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Whole Lotta Love [Romantic OS 4 b’day girl Sayoo] ~ By Lovely (Shreya)

Apne is pagle dil ke khatir
Aapko apna bana liya
Apne ..is pagle dil ke khatir
Humne aapko apna bana liya
Are hum TU ki inn pyaari pyaari
Kanyaon ne 13 se hi uska janmdin mana liya
Kyunki sab jante hain ki khuda ne
Bade hi pyaar se 17oct ko ek sabse
khoobsoorat soul KO nawaaza aur
Hamaari shabse pyaali Sayeeda KO bana diya..

A very very very veryyyy Happy Birthday Sayoo..my jaan ..my shona..my pithcu..my golu golu..my roshogulla..my misthi..my chweetu..my cuteu..my cup cake..my choco girl..my icey cream..and all yours DI..coz Sayoo toh meri hai..hehe..

Pehle toh meri is bekaar si poem ke liye joote chappal..tamatar vagerah Jo maarne hain…khud ke paas Rakho..?????…itni mehnat ki thi Maine..maana Galib nahi..MATLAB kya?..pitoge mujhe..huh?
Acha see I am not gonna do bak bak..since its sayoo the most who asks me for romantic posts..so..
Whole Lotta Love❤
Twinkle’s POV-
“He has changed Sayoo..Kunj has changed..”. I sighed..” Aren’t you behaving silly?..not even 2 weeks have passed properly since you got married to the Love of your Life!..and you are Sayoo that he no more loves you!…like seriously Twinkle.. Haven’t I seen how romantically he proposed you?..”..asserted my forever bestie..Sayeeda..
“..no actually not that…before marriage.. he used to pamper me so much..he cared for everything about me..I became a princess whose he’s the prince….I felt that after our marriage I’d have a romantic life ahead.. But no!..it never seems like that..I am saying naa..He no more Loves me..that much..before marriage…always made me feel like the empress of his heart..his world..I had a conception of a life ahead..but this turn out to ne my misconception…he has started behaving differently “.. Said the upset me.
” Twinkle.. Trust your Kunj..”..Sayeeda divulged… “No..Sayoo its not that I don’t trust him..I trust him..more than myself.. The thing is only this..his love should be depicted by his actions too naa..he has to work all the time..”.. I complained.
After some random talks..I wish sayoo again HAPPY BIRTHDAY..and came back home driving.. The weather seems as it’s gonna snow!.. Sssuuuhhhhn..I love this season hits Vancouver.. In India it was never experienced in Amritsar.. But Kunj always told about the chilly weather here..we came here just a week ago..Kunj has his business here..I am happy with Kunj..he is very sweet..very very sweet..he is the one whom I love the most..I know he loves me soooo much..but…I miss that romantic Kunj..the cute and memorable moments that we had before marriage.. Ya after marriage too he was the same..always in the mood to amour.. But when we came here..he behaves only sweet..a sweet hubby.. Like a husband should be like..I am not able to understand what has happened.. My chain of thoughts came to an end when I reached our bungalow.. The watchman parked my car and I motioned towards the entrance.

I came to the hall..
“Margret..Suzi..Robin..”.. I called out taking out my black overcoat.
” yes Ma’am “..they said coming.. ” see..it had started to snow.. You all better leave for your houses.. And yes come tomorrow only if it would be safe enough.. “..I said..they settled their works and left..I came to our Room..and went to change..
I came out of the bathroom wearing a blue crop top and white shorts.. Its my one of my daily night outfits.. I saw his coat on the Barcelona.. I found Kunj standing in front of the mirror setting his hair..he was in his casuals..
He turned towards me..and stepped to me as does I and gave me a warm slight hug with a smile..that’s a moment when I feel I am melting.. I melted in his strong arms..and hugged him tightly..
” You are hugging me as if have got me back after so much time!”..Kunj said parting and cupping my face..
“Yes..I am getting my bathetic Kunj back…otherwise my husband is boring”.. I rendered stretchingu a corner of my lips..He looked at me with a surprised expression..
” Means..you are ready!?? “..He asked.
And I gave him a confused look..
“Yaa..I thought you weren’t ready to take our relation to next level now…”..
” What!!..it was you who didn’t had time for me..I know I don’t worth a person like you..I know you regret marrying me Kunj..”..my eyes turned soggy.
“No ..Twinkle.. How can you even think that?”.. He cupped my face..my eyes got rosy.
“You are misunderstanding.. Ahh…such a misdemeanor…I never thought this would be the result.. I love you..I love you Twinkle..”.. saying this Kunj hugged me again..
“What do you mean?..”.. I canvassed.

