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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 21)

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Recap: kunj gets injured when the lift brings them down with abrupt jerks..
Door opens and twinj comes out with kunjs hand bearing a brutal cut

Part 21–

As twinj walks out of the lift…twinkle looks at kunj who was making sure he didn’t loose much blood….
T: the wound needs medical attention
K: u mean ICU??
Twinkle passes him an angry look
T: srsly
K: haan
T: I didn’t know the cheif editor of teens is humorous beyond limits
K: (smiles) sometyms we end up disappointed.. Happens
T: uff…ur jzz impossible..
K: did u lyk my company so much dat u want to stay here wid me?
T: no…who said dat
K: so let’s find a taxi
T: yaa
K: Everything ryt from the evening has been so filmy, so I jzz hope dat der isn’t any taxi strike today..
T: oh crap..actually today…
‘ now don’t tell me dat it is a taxi strike today?’ Kunj cut her short
To which twinkle makes a puppy face..
‘wow…yet again a perfect Bollywood scene’ thought kunj throwing he’s hands up in air in dismay
He looked at he’s watch…it was precisely 9:50
K: Let’s walk to the nearest bus stop
T: hope we find one soon
K: i need to make a col b4 dat
T: yaa..even I need to inform at home

But with modernization hitting each and every street of Mumbai they wud hardly find a STD booth…
Realizing this they dropped the idea and made sure they walked faster with Ol the energy remaining to reach their respective homes as soon as possible….
K: metro is nearer
T: ohh yaa…so let’s take a metro..

They soon reached the the station and hailed a metro to their homes..

Sitting in metro:
K: I vl first drop u then vl go home
T: no need kunj…..I vl manage…
U go home…they may b waiting for u
K: yaa but
T: kunj its ohk..I vl manage..
Moreover get sum rest…hope ur body parts are intact
K: ya I hope the same…
T: and don’t forget to dress ur wounds
K: ohk (smiles)

As their station arrives they get down ..
K: Ru sure u vl manage?
T: do u need a bond agreement on dat note?
But thanks for the offer
K: NVR mind..
Reach safely
T: sure ,u2
K: ohk

With dat they bid bye to each other and took diff roads and started their short walk to reach their homes..

As kunj reached his home…
He knocked at the door…
He’s call was immediately answered

Armaan and Sanchay stood shocked at kunjs state
A: what happened kunj? U ohk? These wounds…
S: bhaiya…aap teek ho?(u ohk?)
K: I’m fyn guys don’t worry
A: chalo, phele andar aao
(Come first let’s get inside)

They take kunj inside and dresses his wounds..
K: I’m fyn guys…no need to worry.
A : but what happened? Where were u?
S: ur with bhabi ryt

‘ what the heck? How did sanchay know dat I was with twinkle’ thought kunj
K: ya
A: what?
While sanchay had a victory smile plastered over he’s face

Kunj explains them how he and twinkle were trapped in lift and the following events
S: a date in lift…how romantic
K: mujhe chot lagi hai aur tumhe romance ki padi hai….
(I’m hurt and ur thinking abt romance?)
A: actually I was thinking of taking the other lift to search u once again in the main building , but I got sanchus col telling me dat he feared of ghosts since the power was cut…so i dropped dat idea and came home
S: aaru y Ru lying yaar..
I’m not afraid of ghosts OK?
K: sanchay …whom Ru fooling..
S: abb yeh baat choodo na…tell me what u talked with bhabi in the lift..
K: tum haath dhoke mere piche kyu pade ho..
(Y ru pestering me)
we jzz had sum random talks that’s it
S: jhoot (lie)
A: sanchay ,NVR expcept too Much…u vl b left disappointed..
K: exactly..
Guys I’m damn hungry yaar…let’s have sum thing…I didn’t eve have lunch today..
A: ohh forgot to ask u abt food?
Cum let’s have together..
U dropped twinkle to her home?
K: I offered but she denied..
Hope she has reached safely
I vl jzz put a txt to her after dinner …
And by the way…my cell is dead..
I vl keep it for charging..
A: ohk..u fresh up and cum down for dinner
K: ohk

Once everyone had their dnnr and were abt to slp..
Kunj texted her.
K: u reached?

