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Unspoken journey of love – chapter 13

Chapter 13

Wake up wake up……
Some one was shouting

Get miss singh

Swara ..was baffled to hear voice she got up with a jerk n realised dat she slept in d car shhe glanced at sanskar n flashes of her wild dream came to her mind she got startel n immediately walked out of car n entered her room

Sanskar was left perplexed.

In room
Swara immediately went inside d wash room n stood under a cold shower

Still for an hr. She was really confused.

Swara pov

U cant fall weak ..u r swara .
U are not weak ..
Yes i m not weak ..it was just a dream ..calmdown.
……just a dream .
Finally she came out of washroom n found j lying on her bed peacefully.

She went to dressing table n started drying her hairs
She looked at j through mirrorn smirked.

N j frowned .

Swara..look at ur face …
J.. dont u dareu speak today i m in dis mess because of u ..today is d contract meeting n i m representing today our company for first time.

Swara bended down n took d tie lying onbed n tied on his neck

Then only laksh n sanksar along with rag n kav enterd d room.
Dey witnessed d scene.
Which made sanskar burn in jeaulosy n kav frown.
But swara n j remained unaffected
Swara continued her work of tieing d tie
Swara..just calm down ..n believe in urself
She said in gentle yet assuring voice saying dis she pecked his cheeks
Dis made all present der amused n shocked

In return j pecked her forehead

Kav…u 2 pls get a room. Have some shame
I really pity u j. What did u saw in her.

J…excuse me.
Swara was just disinterested n took her mobile n started working at corner

Kav…actually u dont know her she is blood hell girl who can stoop low at any level for money
U dont know her past..
Sanskar …stop it kavita.
Kav ..why should i let me tell him truth
U dont know her ..but i know her for long 5 yrs she is just using u .just like she used.. ..

J…stop just stop he said all this with rage filled voice

I dont know her…really i know ..i m familiar with each n every second of her life.
N u r talking abut her past …..saying dis he looked at sanskar with anger.
Which made all amused.
But more to dere amusement swara was still unaffected

J……n u know her for five yrs ..n i know her forfew months den let me break dis myth ..I KNOW HER FROM LAST 20 YRS …..

Everyone gapsed at dis new discovery ..n sanskar once again was all in dishavled form

Swara just ..got a call nshe went out on call leaving all behind as dey were invisible.

Precap…relevation….. viren entry…..n all endeing in same house …swara..sanskar

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