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time teaches everything….. part 9 (a new start)

They will kill me…… No they will not kill me….. Yr they will kill me……. No no how can they kill me if they kill me than how come they know the story …….. Guys are u gonna kill me ….. Absolutely I do the works of getting killed so u will kill me na OK now dry and I will give the next part tomorrow surely OK now stopping my talks let’s move to the chapter.

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Precap:-swasan first meet in present and raglak and swasan keeping karvachauth and swara comeback.

Today’s part:-

sanskar:good idea. So lets move.
They started their journey.
After sometime
swara:sanskar why u cover ur face with this handkerchief? Are u so good looking that tumhe buri nazar lag jayagi (badsight will caught u)
Sanskar:its just …….. By the way i can also ask the same thing.
Swara: i have allergy so that’s why.
Sanskar: allergy??
Swara: actually i have allergy from heat (garmi) and whenever i walk for long time in sun or do any other work and heat generate in me than the allergy happen and my full skin became red small small dots appear red in colour that’s why i always wear scarf because it somehow prevent me from the allergy.
Sanskar:ok but u have to take medicine for this na.

Swara:what u think i never tried………. i tried from best skin specialist to the city best doctors but…. no good results everyone say the same thing that the allergy is mix up with my blood very goodly. so, there is no way to escape from it.
Sanskar:oh! That’s really bad.
Swara :hmmm it is so…… Wait u don’t tell me why u kept this handkerchief on ur face?Tell tell. (By keeping an eyebrow up)
Sanskar:ummmmm…. Actually vo…. I…
Swara:ummmm actually vo I Iext what is coming ha?? Tell clearly.
Sanskar : OK.

Sanskar: actually I am very famous business personality and if someone get to know about me than media and all persons will block my way and say that the famous business personality who can buy the whole showroom why he is walking in street like this ?? what he is doing with a girl?? is there any relation between them?? I don’t want them to make a headline like this. that’s why I am covering my face so that nobody know about me mainly they irritate me so much (he say in one go)
Swara:haha (she brusted our laughing)Sanskar:what??
Swara:let me laugh.

Sanskar look at her like she is crazy.
Swara:u put it because of that . u know in whle life people think of society . What society 4 people will say? How the society 4 people react when they get to know we do that or we do this?? We always think about 4 people before doing everything but at last the 4people only say ram ram satya hai(the mantra people say during the death funeral). And what will those 4 people give us nothing they don’t have any value but their words are more than our happiness, freedom . we think about them before doing any work . those 4 people have such influence that we don’t do what ever we want . is this right ??? Ask from ur heart it will give u answer and that is no . they are not right. So,why we always think of them before doing anything.
sanskar hear all this with very much concentration and say:

Sanskar:u r right but who can change our mentality about this. One or two ca agree but how can we convince the whole world??
Swara: a new begining starts from one or two people and the rest joining them.
Sanskar:true. By the way from ur antics u don’t look so serious type. How come this seriousness??
Swara:i too don’t know but sometimes i do like that means talk like a serious vala person.what antics u r talking about??

Sanskar:talking with godji, talking to a stranger like u know him from ages , and all the craziness u do in the call with ur mom and the walk. From that only.
Swara:oh! So u r spying on me ha??
Sanskar:nothing like that i was just……. (Cutted by swara)
Swara: i am just kidding yr . chill dude.
Sanskar: u talk like this to everyone like this??
Swara: no just them whom i am comfortable.
Sanskar: ok so u r confortable with me.
Swara: hmm i am comfortable. U know it looks like i know u from ages.
Sanskar:u also fell like that??

Swara: u also means u also fell like that??
Sanskar:yes. Actually i never talk with girls except my family and boys just the formal talk. U r the one whom i am talking this much freely.
Swara :ok i think our destination came.
Sanskar:hmmm by.
Swara: u r my new friend and i don’t think that in friendship there is need of by .
Swara start walking and say by turning her face.
Swara:meet u soon again.
Sanskar:meet u again.
They both don’t see each other face till now as swara is keeping scarf and sanskar is keeping handkerchief on his face.

Next scene:
Raglak are talking about their happy times with each other .the time when everything is allright.the time when swara is with them.
2 days after karvachauth their is diwali on the next day.
Swara:guys tomorrow is diwali what r u all gonna do??
Sanskar:no plans till now.
She look toward raglak.
Raglak:same here.
Laksh:i have a plan.

Swara:what’s that??
Laksh: to tease ragini.
Ragini:very funny.
Laksh :so laugh na.
Ragini: laksh we r serious please don’t mess up with me now.
Laksh: serious and u?? Seriousness is far away from u .
Ragini give him an angry glare .

Laksh: swara u r talking about some plans na.
Swara: ragini one glare is ok for u na .
Guys, i was thinking why not this diwali we don’t burn crackers we make it eco friendly diwali .
Sanskar: nice idea.but than what will we do.
Ragini: lots of things are there to do .
Laksh: like what??
Swara: lighting up the dias, decorating the whole house , making rangoli, lighting up the whole house and doing puja.
Sanlak: interesting. Let’s do it.
Swaragini:not today . we have to do it tomorrow.
Sanslak:but we have to start preparations from now only na.
Swara:hmmm right ok than laksh and ragini u both will go and get all the decoration material and me and sanskar will bring all the eatable and puja doing material.
Sanskar and raglak :done.lets move than.
Raglak and swasan go to the market place.

