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U r Angle of Light n Me king of Darkness ! How v vill toughter ? -Raglak

A girl running here n there her face looks dull n scard,her eyes red due continuously crying n she hided under a table n man enter in white atire

Man-where u ragini(ya the girl is ragini) plz come i won’t do anything with u

Ragini is crying n that man comes near her table she shut her mouth with her hands n that didn’t find her so he went ragini relif but

Man-cought u (ragini scard) come na angle plz u r so beautifull i wanna marry u

N man pull ragini uder the table

Ragini-plz plz leave me plz sahil(that man sahil)

Sahil-how can i leave u bcoz of ur parents i had to leave Angle world na u vil have to pay 4 ur parents did

Ragini is crying but suddenly day bcome night n everything bcome freze ragini started shiver bcoz of cold

Sahil-whts happning here n y everything dark

A voice come n said-when i come from darkness than bcoz of me day vil bcome night everything bcome dark

Sahil n ragini see that direction they see blood shot eyes of a man n that man wearing full black atire


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