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True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-19)

So yeah we are close to the end of our story and I’m pretty much excited to write the upcoming parts. I would like to thank my readers from the bottom of my heart for the love I keep receiving which keeps encouraging me to write. Thank you all once again. Love you ppl. The quote below I don’t know why, but personally I loved it very much.
“What are you doing here in my Ragini’s room?” Laksh pounced. The moon was the only source of light. “I sent Anarkali to Paaro’s room and what are you doing here Mr.Maheshwari?” Kabir asked with his eyebrows furrowed.
“Paaro? Kaun Parro?” Laksh asked confused.
“My Parrro…Offo Anarkali’s Dadima” Kabir replied.
“Okay then I’ll go there.” Laksh turned to move out.
“Are you out of your mind? If Paaro sees you’ll be dead. And moreover she’s not here.” Kabir murmured to him.
“What? Where has she gone at this time?? And.. And how do you know I’m here to meet her?” Laksh inquired.
“Obvio! You won’t be coming here to meet me. Common sense Mr. Maheshwari” Kabir smirked. “Don’t waste your time and go to Maheshwari Mansion she would be there.” Kabir helped.
“But…But why would you help me??” Laksh asked curiously. Now this poor guy was trapped.
“Errrr..hmmm..yeah because I don’t want you to be in Anarkali’s place. See I want you to be away from my Anarkali.” Kabir blabbered.
“Wh..What?? You want me to be away from Anark..Sorry Ragini so you are sending me to meet her??” Laksh asked confused.
“Uh Yeah. Oh God. If you keep wasting time like this. Gunday log’ll try to attack her. And imagine what will happen?” Kabir asked seriously and Laksh was already getting scared imagining the consequences.

“I mean What will happen to the Gunday log. Anarkali will kill them with her violent karate moves.” Kabir explained seriously and he saw Laksh relieved.
Laksh was about to jump out of the window when he turned back and walked towards Kabir and gave him one tight kiss on his cheek.
“Munda sada doli chad gayaBand baj gayaOye hoye hoyeMunda sada doli chad gayaBand baj gayaOye hoye hoye” started to play at the back of Kabir’s mind, who was terrified with this move of Laksh. “Kahin Officer Chotu ne zyada roast karke pagal toh nahi bana diya??” Kabir asked himself , scared. He looked at Laksh who was grinning at him. Now Kabir was scared. Scared like hell. “Thank you Kabir” Laksh smiled widely and all Kabir could do was show his 32 teeth, but still he looked like scared kitten. “Thank you for making what Ragini is now. I’m super amused to know she fights, fights with Gunday. I’ve only seen Ragini ever silent and soft. Thank you.” Laksh thanked him sincerely. “Phew… You scared me” Kabir took a deep breath to compose himself and then smiled proudly.
Laksh jumped out of the window and made his way to Maheshwari Mansion where Chotu had arrested Anarkali saying he was feeling lonely and Laksh had gone to sleep with Annapurna since he gets a ghost with a very long hair in his dreams. Ragini was baffled by listening to this.
Ghost? Is Laksh a kid??? This guy is getting more lunatic day by day, Ragini thought. She was helpless. Chotu kept pretending and she had no other go but to stay there. She was nervous thinking if anyone detects her there, she is lost.

“Aaaaa..” Ragini almost screamed but in right time Laksh closed her mouth. “Why are you coming from this window?? You could have directly walked from Maa’s room”She looked at him curiously. “What?? Why would I choose to jump like spiderman from my Maa’s room to my room?” Laksh questioned. “Maybe because the way from Maa’s room to your room is dark and Ghosts come only in dark places and it might eat you??” Ragini made a brilliant guess. “Are you mad? Or am I mad to love you??” asked Laksh horrified by her answer, to which Ragini glared. During this process, Officer Chotu made an excuse telling he wants to go to washroom and slipped out from the room giving the couple their privacy. Clever guy.
“Ok what are you doing here?? At this time?” Laksh questioned. “And what were you doing out at this time? I know you would have met that witch.” Ragini said annoyed. “b***c? Whom are you saying b***c?” Laksh asked to which Ragini closed her ears. “Oh God! I said “WITCH”. Woh jo brromsticks ke saath ghumte hain. Dirty mind.” She shot.
“But which Witch??” he asked, scratching his head.
“How would I know? You tell me. Don’t pretend as if you don’t know” she asked with her sharp nose and sharp brain.
“What the hell are you asking??”
“The girl. Who is it? You proposed me just yesterday and today you were having a gala time with another girl ? Chee Laksh” she said making a disgusting-expression.
Now this was too much. He couldn’t take it anymore. He pinned her to the wall and looked straight into her eyes. “How can you even think like that Ragini?? Here I’m getting more mad every single minute and what the hell are you thinking?? I want you Ragini. Only you. ONLY YOU” he stressed and leaned forward, their foreheads touching each other. “Laksh.. but but I’ll be Kabir’s” she was about to tell when she was cut by “Sssshhh..” he placed his finger on her lip. “I know Ragini loves only Laksh. Only me. Don’t pretend Ragini. You are messing with not only our lives but also with Kabir’s life” he continued and made her sit on his bed holding her hand. “Do you like Kabir?” he asked. “Bestestt friend” she replied. “And you’ll ruin your bestestt friend’s life??” he asked sincerely. “No” she nodded sadly like a kid. “He deserves someone who loves him truly Ragini” he tried convincing her and Ragini listened to him just like how a small kid listens to what her teacher says. “To be honest I don’t really like him. But I respect him a lot as your friend and frankly speaking, I’m jealous your friendship.” he surrendered honestly. “He..He is indeed a very good person” he said taking a long breath.

