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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 38 to 40!

It was early in the morning that the someone called Abhi. Abhi heard the ringtone and scolded for waking him up so early in the morning!

Abhi “ Why? Can’t u let me sleep peacefully now?” Someone “ I am not free as u and I need to meet u soon!” Abhi “ Huh? At 6 am?” Someone “ Yes!” Abhi in sleepy tone “ U come here!” Someone “ Listen! I am not your Dadi or sister to listen to u!” Abhi “ Hello! Even my sister never called me like this and disturb my sleep! Dadi! She is my sweetheart and I don’t want her to be like u!” Someone laughed and said “ Ok fine! I will sent car there and take it to come and see me!” Abhi “ Ok! Give me 10 minutes!” Someone “ No! I don’t have that much of time!” Abhi “ Omg! 10 mins only!” Someone “ Ok! Take your time….” Abhi, She is too irritating!

Abhi took the car to meet the someone….Abhi reached the place and saw the someone. Someone “ Nice to meet u again!” Abhi “ Until now I can’t believe that u change this much!” Someone “ I had to….after whatever happened….” Abhi “ Ok so why u called me so early to meet…” Someone “ Purab somehow know about our plan…” Abhi in shock “ What? How did he know?” Someone “ Your friend na…had the detective attitude to find about us…” Abhi in nervousness “ Gone! I am gone now! Fuggi will kill me! All because of u!” Someone “ Hello! I just said u to do it but that doesn’t mean u had to!” Abhi “ You cheater! Now you’re blaming me!” Someone “ Get killed by your Fuggi! Best wishes for that!” By saying that she walked off from that place. As for Abhi, he was still sitting on a bench. Clueless on what to do next…..

Abhi, By now Fuggi have known but she may not be aware of the reason…I have to explain to clearly now if not she will surely kill me with her anger! Fuggi! I am very sorry! But pls don’t hate me! As a rockstar, I always like to be around girls! I mean not girls like ladies! I thought ladies make your life lively! But in my case all the ladies around me are live wire! Very dangerous live wires!

Flashback of Abhi’s childhood….

When he was very young he used to tease girls by pulling their hair and make them cry. One day, his mother scolded him for his naughty act. Abhi’s ma “ Abhi! If u continue to do like this one day u have to pull your hair in tension by the girls around you!” Abhi “ Mummy! U are so funny!” By saying that he ran away to pull some girl’s hair!

Flashback ended….

Abhi, Mummy! What u said is happening now! I am pulling my hair! No! scratching my hair because of the girls around me! All are driving me crazy!

Pragya called Purab “ I know what to do next!” Purab “ What di?” Pragya “ I want to meet both of them!” Purab “ It’s difficult to get her di! I will try! And Abhi too as he is still acting na…” Pragya “ I don’t know how u will do that! But just make me meet them alone!” Purab “ Alone?” Pragya “ Yes just the three of us!” Purab “ Ok di but why?” Pragya “ I will tell u after I talk to them!” With that their conversation ended.

Purab, Pragya di is damn angry and I think some volcano is going to erupt when she meet them.

Abhi was asked to come to some place by the someone. Pragya was also there. Someone “Glad u are here!” Abhi “ Nothing to be glad about! What’s the matter?” Someone “ Look there!” Abhi looked at the direction she pointed and was shocked to see Pragya standing there. Abhi “ Mrs Pragya?” Pragya “ Haan! Yes Mr Abhi!” Abhi “ I…am…sorry….” Pragya “ What sorry? Why can’t u tell that Purvi is asking u to do all this?” Abhi “ I can explain and u don’t get angry Fuggi!” Pragya came near him and said “ What compromise was that?” Abhi “Compromise?” Pragya “ Don’t act! Purab told me everything u two had some compromise to do all this drama!” Abhi “ This Purab na…No Fuggi! No compromise and all!” Pragya “Then?” Abhi “ Hey Purvi! Why are u silent? Tell na….” Purvi “ It’s husband and wife issue and how can I interfere in between Jiju?” Abhi “ What?” Pragya “ She is right! You tell me why u did all this?”Abhi “ No Fuggi…I do all this as she asked me how does it feel when u are separated from your loved ones and live like a orphan? I said u can still join us back as still whatever u had done is the past and in present all of us can live like a family….” Pragya with a stern tone “ Then?” Abhi “ Then she even proved that Aaliya and Tanu were behind in manipulating against her….” Pragya “ I know that too but she was fed up of the accusations on her and that’s why that day she spoke to me rudely….” Purvi “ Di! So u didn’t believe completely that I was wrong?” Pragya with tears in her eyes said “ How can my pyaari choti can do something against her own family? I know I was also over emotional that day! I couldn’t stand it when everyone were against u that day….I slapped u but I slapped myself mentally every time I thought about the slap that I gave u….” Purvi hugged Pragya and said emotionally “ Di! U know how much I miss all of u….all this while living like an orphan when there are so many of u to care for me is the worst feeling di….” Pragya caressed her head and said “ You should have come back to me! I searched for u all this while…but all my efforts were futile!” Purvi “ I wanted to be back by making u all proud di! I worked very hard all this while and now I am a entrepreneur di!” Pragya “ Ok but what is all this u made him to this?” Purvi “ For masti di! I challenged him whether he can stay far away from u for 2 months since I managed to be like that for so many months….” Pragya “ And he agreed!”

Abhi, Oh no! Her face is changing! How to escape now?

Pragya looked at Abhi and walked towards him……

Abhi “Fuggi! I know u are angry but no violence ah? I am your husband! U know na it’s our culture to respect husband!” He was keep on walking behind in nervousness. Pragya “ Ya I know all that but my respect is different to u!” She chased him to beat but ended up falling on top of him.

