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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Niddhi laughing and saying now they will be confused who did this if Niddhi was in Jaipur. Raman tells everyone that Abhishek confirmed that Niddhi was in Jaipur. Niddhi says Abhishek will check about me, that’s why I have spent money and fooled that hotel room service guy, I made excuse that I m unwell and then I have worn burqa, I left for Delhi in one hour, I went to buy Ruhaan’s outfit, I have covered myself by shades and scarf so that no one identifies me, then I went to Aaliya and attacked on her with acid, then I took cab and went back to Jaipur, Adi was drunk and could not catch me, I reached hotel and checked out in normal way, no one doubted on me, it was great plan, I did good thing that I did not share my plan with Ashok and Shagun, I m such, I don’t share things and don’t trust anyone, what will Ishita and Raman do, they can’t catch me as they don’t know who did this, Ruhi has come to beat me, now my revenge will be fulfilled when Ruhi goes to jail, you won’t know who did this attack.

Ishita asks who did this attack if its not Niddhi. Adi says its complicated situation. Mrs. Bhalla asks is Niddhi innocent, she is very clever. Ishita says don’t know whats true, Raman did you talk to Abhishek. Raman says yes, Niddhi has solid proof that she was not here. Adi says I m worried for Aaliya and Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to worry, culprit leaves some clue. Raman gets message and tells Ishita about Pihu’s school trip.

Ishita asks him to go. Ruhi gives idea that they all will go on trip and enjoy with Pihu, there is no tension from Singhal too. Ruhi and Ishita ask Adi to call Aaliya. Adi calls Aaliya. She says I will come on family picnic. Mani takes her phone and tells Adi that Aaliya won’t come with you, you attacked on her and now acting friendly. Adi says I did not do anything, I m proved innocent. Mani says you are culprit for me. Adi hears Mani and Aaliya arguing. Aaliya says I will meet Adi. Mani says you won’t meet him, and gets angry. Adi cries. He tells Ishita that Mani still feels I m culprit. Ishita says have patience, we have to prove to entire world that you did not do anything.

Shravan thinks to send roses to Simmi. Appa gets Gajra for Amma and fixes in her hair. Amma says you make me feel special. He says even you do the same, I feel special as you are in my life. She says after engagement, you used to send me orchid bouquet everyday. He smiles and says yes, my choice was good, everyone used to send roses, I wanted to do something else. She thanks him. Shravan looks on and thinks to stop Ananya, and tell her to give orchids to Simmi, not roses.

Ishita thinks of Adi’s words and says Mani is my best friend, how to win his belief, he is not believing my son, If I make Raman talk to him. Raman comes and is angry. He says Shagun won’t change, she said I can’t meet Pihu and she will go with Pihu on trip, I have visitation rights, I want to be with Pihu. He tells Ishita about Pihu, how he has been with her always. She worries. He says I will meet lawyer and take visitation rights. She hopes Raman gets the rights.

Simmi gets the orchids and reads the note, that you are special for me. Simmi thinks who is this, maybe Romi has sent this for Mihika. She takes it to Mihika. Mihika says nice flowers, who has sent this. Simmi says maybe Romi has sent this. Mihika checks note and says no, its not for me, Romi stays busy, he did not take me for dinner. Mihika says maybe your secret admirer has sent this and teases Simmi. She asks her to take flowers.

Ishita says its bad day, my car is not working and even this cab. She pays fare. The driver goes to get change. Raman calls Ishita and tells her that lawyer is not able to help. Ishita says hold on call, cab driver is fighting and not getting change. She goes and sees Niddhi…. She tells that cab driver is fighting with Niddhi. Raman asks why, what happened. Niddhi refuses to give money to driver. Ishita asks the driver why were you fighting. Driver tells that he has taken Niddhi to Delhi from Jaipur, she was wearing burqa and stayed for one hour, and then told me to take her back to Jaipur. Raman hears her. Ishita asks what happened then. Driver says she did not give me money after I dropped her, she has not paid the fare and fighting with me. Ishita asks did you hear Raman. Raman says yes, I heard it, Niddhi went to Jaipur, came back to Delhi and then left for Jaipur, we have to inform Abhishek soon.

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