He immediately got a reply
T: yaa..u?
K: yep
T: ☺
K: take rest gn
T: gn tc

He smiled at her last txt..
Placed the cell back on the side table and slpt peacefully….

Next morn:
Kunj got up b4 the other two lyk always and got ready ..
He knew ,if he wud stayd at home any longer then ,he wud b shot with too many questions abt yesterday’s happening..
‘Since I has hurt and tired , I was spared last nyt from their questionnaire’ he thought….. And soon drove to he’s office

At office:
He walked in…he was a bit late today..employees were already busy in their respective PC’s
As he walked towards he’s cabin he met twinkle…he smiled and she reciprocated

He got busy in the latest project when armaan joined him…
Hey had some talks after which Armaan left for hes scheduled meeting..

Kunj stood in he’s cabin staring at the opposite cabin…
Obivo it was twinkles cabin..
‘ twinkle is very lively and brave…very different from the rest of the girls…’ Thought kunj trying to catch a glimpse of her…
Bechara what can he do? Sanchay hadn’t come to office from mny days hence the orientation of twinkles cabin wasn’t changed, making it impossible for kunj to see her face..

After some tym…
As kunj passed by the neatly arranged cubicles and reached the other end…he heard a noise…rather whispers..he followed the sound..he reached at a corner which lead to another gate which was rarely used..

It was pretty dark..the lights weren’t switched on..he moved further through the passage… Now he got a clear view as the sunlight lit up the place dimly….
‘Who can be here at the peak hours..’ Thought kunj

They had too many projects at hand and their deadline was around the corner …so everyone worked hard to reach the deadlines of desired product along with maintaining the quality ..

As he walked further the whispers became lot clearer.
He looked at the view hiding in the dark..
He cudnt believe hes eyes…
He saw kunal ( managing director at TEENS) offering a rose to latika and she smiled , looked around to check if she was watched and then she readily accepted it…. And gave her sweet smile, which kunj thought was innocent and cute..
He moved a bit further making sure both of them didn’t c him..
He’s mind said ‘ what the heck…she accepted he’s proposal’
Well he’s heart urged him to confirm b4 drawing conclusions..
Being a good judge of characters kunj moved further to hear them, making sure he didn’t misunderstand the scene which was taking place jz b4 his eyes..
He noticed the passage was lightly decorated with floweres..
He feared the worest..
He’s logical mind screamed ‘ its a small date set up, what else u need to confirm’

He held he’s head to remain calm and concentrate on their talks..
Eavesdropping is bad..but he couldn’t help it at the moment…
He need to b clear in this matter , no place for misunderstandings

As he heard kunal talking he concentrated hard to hear him
Kunal: …..my luv plz
Though he had missed the beginning convo of these two, this was enough for him..
He heard twinkle reply with an ‘ yes’
‘ what were u expecting?’ A no from her to him? He’s mind knocked.
With dat he slowly traced he’s path back to where he started it from..as he passed through the dark passage ol those small moments spent with her esp in lift flashed b4 he’s eyes in a fast forward mood..
‘ she has every ryt to make her choice he thought’ trying to b happy for her..

He walked back to he’s cabin.. he sat on he’s chair..closed he’s eyes..he expected dat it wud turn out to b an illusion at the end and yet again
‘ WHOM WAS HE FOOLING ‘ he thought
He opened he’s drawer and took out some papers…the same diary papers twinkle had written..he flapped through each of them
,he came across a paper which had only one statement, ” he’s hot ”
He smiled looking at it..
‘May b it referred to kunal’ he thought

He wasn’t sad nor happy…he was a bit sad compared to being normal…
May b bcz he had NVR imagined twinkle having a luv issue or the way he got to know abt it, where he witnessed her accepting the proposal was shocking..
But for sure, he didn’t feel jealous..
‘Kunal Is a NYC guy, ambitious as twinkle’ he thought
Smiled and kept those papers back in to the drawer..took he’s car keys from the cupboard …moved out of the office and drove off to home..

‘I dont luv her..’ Is what kunj knew abt himself……but what he didn’t know was dat ,this wud lead to a beginning of a new feeling , pure by heart..

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