Pragya “ Liar! Cheater! Idiot!” She was keep on scolding him and Purvi “ Di! You two continue your romance and I will be back in a while!” Pragya did not listen to her and continued to scold him….Abhi “ Fuggi! You are so heavy!” Pragya “ Huh? Heavy?” Abhi “ But I like u being like this on top of me….” He held her closer to him and Pragya was aware of their closeness now. Abhi “ Hey no more scolding ah?” Pragya “ Leave me! I don’t want to see your face!” Abhi seductively said “ Really Fuggi?” Pragya tried to move away but his grip was so strong and she couldn’t move too… Abhi “Why don’t u do the same way as u did that day…. like touch me that way….” Pragya softly said “ That was to make u nervous….” Abhi “ Make me nervous again!”

Pragya “ You know how much I missed u?” Abhi “ I know and I miss u too Fuggi! But I did all this so that one day Purvi will talk to u and she will be back in our family….” Pragya “ But still this is not the way….” Abhi “ Ok I agree there could be some other way too but when she challenged me I only thought about your words….we need to share our love with our family too! I decided this was the only way to show that Purvi is still in our family and also in our thoughts!”

Pragya hugged him back and Abhi too hugged back and said “ It’s actually good to be hugging in this lying position too!” Pragya blushed hearing that. Purvi was back by then and said “ Di! I am sorry to disturb both of u! I want to meet Ma! Can u come with me?” Abhi and Pragya were kind of embarrassed of the position they were in. They quickly stood up and followed Purvi.

Abhigya explained everything that happened in all this while to both the Mehra and Arora family. Purvi also had joined the Aroras back and was happy that finally she was able to live with her family.Aaliya had completely changed and had stop speaking to Tanu and Nikhil. Tanu had married Nikhil as he became a millionaire after getting a big international contract. Both side of families were finally happy that love birds, Abhigya will be able to live peacefully now.

Abhi “ Phew! Finally!” Pragya “ What finally?” Abhi “ Finally I am back in my room with my Fuggi!” Pragya “ Hmm ok….” Abhi “ Just ok?” Pragya “Then what u expect me to tell?” Abhi “Tell something that I expect from the the time I fell in love with u….” Pragya with a smile “ What is that?” Abhi “ Don’t act! I know that u know what I expect!” Pragya was about to leave from the bed where she was sitting beside. Abhi held her wrist and pulled her closer to him! Abhi “Where are u running away?” Pragya “I am not running!” Abhi “Then tell me!” Pragya “ Close your eyes!” Abhi “ Like seriously Fuggi? After all this time we are together and u are still shy?” Pragya “ If u talk like this then I won’t tell….” Abhi “ Okok I am closing my eyes!” Pragya went closer to his ears and whispered “ You are and always be my life….” Abhi opened his eyes and look at Pragya surprisingly….

Abhi “ This is not what I was expecting but it sounds magical from u….” Pragya “ I know what u expect but that u know already….but this u never really know….”

Abhi hugged her and that day was their most memorable day with only love where no one was there anymore in their lives to disturb them……

Several months later…..

Abhigya were living happily and also expecting their symbol of love, a baby but little do they know that something is waiting to happen in their lives……

Abhi “Fuggi! Take your time and u no need to rush!” Pragya “ I know how many times will u say this?” Abhi “ What to do? I am first time going to be a father!” Pragya with a smirk “ First time ah?” Abhi “ Hey the last time it was not my baby ok?” Pragya “Okok I was just kidding and we no need to talk about our past!” Abhi hugged Pragya from her back and said “ You get ready and I have to check something in my studio! I will be back in a while….” Pragya with a wide smile “ Ok come faster na….” Abhi told her back “ So cute Fuggi! Ok I will be back in a while!”

Abhi walked to his studio thinking how fortunate he is to get Fuggi as his wife and now going to get a child! He just wished this happiness will stay forever after all the unfortunate things that happened in their lives before…..

Abhi opened the studio door and was shocked to see the sight before him! Pools of blood were on the floor. His guitar was drenched with blood…..Abhi looked around to see whether there was anyone but no one was there…..Pragya was walking towards the studio and he saw that. He quickly closed the door and locked it. Pragya “ Suniye! I am ready! Have u checked it?” Abhi in a shivering tone “ Yes…yes…why u came here?” Pragya “ What’s wrong? Are u ok? Why u are shivering like this?” Abhi “ Nothing Fuggi! It was too cold inside!” Pragya with a smirk “ Always behaving like a child…next time don’t on the AC for too long…” She told that by touching his face and Abhi brought her far from there and at times turned behind to look towards his studio room…..

Why is his studio room like that? Who did that? Now what is going to happen next in the lives of Abhigya?

To be continued if possible……………………

Ok guys I just combined the episodes 38 to 40 as I don’t have the time to continue after this! If anything comes up in my mind to continue this then it will be only after 17 October as I really need to prepare for my midterms! My midterms are coming which is like from 10 october onwards On top of that there are too many assignments too! Let me take this break and also make sure my hand is out of pain too haha! So thank u so much for all your support and continuous comments! It really means alot to me! A very big encouragement for me to write crazily! Before I forget I have to thank I am his chasmish as u are the one requested me to write an ff from the memory loss track! So special thanks to u! Actually your real name is exactly same as my very own sister’s name! The irony is my sister don’t read my writings lolz! Thank u silent readers! See u all when I am more free! Bye! Take care and once again thanks for reading my updates despite the defects! One more thing Keep supporting all the other ff writers too! And If I am free enough then I will be back with my few shots but it will be damn short too! I also had new commenters in this ff and it’s so sweet of all your sweet comments! Thanks for that! So ya Lokha and Anu u two were right in guessing the someone!
Stay calm as calmness will make u all blessed and loved by all……

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