Laksh then lifted Ragini’s chin, “And I personally don’t want you to ruin many lives and carry a heavy heart and suffer like me Ragini”, he explained. Ragini quickly engulfed him in a hug. “No Laksh! Even I was wrong” she tried consoling him. “No Ragini mistake was all mine. I shouldn’t have cheated you and very importantly I should’ve tried to understand your love. Should’ve tried to penetrate into the depth of your true Love which I didn’t bother trampling ” he said, unable to face her. “But now you know and I love..” she stopped abruptly. “And still you love me. I know” Laksh smiled through his tears. “Laksh my life is not as simple as you think. I need time. Kabir trusts me, I need to talk to him, explain him” she listed. “I understand..” he said rubbing her palm. “Laksshh..” she sighed sadly looked up.
Ragini rubbed her eyes the next morning and looked around and found herself in the lap of Laksh who was leaning backward on the bed, still sitting.
“Laksh…Oh God! Phas gaye” she cried. “Kya hua Ragini??” Laksh asked rubbing his eyes in a sleepy tone.
“I’m here” she screamed at him.
“Oh shit!! You are here” Laksh’s eyes widened.
“Where’s Chotu? He went to washroom. Did he sleep there? Oh no!” she slapped her forehead.
Chotu came inside rubbing his eyes. Laksh lifted him and placed him on bed. “Run baby Run” he instructed her.
“But how??” she asked biting her nails.
“I’ll go first and you follow me” he told her and she nodded.
Laksh hopped slowly pillar to pillar holding Ragini’s hand. And finally they reached the main staircase, which will not only lead her out but also land her in trouble because all the Maheshwari men were enjoying their morning tea and the ladies were in Mandir.
Great! So the whole family is down there.
“Ragini you are so small you can easily hide behind me. Done?”
“Stupid idea.”
“You’ve any other choice. No right? Follow what I said” he instructed and they started walking slowly down the stairs.
As they were reaching the centre of the stairs. “Dummmm” the vase fell down and the whole Maheshwari family turned.
“EEEEEEE” grinned Laksh and so did his wifey.
“Ragini! ” Swara approached Ragini and hugged her. “You here?” Swara asked surprised. “Actually..Act..” She grinned with no answers. “Anarkali you’ve come to take me na?” the little Chotu pounced to rescue his Anarkali. Ragini sighed in relief. “Y..Yes Chotu. You’re ready?” She asked wiping her profusely sweating forehead. “I’ll be ready within 15 minutes. And Anarkaliii” he dragged pretending to scrutinise her. “You were wearing the same dress yesterday too right?” Chotu shot giving his best evil smile. Ragini looked at Laksh for answer and Laksh ran to save the fallen vase. Best husband! “No mera prince it was Red with blue and this is Red with light blue” she grinned and Chotu chuckled.
“Anarkali get readyyyyy” Kabir screamed as Ragini and Chotu entered. “Where are we going??”she asked hoping for a new ice cream treat. But boom! came the shock. “We aren’t going anywhere because we are only getting married in here tomorrow at sharp 7 pm.” Kabir replied with a wide smile pinching her cheek. “Wha..What?? But La..Laskh never signed those papers right?” she asked nervously. “He did Anarkali” Kabir answered drinking the stolen juice, which was Dada ji’s who was seriously searching for his in every corner of the room. “No..He won’t” Ragini looked at him helplessly. “See” Kabir showed her the papers and which was really signed.

Ragini closed the door of her room and dialled Laksh. “Hello sweety choco pie! How much you love me na it’s been only 15 mins since you left but you are so desperate..Muuaaah” Laksh went on. “Shut up Laksh Maheshwari” she snapped. “Woah this is sherni Ragini Laksh Maheswari. Let me play it safe then. Yes Ma’am why how can I help you?” he asked only to listen to her roaring the other side. “You signed those papers?” she asked him. “You don’t trust me right? Even now?” he asked in a low tone. “No Laksh I love you whole heartedly, but those signatures?? Those papers were signed” she said all in a go. “How could this happen?” he groaned and recalled all the previous day’s incidents.
“I know who is behind it” , his voice was cold . “Durga Prasad Maheshwari. He asked me to sign some official papers and since I was totally off mood yesterday I didn’t check them prior to signing” he explained in an anger filled tone. “But why would Papa ji do such thing?”Ragini asked frustrated by the full fledged drama of her life. “Because he feels I’m useless and you deserve someone like Mr.Verma” Laksh replied. “We’ll find a way. Don’t worry” He consoled her.
“Laado! Laado! Darwaza khol!” her Dadima was standing by the door. Ragini immediately hung her phone and opened the door faking a smile. “Laado here, have this” her Dadima handed her some new Sarees and jewels. Ragini looked at her confused. “Laado this is Jaanki’s .Have this” saying which she kissed her granddaughter’s forehead. A tear skipped down Ragini’s cheek.
Is she betraying her Dadima who loved her to the moon and back? Is she betraying Kabir or saving him? Is she betraying Swara and Chotu who love her very much? All these thoughts started haunting her very badly.
“All I want is your happiness” Dadima smiled and left the room. Ragini kept staring at the space helplessly.

Precap: Will Mission Raglak succeed?

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