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Trapped with Mr billionaire (Episode 2 )

Lets directly jumb into the another episode of my ff.

Interrupting her talks with her beloved Krishna , her phone rang ?and the name of the caller brought a huge smile on her face

“Good morning Maa !.yes.I’m all ready for the interview. ……….
Yes.I have had my breakfast too …..Haan Mom . I miss you more you know that…Thanks Maa . …….I hope the interview will go well……Yes will call when I’m back . Give my love to papa ………Bye
Love u ??

She immediately picked up her bag .wore her shoes and rushed out of the house after locking it.
She was indeed looking beautiful ,she was nervous but Krishna had something beautiful planned for her

DT Companies , 11:00 AM
Dhani entered the huge office with a bit nervousness and asked the receptionist about the interviews taking place to which she directed her to the huge lavish hall with many chairs which were almost full .And after seeing all this , she became more nervous and settled herself on a corner seat while praying to her Krishna .while fiddling with her fingers .
After an hour or so , almost all the interviews are done and she was the only one left as she came in the last .The receptionist called her making her snap out her trance .She hurriedly picked up her file and rushed towards the reception

Miss Dhani you may go in now – said the receptionist with a smile

“Yes .thank you ” she replied with a weak smile .

She knocked the huge wooden door to the interviewer’s cabin when a hoarse voice came from inside asking her to come in . She slowly pushed the door open just to see someone sitting on a black leather chair with his back faced towards her .

“Good morning sir ” she said softly trying not to show her nervousness

The guy sitting in the arm chair slightly twirled around making jet gasp in shock

“Bhaii” she screamed

“Dhani ?” The guy replied in the same manner but the guy was none other than shravan

He immediately for got up from his chair and rushed to take her in a warm brotherly hug while .
Dhani was still bewildered .
They broke the hug while shravan lightly patted her hairs with a smile

“What are you doing here ??”both of them said in a unison

“Vo, I’m here to give the job interview “Dhani answered still lost in her thoughts

“What are you doing here ?”she asked him with a small smile

“And I’m taking the job interview .”he replied sheepishly

“But Bhai , why aren’t you at the radio station ? You left the job ?? Is everything okay ? Is Navya alright ??” She asked in a breath

“Relax Dhani . Relax .saans toh lelo .first come here and sit ” He said and made her sit on the opposite arm chair and stood leaning his back on the table

“First things first , I haven’t left the job . I work here in DT companies for 2 day’s in a week remember i told you about me taking over a side job ?” He asked

“Oh yes . Now I remember . But DT companies? ? This is huge ! ” she exclaimed happily

“Voh actually my Fr …” he was about to say something but was cut in between by her .

“Ye Sab chodho Bhai , how’s Navya ? I need to meet her soon .
I’ve not met her since so long !”
She sighed

“She is the same Dhani .Madhubala change hoke kareena kapoor thodi ban jaayegi . And you met her 2 day’s ago .you’re behaving as you’ve not met her from the past 2 years .” He said sarcastically

“Bhaiii ! You are so mean . How can you say this about my sister and your wife ??” She said and lightly hit him on his shoulder

“Accha keep this aside . What about the job interview ? Why did you leave the previous job ? ” he asked her

“Yes job interview . And Bhai , vo, I left the job due to some issues .” She said while trying to avoid eye contact with him . She knew that if he comes to know he will surely get angry

“Dhani . Tell me the truth .right now ! You consider me as your brother na ? Then tell me what’s wrong ?” Shravan asked in a calm manner

“Vo Bhai .. …….the boss ”

“What did he do ???” He stood up and said in a furious manner

“Bhai you sit and Relax first ” she said and made him sit back on the chair

“Carry on “he said
“He misbehaved with me and asked me to spend a night with him. ” she said with her eyes tightly closed

“What the hell dhani? You are telling this to me now ! I’ll go and break his bones !You call me your brother and this is what you do ! You didn’t even tell this to Navya and you expect me to become calm ?Why didn’t you tell me this ?” He said in a loud voice

“I didn’t want you and Navya to get worried unnecessarily “she said with her head hung low

“What ? Like seriously , dhani?
Dhani listen to me you are like a sister to both me and Navya and we care for you .please don’t do such things again ” he said calmly

“I promise you Bhai . never . But what you think your sister is any less ?” She said with a smirk

“Oh no .No no no , dhani !
What did you do ??He asked her with a scared expression

“I kicked him in his balls ??” she said causally by shrugging her shoulders .

“Whaaaaaaaaat ? Are u serious ? Goodness . Dhabi uski shakal dekhna layak hogi . Bichaara . He said and bursted out in laughter

Screen freezes

Precap : vidha getting shocked

How is my second episode.
Did you guys enjoy. Say frankl

Hoped I didn’t make you bored
Keep reading

Shruthy di i tried my best this is a long on na than yesterday’s? ? I will make it more long after a week

Keep smiling
Love you all

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