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TU MERI HEI KASAM ( teaser last part)

Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for all your support.. this is the last part of my teaser.. I will upload my first episode from Wednesday itself.. so let’s go to the teaser..
Omru is sitting near the pond…
Ru: bhaiyya.. what are you thinking…
Om: about life and his mysteries..
Ru: so you got a new plot to write.. ( actually in this story omkara.. is a talented person who writes and draw a lot )
Om; no I am thinking about our trio’s life..
Ru: what happened to us..

Om: if there is someone too joined in our group.
Ru: who is that.. I will not accept anyone..
Om: no.. rudra.. yes now we three are independent and can do anything.. but if she cames then…
Ru: she.. who is that..
Om; she means our soulmate..
Ru: if just said to bhaiyya.. is anyone for us too wait come into our life na.. but where is them.. they both thinks..
Screen shifted to the faces of two girls.. in between them.. they ishana and soumya..

Background voice.. is they are the destiny of them.. then how is their entry and how will their love story starts…
For that stay tuned..
This is haritha signing off

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