“….Twinkle.. remember..at our first night you slept..and after that pagphera rasm..we didn’t met each other for a week…then we came here.. Finally I was so happy that we both are gonna have some time to spend together.. and here you got busy with your friend Sayeeda..afterall you met her after so many years….all this happened.. I started feeling that you need sometime to get into our relationship so I thought to give you some space… But I never knew Twinkle.. that you’ll feel that I’ve changed!?.. I don’t love you any more!!..I regret marrying you!…how can you..how can you Even think that Twinkle?..”.. His eyes turned gleamy…you hurt yhim Twinkle..you have hurt your Love…
” the truth is that…I can never afford to stop loving you..nor I want to..I feel luckiest in this universe..to be your man..but..”..his voice chocked..he turned and was about to go but I can’t let him do that… I rushed and hugged him from back as tight as I could.. “I am sorry Kunj..plz..”.. I cried.
He turned and wiped my tears..” Whatever happens.. Don’t dare to fill your eyes with them…I hate tears..especially in the eyes of the one whom I love the most..”..I hugged him tight..
“I love you Kunj…And I know you love me too..”.. I mumbled before placing my lips on his..I felt no reproprication
” Can’t you kiss me back?..”..I clinched parting…and saw naughtiness in his grin and I ended up blushing.. I got smacked on the wall behind us..he held my wrist on the wall..he thrusted his body on mine smashing me..[physics wala thrust..perpendicular pressure.. Chalo let’s cont with the romance..vaise bhi 1013 words baad romance aaya hai]..and held my bare waist..and came closer to my lips..soon we were into it..I was able to feel all the passion b/w both of us..shivers ran down my spine.. This kiss was like a quench of Love for both of us..our tounges were fighting for domination.
We both were running out of breath..but Kunj was not ready to part..I love this Kunj..I parted breathing heavily.. and opened my eyes.. Kunj was still trying to catch my lips..I arched my back..he pulled me towards him and again we were into another kiss..now he had started biting.. No..chewing and nibbling them..after sometime he parted and sighed his face in my neck giving me a hell lot of kisses there..sucking the whole of my neck..sensations were running down my whole body..I was caressing his hairs and neck rigorously.. Moaning his name…I could feel that my each and every moan making him wilder!..and he gave me some soft bite..I flipped us and came on him..now it was his turn..I kissed his whole face and neck..and even bit him sometimes and opened the buttons of his shirt..rubbing my hands on his shoulder and chest..he was rubbing his palms on my neck..waist..shoulder…making me go crazy for him..
He turned me..my back was facing his chest….settling my hairs aside.. He lingered his finger from my nape to my shoulder..drooped one of my sleeves..and aisled his lips there…he turned me and again started planting some gentle kissy on my face and neck which grew to be wilder..he was squeezing my waist with his one hand and exploring the whole of my upper body with the other….ahh..these butterflies..and these goosebumps…slowly I felt his hand sliding under my top and was caressing my bare waist with the fingers of the other one..in no time his palms reached my bosoms.. He was caressing them too making me shiver… My grip around him tightened as a result…
He lifted me up and motioned towards our bed..our gazes were locked with each other.. He placed me on the bed and came upon me..he kissed my cheeks and bet down to my belly..he started to suck and kiss me there..along with some bites..he began to lift my top up..I was rubbing his hairs and was moving my legs to let my sensations out..he caressed my thighs and took my top away..I was hurriedly taking his shirt out..he while kissing him..I thew his shirt away and came on top of him..kissing his lips..it was me now biting his lips..he caressed my back and flipped us..he went into my bust and was sucking and hardening then in his teeth..making me moan “Kunj”..hard.
Soon the barriers between us were off our bodies..Kunj pulled the blanket over us taking over me…and probably the room was filled with my pleasurly moans for hours…
#Romance credit to- Priyanjali di
*I have already asked the readers to tell me their views if they wish to read intense romance or not and got a positive response.. Sorry if anyone found it vulgar though I’ve tried my levels best not to do that…I am glad that you guys like romance written by me in Shreya’s ffs…if anyone found it too matured for the readers…can say that in comments..I’ll try my best to reach what you want me to..
And yes..A very Happy Birthday Sayeeda…this was especially for you…may you get all the heights which you want to reach…Inshahallah..you live a long and a happy life..keep smiling dear..
Thanks guys… Lots of Love?

Hello guys…I hope you all liked it…sorry yaar I know it was quite long but I tried to make it as short as I could..
Hope it wasn’t something too much!..time.ke hisaab se ye OS 12 k aas paas upload ho jaana chahiye…
Do throw your comments..
and yes..
Three cheers for Sayoo
I know its hip hip hurrae..but time to do something different for our shweetie pie..choco pie Sayoo..what say..
We love you Sayoo..and shayad main thoda zyaada karti hoon..muah??????????❤❤❤❤❤
Be happy always..
Chalo love you guys..Sayoo ke b’day k din hi subah 4am train hai..bataya tha naa nani k ghar aayi hoon..apne cute se advik KO Milne…
Haan haan.. All have named him ADVIK on my saying… Many of you messaged me suggesting me names and some.commented too..thanks a lot guys..but dil mera bada pagal..vahi Rakhi Jo mujhe bohot pasand hai..??
And yes sorry to the writer for not commenting.. Actually mere account main kuch problem ho gyi and it wasn’t logging in..I’ll do from now for sure..???
Chalo abhi sone jaa rahi hoon… Kal train miss ho jayegi..

Love you❤

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