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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 37

Pragya was held up in works as one of her colleague had took leave from work for some reasons and now she had to replace him. Now she was busy in lectures as it was an important period for students as their exams were around the corner. Although, she had took a long break from work when Abhi was with her, the college management did not care about that and insisted her to replace her colleague. She also couldn’t say no as it was about the students who will be facing trouble if someone right is not there to teach them. But she didn’t realise all this was the plan by the someone who is making Abhi to pretend as Prem.

Abhi, It’s been a week that Fuggi is not coming! I guess she had been made to be busy! I miss her so much again! And all this is because of that day!

Pragya was very tired after her back to back lectures and decided to take a nap after reaching home.

Pragya reached house and all were doing their own chores and she also have nothing to talk to them so she just went straight to her room. That’s when Purab called and panickingly said “ Di! Where are u?” Pragya “ At home! And why your voice is like this? What’s the matter?” Purab “ Listen carefully di! First u lock the door!” Pragya “ Why?” Purab “ Di! Just do as I said!” Pragya “ Okok!” Pragya did as he said and was wondering what was the matter about!
Purab “ I know who is making Abhi to do all this!” Pragya “ Who?” Purab “ You will be shocked hearing that!” Pragya “ Faster tell Purab!” Purab “ It’s our……” Pragya in shock said “ What??” Purab “ Yes di! I was also shocked like u!” Pragya “ How can she do like this? And what is the need to do like this?” Purab “ That I don’t know di! It’s some kind of compromise between Abhi and her!” Pragya “ What? Compromise? Both are just mad Purab! Is this something that needs to be compromised about? I am his wife and he is my husband! We should be living together and not in this way!” Purab “ I know di! And u pls calm down!” Pragya “ How to calm down Purab? I am passing every day here with all his memories as if I am only destined to live with his memories and these two are doing this as if they would gain something!” Purab “ I also really don’t know what they are trying to prove di!” Pragya “ I am not going to spare both of them Purab! They are simply playing with my emotions!” Purab “ Di! You know na Abhi always jump into some sudden decisions and this is also like this….” Pragya “ I know but all that had some reason behind to it! But this one is not at all with any reason!” Purab “ So what u want to do now di?” Pragya “ Let me think about it! And I will call u back later!”

Pragya, Prem! What kind of Prem kahani (Love story) I have in my life? Suniye u have done too much now! I am not going to leave this easily without knowing why you two had done this?

Abhi, Now I am somewhat feeling nervous….what if Fuggi comes to know about why I am doing all this? Oh no! I will be dead for sure! But I just agreed to this because of her! She made me convinced to this! Her reason was satisfying to me and that too only for 2 months that I need to be away from Fuggi….

Someone “ Listen! I am not your Dadi or your sister to listen to you! Did u get that?” Abhi “ I didn’t know you would change this much!” Someone “ I had to….”

Very soon u all will know the someone and Abhigya will also be united as they are already united by hearts! So have decided to end this in a even number! Episode 40 will be the last episode of this ff…..3 more to go. In the second last episode u will know who is the someone.Until then pls wait! SORRY Guys but seriously no idea to continue this ff! So i felt this is the best time to end it! Hope u all can understand and support me! Pls….??

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