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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajshri saying you made us wait a lot. Naitik says forgive me, I m sorry, you can punish me, I m a bad son in law. Rajshri says no, you are a great son in law. Naitik greets everyone. Devyaani asks Naitik not to go far from now on. Bhabhimaa says yes, agree to us, else we will do something else to make you agree. Naitik smiles and sees Akshara. They talk in heart. He says in heart I have troubled you a lot, punish me anything. She says in heart, don’t trouble me again. They smile and hold hands. Pyaar mil jaye….plays………… Naksh binds their hands by flowers.

Naitik and Akshara enter the house. Mishti asks where is my Papa. Naitik and Akshara get shocked and see each other. Kartik, Naira and Gayu also worry. Mishti asks is he coming in other taxi, I have to welcome him in grand way, you guys go. Bhabhimaa says yes, where is Naman. Devyaani says I think he met Karishma. Mishti asks when will he come. Akshara says no, Naman had imp work, he will come. Everyone ask what imp work. Akshara says come, we will say. Mishti asks is there anything wrong, you are hiding big thing. Devyaani asks her not to see tv. Everyone smile.

Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to have sweets. Naitik says I will eat that later, I will run away by overdose of love. They laugh. Devyaani says I made this kada with love. Gayu says how will Naitik and Akshara tell everyone, they are so happy. Kartik says yes, how will they react, what will Karishma and Mishti go through. Devyaani says I will feed halwa to Naitik.

Karishma comes and claps. She says great, it’s a good scene going on here. Mishti says same scene will repeat when Papa comes. Kartik asks her to come, he has to say something imp, I can’t wait. Mishti goes with him. Devyaani asks what happened Karishma. Karishma asks what are you doing, you are feeding halwa to Naitik, he has put your son in jail. Everyone get shocked.

Devyaani drops the halwa in shock. She asks what are you saying Karishma. Karishma says yes, I m coming from police station, ask them the truth. Bau ji asks Naitik and Akshara is this true, say this is a lie. Naitik says this is true Bau ji. Akshara says yes, Naman is in jail. Everyone get shocked again.

Mishti asks Kartik what happened in Zurich. Kartik says we met after long time, tell me how are you. She says fine, now tell me. He says I was saying about Zurich, its beautiful place. She asks did you do what I taught you. He recalls confessing love to Naira. She asks him did he fulfil promise. He thinks what to say, one storm came there and one storm will come here, I have to keep you away from this. She says I will go. He says I will tell complete story. She says Papa would be coming. He gets sad.

Bau ji asks whats the truth. Karishma cries and asks what happened, ask them, they came and did not get Naman, they did not think about Devyaani, my Mishti was preparing for you, see how they showed step relations. Naitik says Karishma… Karishma asks why did you do this with Naman, that you did this. Naitik says I will say when time comes, listen to me. Karishma says you are a liar, you show that you worry for us, truth is….. Akshara says you think we will forgive Naman when he does mistakes again and again, whats the truth, Naman and you did not understand, we did not say anything as we value your relations, don’t say too much that you feel sorry to say sorry.

Devyaani asks what did Naman do. Akshara cries and says Naman tried to kill Naitik. Devyaani and everyone get a big shock. Naitik tells them everything how Naman kept him detained by giving electric shocks and was attempting to kill him. The family gets shocked.

Naitik apologizes to Devyaani and says how could I forgive Naman, he has tried to make my family away from you all, he was cheating us, he has hurt company employees and families, I was much hurt, he cheated me for the third time, this time I had to involve police, you tell me what could I do. Akshara asks Karishma to understand, your annoyance is justified, but what Naman did with my husband is not justified, I will not forgive him for killing relations, I m sorry if you don’t forgive me.

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