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U Sanskar and me swara together we make swasan ( epi 3 )

hi guys. so sorry for this late post. actually i had a problem in my neck so it had adverse effect in my hand leading me to not move my hands.
i was taking rest for more that 15 days . so now only i am feeling better so here with this small update.

recap: swara targeting rahul and sanskar and swara friendship
The next episode starts with both swara and sanky both r heading to the home.
Sanskar: shona speak something na.
Swara: what to speak sanky monkey.
Sanskar: call me sanky why does that monkey come.
Swara: it is like a rhyming word na so I like it.
Sanskar: shona I want to ask will u always be like this happy, jaully , friendly to everyone.
Swara: yes I am like that only. I like to be like that.

They both reached the home.
After freshening up in the room.
Swara: I told u na sanky that I will show u how to be punctual remember.
sAnskar: yes. for that what now shona?
Swara: now u r going to get beatings.
Sanskar: how can u beat ur husband swara.?
Swara: what did u tell yesterday. We both r friends. So I have every right to beat u.
Swara take a sweep stick.
Sanskar: swara please.
Swara: what did u say sanskar why I am late for office. I came with in 5 to 10 mins after speaking to rahul but u told 30 mins late ah.
Sanskar starts to run.
Swara: I should learn to be punctual ah? Sanky. I didnt even beat and u r running sanky. R u afraid of me this much.
Swara laughs.
Sanskar:t oday r u planning of kidding me swara.
Swara: yes. she laughs.
Sanskar: shona.
Sanky starts chasing swara.
Swara runs.
Swara slips .
Sanskar holds her .
Soch na sake plays in the background.
Both had a eye lock.
Both composes themselves.
Swara: ok sanky come we will go down to have dinner.
Both have the dinner.

After dinner both of them sleeps.
Swara gets up after sanskar sleeps.
She takes her laptop and goes to terrors.
She keeps her ear phones in her ears.
She listens to the conversation.
Rahul: the weapons have been made for our plan.
Karthick(another person. Head of the gang): very good, india will suffer from this outback. We will definitely make them release aamir . If we succeed.
Rahul: what about the girls we r going to kidnap? We decided them na. we will start kidnapping them one by one. If this plan didn’t get succeed we will opt for plan b.
Karthick: hmm done. What is this new watch.
Rahul: this my colleague from office . u knw she is very beautiful and I also selected her for our plan.
Karthick: be careful . if any problem arises we r then gone.
Rahul: ok I will leave.
The conversation ends.
Swara takes the headphones.
Swara: oh this ur plan ah? See how I will make it destroyed.
She smiles seeing her plan where she inserted a audio machine where whatever he speaks will be heared by her through her phone or laptop.
Meanwhile sanskar panicks seeing swara unseen.
He searches for everywhere there and then comes up.
He sees swara speaking to laksh in laptop.
Sanskar: swara, what r u doing?
Swara: no yaar. I felt like talking to laks. So called him .
Sanskar: don’t u have any sense speaking at midnight 12 pm?
Swara: sanky we all will speak till 1 pm and only will sleep in my house.
sanksaR: ok fine. I will to join u.
laksh: hi sanskar..
sanky: hi.
Laksh: how is my swara behaving with u.
Sanky: she is a devil yaar.
Swara makes pout face.
Sanky: no yaar . u have a very angelic sister.
Swara: no need to ice me. by the way laksh. Where is ragini?
Laksh: as usual sleeping.
The trio kept on speaking and then they went to sleep.


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