On raglak side:
Ragini:laksh see this kalash diyas are so beautiful na.
Laksh: no ragini see this square diyas is more beautiful.
Ragini:no mine.
Laksh:no mine (their favourite game start again)
Ragini: mine
Laksh: mine
Ragini: mine
Laksh: mine
Ragini: mine
Laksh: mine
Laksh: mine
Old lady:both of ur diyas are beautiful. Take both of them but don’t fight . but still have to say that u both look cute while fighting.after all love increases with this small small fights. May god bless ur jodi.
(Why old people always think so anyone knows??)
Raglak are staring each other blankly.

Then both say at same time.
Raglak:don’t take old aunt talk seriously.
Than stop and again say together
Raglak:good that u don’t take their talk seriously.
Than both buy things silently .(how can this happen raglak together that too in silent mood what magic old aunt do??)
They comple their shopping and move toward their meetin point..

Swasan side:
They go to sweet shop and try eating some sweets and which they like they give them order to send that much sweet on tomorrow and give the adress.
They went to the shop from where they are gonna take the puja material whatever swara say sanskar take that thing no arguments. Here also an old couple came and say how sweet couple be like this always.
Swara and sanskar are shocked that why they say so to litten the mood sanskar say
Sanskar: swara what happen am i that bad that u don’t like to be my too be and acts like sobbing.
Swara:sanskar .
Sanskar and swara smile at their spot.
They all share their experience and laugh as they know that their marriage can’t happen as they don’t love each other and their friendship bond will never change to love and not at all to marriage.
Laksh: by the way swara why we light up diyas any any importance.
Swara:yes,according to the name deepali means a row of dias and one reason is that diwali night is amavas night means no moon in sky so to tell that in darkne also there are so many lights. That’s why we wish that diwali take away all the darkness and bring lights in our lifes and one is that ram chandar ji came back to his home after 14years people welcome them by lightning diyas showing their happiness as they became happy after their arrival and all sorrow went away people also wish that diwali will bring lots of happiness taking all the sorrows that is the reason. And the main reason that during the time of diwali the season is changing in nothern parts from summer to winter and to balance this change diyas are lighten up.
Laksh: hmmm got it .

Flashback end.
Ragini and laksh smile at their own as they remember the old aunt talk and the way they say that they and marriage have no link as they are married today and that too love marriage.
Ragini:laksh u ever think that our marriage will happen?
Laksh: i never think so till i fall in love with u . after falling my heart and mind have only one thing to marry u.

Ragini:that old aunt talk became true .
Laksh:hmmm their words may be hear by god.
Ragini:but swasan …………
Laksh: ragini if destiny wants than sanskar will unite with swara again but firstly we have to find swara.
Ragini:if sanskar donot loose his memory than swara will be with us na.
Laksh:yes because he knows where swara was. After 3 year struggle he find swara but density don’t want them to come together so soon.i am trying but till now not find about her not a single thing.
Ragini:don’t worry laksh everything will come to their place.
Laksh:hope so.
They hug each other.
At swasan side:
They both check in their respective rooms .after sometime freshen up and change in formal dresses.and ready their presentation and their files which is needed in the meeting.
They go to the meeting hall.
Meeting start and all organiser say to present their presentation one by one whom mr maheshwari select they will get a chance to work with them .
Firstly mr. Sinha came and describe their presentation followed by mr. Singhania than miss. bose than mrs. Malhotra than miss. modhi than mr. kapoor, than miss.aashi and Mr. Gai and Mr. maheshwari like miss aashi, mr. Kapoor presentation the most and he ask them some questins and select miss.aashi and say congratulations.
While shaking hands sanskar fell a strange felling and he getva flashback of shaking hand with a girl but the scene is not clear . so he let it go and congrats her.
Sanakar:congrats miss. Aashi.


guys done with the part and dry for late but tomorrow I gave the chapter for sure . and today’s game …… Let me think what to ask or what to give u all to do
OK guys a game popup in my mind if u all help me in this u all have to tell me ur likes and dislikes and I have to identify who said that now u r thinking u write ur names so I will identify easily so u have to comment but not telling ur names writes whatever u want but not ur real name ok and who are register here don’t comment from ur I’d comment llike we use previously the name comment and emailid form comments which we use to do initially . ok now start it all the best to me as I have to find out who r u that will be easy if i know u well ok start ur work . love u all thanku for the support guys and belated diwali and may diwali bring lots of happiness and lights in ur life’s and take away all the sorrow and darkness and happy bhaidhuj. In advance and happy vishwjarma day . ok now meet in comments .
Thanks for supporting.

god give us the life as a gift so live it to the fullest enjoy as much as u can and do whatever u want

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