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Would you miss Colors’ Krishnadasi?

Colors’ Krishnadasi is going towards its closure. As seen, Shravani has tortured the family members and became the cause of their death. Shravani has shown her true colours. She has threatened Kumudini and others. Aradhya has known Shravani’s true face and was determined to get out of jail to seek revenge from Shravani. Aradhya went through tough time in the jail. When the jail caught fire, Aradhya got a good escape. Aradhya who suffered from few burns survived the incident. Pradhyumna found out Aradhya after the fire incident and took her along, while Aryan believed Aradhya has died. Aradhya’s death news was celebrated by Shravani.

Aradhya makes a better plan with Pradhyumna to return home with a new identity. Aradhya decided to make Shravani realize her mistakes and pay for her crimes. Aradhya’s re-entry in a modern rich girl avatar was fair enough to take the track ahead. Aradhya convinces Aryan that she is not his Aradhya, in order to take revenge from Shravani. As the track is progressing towards the end, the show will have Aryan and Aradhya’s happy union. Both the lead actors Shravan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh made an adorable couple and will be hugely missed. Would you miss Colors’ Krishnadasi? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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