. Now she badly wanted to talk to him.
Swara “can I talk to him?”
Lady “he can harm you.”
Swara “aunty, that was my mistake. He just came to me for playing but due to my foolishness I make him angry. Don’t worry I will handle him.”
Lady take her near sanskar’s room.
She entered inside his room, room is in very bad condition no one could able to live in that condition. Anger raises inside her. He was sleeping due to medicine effect.
She sit near him and start caressing his hair. She started to speak
unconscious sanskar.

“ I am sry, I don’t know about your condition. I called you mad but actually you are very innocent. You are not any mad person because people like me are mad who don’t able to see innocent one.
After sometime playing with his hair, she went from there by keeping some chocolate beside him.

Next day,

She again came there. She started to find him. After half an hour of struggle she finally found him near park. He was alone playing with doll. She went near him and sat beside him.
Seeing her,he becomes frightened he started to move from there.
Swara understands his situation and says
“ohh so today you don’t want to play with doll’s hair na”
He sees toward her but again turned his face and says “ you are not doll ,you are very bad only due to you that bad aunty give me that thing. It’s still paining “

He started to cry and try to move from there.

She stop him by showing chocolate.
“ do you want it?”
He sees toward chocolate, before he could take it. She pull her hand.
“ if you want this then do frndship with me”
She forward her hand, he started to jump for chocolate.
She again forwards her hand, he held her hand.
He said now give me chocolate.
She give him chocolate, he harshly snatched from her hand and ran away showing tongue.
She smiled at his innocence behaviour , she went from there.

Next day
She again came to meet him , this time he’s not frightened by seeing her, he remain at his place.
She sit near him and show him chocolates.
He immediately takes it.
She started to caress his hair, he also started to play with her long hair this time she not stop him.
Swara ” what is your name”
He stop playing with her hair and tell her” n .. a……m…e, I don’t know”
She sees towards him lovingly and said” okay, from today onwards I will call you sanskar”
He starts to clap happily , he kisses her cheek and run away from there.
Sanskar “ my name is s….a…..n…s…k….a….r”
He happily starts to dance and clap.
She touched her cheeks and smiled little.
Now, she daily used to come there and spent several hours with him.

Precap; swasan marriage in fb. Swara struggle for sanskar.
Guys I don’t know why but I am really afraid of your reaction. I just felling you will not like it. Still I am updating it just because this concept is in mind from many months. Also I am writing it since 3 days. Hope I am wrong…
Plsssss if you even like 1% then cmnt, first time I am taking risk
Just finger crossed..

Note: this story is actually adopted from one famous Punjabi song. Many things I added also, all words, emotions are of my own.

Do you want me 2 continue.
I will only write next part if response will be good , on this story my expectations are more. Hope you also like it. Waiting for your cmnt.

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