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Yehi hai Ishq (episode 40)~By Shreya(Lovely)

Recap-..Twinj chapad chapad fight in the bus and Bebe’s warning to them..not to talk..


It was pin drop silence in the bus!!!!!…what could be done the two who speak the most..and those two who are the most desperate to talk with each other…
Kunj was shaking his one leg in Turmoil..
..Kunj’s POV-

Yaar …this is not fair..not fair at all..ab isse baat na karu toh kisse karu..aaj poore din ki planning ki thi.. saara time aaj apni Twinkle ke saath spend karne ka socha tha but …..kya yaar…I just can stop myself from talking to her…and look at her.. I can see her even sitting gloomily ..resting her elbow on her lap and resting her lovely sa..cute sa…pretty sa face..and looking at one direction tightening her lips… Uff…mann toh kar raha hai apni jaan KO kass ke pakad kar ek lambiiii se kiss lelu …itni cute hai…but na bacchu na..abhi time hai..pehle ise batana hai ki ye meri hai…then only after her permission I’ll take my love in my embrace.. I’ll feel in warm breath in mine…will make her my life partner..I just can’t wait for that day… Par baat aage bhadne se pehle…hame baat toh karni padegi naa….

-pov ends

“Twinkle..”… Kunj aired…going close to her ears..
“..kunjjj…”…mumbled Twinkle.
“..Twinkle.. See both of us cannot check ourselves from talking with each other..haina..”.. Kunj stuttered..
“.. Yup.. But what can we do.??”..Twinkle asked still in low voice that no one could hear except Kunj..
” wait..I’ve something.. “..Kunj whired taking out big chocolate bars…
” yaar tum toh Sadu hone ke saath saath sweet rehna kaise manage kar lete ho..”..Twinkle tinkled stretching his cheek…
“Aaaaouu…mat kar yaar..”.. Kunj pleaded rubbing his cheek..
” fine…”..Twinkle mumbled and they got down from their seats& settled on their knees and started licking and swallowing the chocolates and enjoying it ..talking and giggling…

“Ahem ahem…”.. They heard a sound and got numb widening their eyes… Twinkle turned and Kunj raised his head….both swallowed their saliva and gave an expression like…

” heeeeee”..????as they found the bus stopped and Bebe standing their with a Hitler wala expression…

Next scene-

Bus moves and from behind Both Twinkle & Kunj stood on the road…Twinkle looked at the bus going and Kunj passed a flying kiss towards the going bus…they were standing on a road with rows of fresh green woods along…
“Yaar…nuch..”.. Twinkle sighed starting to walk…
Twinj were walking silently on the road..cool breeze was touching their faces …they were playing with Twinkle’s hair..[it was all the love in khamoshiyan] Kunj was mesmerized at every glance at his Love..
” Twinkle… Come..”..Kunj shot the breeze addling Twinkle and dragged her holding her hand..
“Wait…kahaan??..”.. Twinkle asked stopping..
“.. Yaar dekh hum sun city tak chal kar toh jaa nahi sakte and rainbow resorts is near…chal…it’ll be fun..”.. Kunj said..
” okay…chalo “..Twinkle said excitedly and dragged him…they continued their walk..

“.. Umm..Twinkle rainbow resort ke baad cycling karegi??”.. Kunj asked..
“.. Cycling!!… really.. Kahaan se?”.. Twinkle inquired.
” Why fear when Kunj is here.. tu bas haan toh kar..”..Said Kunj..
“Theek hai..kardi…ab chalo..”.Twinkle and Kunj… motioned towards the destination..Kunj looked at her with a smile..
Twinkle was walking while kunj asked…
K:..Twinkle.. Ek baat poochun??
K:..voo…umm..kal raat…kal raat ki vajah se tu naraaz toh nahi hai naa…?

His words made Twinkle stopped at her place…
K:..see twinkle.. Plz tell.. Plz..

T:..Kunj…pehli baat main tumse naraaz kyun houngi?..kal raat Jo bhi hua …it wasn’t a mistake.. At least not for me..and if really it was we both are equally responsible for that…then the matter of making equations b/w us improper is not any way out..haina..and moreover.. The most important is that…I Trust You Kunj…

She replied again started to walk with a casual smile gulping her hands in her Capri’s pocket..and made Kunj’s lips seize a grin…
He didn’t said anything.. Just called someone and was talking with the person walking with her…they were walking a bit away from each other ..Kunj while talking held her elbow and pulled her a bit closer (Sajna ve plays in BG)…Twinkle looked At him lovingly..

(Just after being rolled on grass after getting bumped and experiencing a lip stuck)

Twinkle’s POV

I am right now under heaven.. Yes he is Kunj..God this feeling is just…ahh..I can’t even say how nice his touch is..It feels sooooooo good beneath him..so close to him…His strong arms and around my waist and his chest is on mine…it is a pleasure…Trust me right now I am feeling as if someone has freed lakhs of caged butterflies in my tummy only..and they are flying as if they never flied be4!!….and my lips..I feel they are tasting the most delicious thing …wait wait..it’s not a thing..gosh..these are his lips..so soft..my!!..we are kissing each other.. And even he had given in….Automatically my hands started caressing his back and hair…Slowly my mind stopped working and now was working my heart who wanted to kiss him more…..I don’t know how much time has passed us being on this grassy carpet …But really I don’t want this moment to end..but he parted…yes he did..I can understand why..because we both are breathing heavily ..We need O2 also to survive…I can feel his warm breath on my face..and his forehead on mine..

—Twinkle’s POV ends..

Kunj’s POV—
I feel like I have just taken a round in the heaven…her touch is more soft than a feather… I don’t know what happened to me that I kissed her..but I really longed for this…I have hided my feelings for my lady Love because I want to deepen and strengthen it so that when she’ll come into my Life I can shower all of it on her and still it will never decrease…. But Today ..Today My heart ruled over my actions which lead to this..Our First Kiss…I opened my eyes and saw MY Twinkle has turned crimson.. She was also breathing heavily with closed eyes… But she didn’t protested!!..rather she has a cute curve on her soft lips..yup soft..or I shall say softest in the world!!… I know as I just felt them..does that mean that she also somewhere…feels for me…woow…. My heart is jumping in happiness…I am feeling On top of the world..my thoughts had a pause when I saw her opening her eyes… I stood not to make it an awkward moment for her though my heart wants to hug her tight…

We both got up..I tried my best but yes ..the moment has become awkward..I could see her looking here and there on the ground playing with her fingers ..her cheeks are still pink.. I actually know this means that she wants to kiss again..but what if not!!..I can’t do that again and make it more awkward..
I didn’t knew what to do…I just excused myself…
-POV ends


Precap- To be continued……


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