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Twinj- A Never Ending Love Story (how tashan changes to ishq) – Epi 7

Hey guzz..
Hope m not late..
Ya thoda sa to chalta h..
N guzz u noe wat at 3 am i was dancing like hell..
I got 47 comments..though there wer my also but i was near 50..m too happy..
So i will give u all a treat..
N vo treat h ki..
Aeise nahi batate h..
Ok enough of my bak bak..
Lets start the epi..
Episode 7
Episode starts with kunj wearing the shirt n thinks
K-hmm..white shirt..not bad..n smiles..hope u will understand me soon twinkle..
Kunj comes out where as twinkle is waiting for him…
K-so here i m..
Twinkle turns n smiles..he comes to her n says
K-how am i looking..smart na..
Twinkle sees him from head to toe..he is wearing white shirt n blue rugged jeans..
T-u r looking ok..
Kunj acts as if he is sad n turns n says
K-i m looking only ok..i will change it n come..
Twinkle makes him turn towards her n says..
T-u r looking smart in it..don go otherwise we will need to go to party directly from the shop..
She turns to leave..but turns n says
T-btw don take it srsly..u always look..a monkey man..
Saying this she runs..n kunj smiles..but soon realize that she called him a monkey man..but twinkle shouts from outside stating that they r getting late..so he leaves with her..they sits in car n goes for shopping..they reached their destination..n twinkle was so excited that she forgot her purse in the car only..n they both went from there..they went to many shops but twinkle dint like any of the dress..then wen they wer going from a shop twinkle spotted a beautiful Gown of yellow colour(link given below)
She says to kunj
T-i want this only..beautiful!lovely!
K-hmm..nice choice syaapa queen..n smiles..
T-my choice is always nice..n btw wat syaapa queen..only queen..just call me queen..
K-queen…hahaha..chale queen…
T-chalo senapati..
T-yes..of i m the queen then u r my senapati…
Kunj sighs n says
K-chale..?(can we go..?)
T-mene kab mana kiyam(when did i said no)
Kunj makes ‘y m i arguing with her’ wala face..
They goes inside the shop..kunj goes another way for selecting his dress…twinkle comes to shopkeeper and asks the cost of the dress…he tells her..she searches her purse n then she thinks’i think i forgot it in car’ she says to shopkeeper..
T-bhaiya i think i forgot my purse in car..wait i m coming..
Shopkeeper gets angry..
(Sh for shopkeeper)
Sh-i know girls of this type very well..i know u will steal my dress
T-what? What do u mean by this type of girl..n i said na k i m bringing money..
Sh-oh madam first give me my money..
He starts to misbehave with her..kunj sees this n comes there in full on angry wala mode..n says
K-oh hello! Stop misbehaving with her..how dare u to talk to her like that..first learn some manners..
Sh-u mind ur own Bussiness..i m talking to her not to u…
Kunk gets more angry and says..
K-u want money na..then take this..
Saying this he threw money on his face..
Sh-oh mister..i dont take money from strangers..
K-i noe her..take the money..
Sh-oh! Now i understood..so u r her boyfriend..now i get that which type of girl r u (he means her to be a cheap girl)
Kunj gets super angry..that his nerves of the face can be clearly seen..
K-biwi h vo meri..pati hu me uska(she is my wife..i m her husband)[sajna ve plays…] Twinkle gets the biggest shock of her life..
K-now will u take the money…
Saying this he holds twinkles hand takes the dress n goes out of the shop..
Hii guzz..
First of all what bak bak i did at starting forget it..
Coz i wrote some of the episode when i was not registered..
Secondly sorry for the short update..
Thirdly sorry to all the ff writers..for not commenting..
Fourthly does any1 remember me..?
If no then tell me haa..
Fifthly..i guess that its sayoo dis birthday today..
So a very very very happy birthday to u dii..may u achieve ur goals in the life..if this ff posts on next day(i m sure it will) then dont think me mad..think it as a belated birthday..

Anyways..how was this part..hope it was nice..it was given just to tell u all that i m back..n if u want the link of previous chapters here it is|/
Episode 6

Hope the link works *finger crossed* if not u can search it in Google..i noe its not worthy reading..u will get all the links of all the episodes in episode 6..
So guyz..
Finally..how was the epi..
Long time..but from nlw on..one or the other day i will come to torcher u all..plzz do read my ff..
How was the epi..
Do i reached upto ur expectations..?
Plzz drop ur valuable comments in the comment box…
N once again sorry to all the ff writers..for not commenting..
Criticism is always accepted but no ill language..
Please comment guys..
Either +ve or -ve..
Love u all!!

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