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Trust makes love perfect episode 10 (breakup or love started)

Hi…frnds..I’m back…so let me start the part.thank u so much frnds for ur support… Ur words mean a lot to Me..but I didn’t getting time to reply u guys…sorry for tht….. Sruthy. ..I will disclose ur confusion in this part. Thnk u so much for ur support frnds..love u a lot…

So to our parts.

Previous link:.Episode 9
Recap:vrshiti talking abt Thr love to Thr siblings..

@cofee shop

Dhanni:I told u na..we r Early to hr…won’t evn allow me to give a last look at the mirror..
Varun:oh you miss India…u looking like princess… Enough na…nd by the way..we r nt going to see ur boy..we r hr to meet my girl…(he rubs his hair)
Dhanni: oh..u boyfriend… Don’t spoil ur hair…took 2 hrs to make it like tht na..
Varun:hey..how u knew tht..
Dhanni:whn I woke up frm tht time u were infornt of tht mirror…
Varun:u little devil..so peeking to my room…I will give treatment whn we reach back to home…

Outside coffeeshop..

Viplav: di…u go now….I will join u soon
Shrishti:ohiii….WHR going
Viplav: oh…u….want to park this car na..
Shrishti: oh..yeah…OK…OK..

Viplav shook his head by seeing Shrishti s excitement..

Shrishti enter the coffee shop…
Nd she was too much excited

She looks around nd search for varun..
@same time varun felt something nd turn back at the door nd saw Shrishti standing Thr nd searching for thm
Varun stand frm the seat nd turn towards Shrishti

nd Shrishti look towards Thr direction..both of thm look at each other nd lost in each of Thr eyes…this all is watching by dhanni
Dhanni(thinking): Thy r prefect for each other..this much love..thy will together make a superb jodi…I want my Bros happiness nd she can do tht..(she smile s nd shook varun. Nd goes towards Shrishti)

Dhanni stood front of Shrishti nd give a cute smile…she too smile at her..
Shrishti (laughs): bhabhi…u both bro nd sis r too straight…
Dhanni:hahah..yeah…so I think…I don’t want any introduction… I’m dhanni …his sis
Shrishti: and everything (she completed dhanni s sentence)… He said all abt u..
Dhanni:ohh…so bhabhi come ..he is waiting for u…
Shrishti: OK..but my chotte will cm.now…(she turns back nd saw viplav coming..) Ha.Thr he is…(dhanni didn’t saw viplav)
Dhanni:oh..so bhabhi.. U join bhai…I will cm with ur bhai…
Shrishti: OK thn..
Shrishti goes to varun
Nd thy start Thr chatting through eyes…
Dhanni is waiting front of door nd it suddenly opened nd viplav enters..

Dhannis stood still nd viplav too saw dhanni..thy both look each other..
Dhanni thinking something
Flash back….
Varun:tomorrow we both will go to coffee shop ..she will cm Thr with her brother viplav…
Fb ends..
@viplav thinking something..
On call..
Viplav: take information abt him..I want to knew who is with my di…
Raj:I get to knew abt him already.. He is famous business tycoon of our city nd has a sis name dhanni…
Fb ends

@both together thinks another flashback
At temple..
Viplav nd Dhanni rolled down nd
Megha comes down calling dhanni…

Nd dhanni asking who the hell r u to call me red chilly.
Viplav:. Viplav..

Both jerk out of flashback…

Dhanni(pov): oh…how I forget tht…this Idiot s name too is viplav..nd he is my bhabhi s bro…noo….wht will happen if bhai saw him…oh…god…don’t do this…

Viplav(POV): oh…shit..red chilly nd dhanni…how I miss tht…now wht will happen… Anyway face it..

Viplav :ohh..red chilly..move.

Without hring anything ..Viplav goes towards VRshti… Dhanni was abt to stop him but Viplav Already reach Thr..
Viplav smile at varun nd varun just look at him nd remember the beach scene WHR his chotti was get drenched by water ..
Without thinking anything varun grab viplav s collar Nd tightened it..
All got shocked by his behavior.
Dhanni runs towards thm while Shrishti try to make varun leave Viplav… WHR Viplav was shocked by the behaviour nd try to loosen his hold…
Varun(shouting): u ….how dare u to touch my chotti…I was searching for u..tht day at beach itself I may show u who I’m.. But she stopped me..thts why u saved…this time not…

Viplav (now get an idea): bhai…pls try to understand..
Dhanni:bhai…u r mistaken…leave him…its not only his mistake.. Pls bhai..
Shrishti (who didn’t understand anything):varun..leave him…I won’t forgive u for this…just stop it..
Dhanni somehow make him leave the hold..nd pull varun to back..
Dhanni:pls bhai..cool down..
By now..Shrishti came to front..

Shrishti: wht the hell u did varun..how dare u to touch my chotte..
Shrishti: this is my brother…why u did this.
Varun look at Viplav nd Shrishti..
Varun:sorry..miss Shrishti
Varun grabs dhannis hand nd move towards the door WHR dhanni was asking him to listen her..but varun take her out of coffee shop nd drove back to home…

@cofee shop..
Shrishti is hell angry..
Shrishti: whats happen hr..
Viplav: di..u cool down..its my mistake
Viplav tell whole incidents…
Viplav:-he reacted like tht bcz of his love for sis..
Shrishti: love for his sis??…if he can’t accept u…I too don’t want..
(She look other side nd Viplav understood heartbrk..)
Viplav: di..u cm..we can go back..
Thy too goes back…

At varuns home…
Varun is standing at the window nd looking outside..dhanni came near to him
Dhanni:wht is this bhai..u love her..thn why u did like tht..
Varun:no more discussion.. Thts chapter is closed(he looks away).. I can’t accept her bro…I want ur happiness
Dhanni: but bhai…
Varun look towards her nd she stopped..

Varun:go now..
His voice was too serious… She goes out

Varun falls to the bed nd remember his nd shrishti s momensts..nd a tear escaped frm his eyes..

@shrishti s home…
Shrishti is thinking abt varun nd tears r rolling Down..viplav came to her..she hide her tears
Viplav: di…I’m sorry…bcz of me..u nd bhai.
Shrishti: stop it chotte..u didn’t do anything… Let him go to hell..I want to take a nap….u go nd take rest..

Viplav goes towards the door nd look back at her..WHR she pretended to be sleeping…

.Viplav nd dhanni are thinking something at Thr respective rooms..

@at evng…
Dhanni is standing outside the temple… Looking like she is waiting for someone… Her face litup whn saw Viplav came to Thr
Viplav: I knew …red chilly will be hr..
Dhanni: u idiot… I didn’t came to fight with u…
Viplav: OK..OK…I want to talk to u something..
Dhanni: me too..
Viplav: OK…I want my di to be happy
Dhanni: I want my bhais happiness
Viplav: so what’s ur plan
Dhanni look at him nd smiles

Precap:Viplav: I love u red chilly..
Dhanni: I too love u idiot..
Thy both look at each other…

Frnds…give ur opinion… I think its confusing I will clear if needed

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