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time teaches everything…….. part 14 (list of wishes)

Hey guys thanku for ur lovely response on previous parts……… Thanku very much for ur comments and love towards the ff thanku ……. So now stopping my talks lets start today’s part.

Previous parts:Here

Previous part:Part 13
Recap: how swara accident happen and she looses her memory and get in aashi family as she is a look alike of aashi . sanskar geeting everything from neetu.

Today’s part:
Just than doctor came and say to them that swara gain her consciousness.
Doctor:Mr. Maheshwari the patient gain her consciousness u both can meet her.
Sanskar:thanks doctor.
The doctor nod his head in agreement and move from there .
Sanskar and neeyu went to swara room and see her talking with herself.
Neetu:this girl is really mado always talk with herself.
Sanskar: no neetu she is not talking with herself she is talking with god.
Neetu looked in shocked at him asking him how he knows.
Sanskar: I love her so itna to janna banta hai(so I have the right to know this much about her)
Neetu nod her head and smile a little.
And they both move toward swara.
Neetu:swara how r u now??
Swara: I am good . how I am looking to u?
Sanskar: perfectly ok.
Swaa: hmmmm true.?
Neetu get a phonecall after hearing she say she have to go . sanskar say ok u go I am with swara don’t took tension of her.
Neetu smile and went.
Sanskar:swara I wanna ask one thing. Can I??
Swara: from when formalities come in between friends ha u can ask frelly what u wanna ask.
Sanskar: actually I wanna know about ur wish list.
Swara: u mean my bucket list??
Swara: but why??
Sanskar is finding words to say but before he find swara read his expressions and ask.
Swara:neetu say u something ??
Sanskar: what …… No (he say it by looking away from swara)
Swara: sanskar I want truth.
Sanskar:I am saying the truth only. (Still seeing other way).
Swara: than say by looking in my eyes.
Sanskar:swara ….. Vo…..
Swara: neetu say u something or not??
Sanskar:yup she told me about ur illness.
Swara:oh! Great one more person add in my taking care list .
Swara:whoever know it they start showing caring nature, sympathy and what not…..
Sanskar: that’s why u don’t tell anyone .??
Swara: yup one is this.?
Sanskar: ok. Now will u tell me ur bucket list.
Swara: hmmm will if u promise that u will fulfil even half of them than only u can have a glimpse at the list.
Sanskar:ok will try to fulfill them because they must be look like stupidity or some pagalpanti (crazy things) acts. ?
Swara: ?? sanskar…. (In angry tone)
Sanskar:I mean that ur wish must be like child’s .?
Swara: why so???
Sanskar: because u r still a child na.?
Swara: I am a big vali girl not a child. Got it.
Sanskar:still u behave like child na so according to that u r a child na.
Swara: if u say me child again than …… Than…..?
Sanskar:than what??
Swara:than I will not tell u my bucket list.??
Sanskar: ok baba I will not call u a child now ok .?
Swara:hmmmm ok??
Sanskar: now are u gonna show me or not??
Swara: ok will show u .where is my bag??
Sanskar:handover her bag.
Swara took out a small dairy which have a code lock. She is about to gonna open than see towards sanskar and say .
Swara:u turn ur face.
Swara: if u see my code than.
Sanskar: swara but u r gonna show the dairy to me only na than
Swara: something is said to be personal .
Sanskar:ok ??
Swara open the dairy and give to sanskar
Sanskar open the first page something is written
Sanskar started reading it.
Hi, I am swara ……. Swara aashi kukreti ‘kukreti’ sound weird na I too think so but what to do my dad surname is like that so have to borrow that name but I will surely weed a person whose name look beautiful not like that weird name. Ok leave it…..,. Tell me one thing why are u reading it why u r reading my dairy yr . a word personal is nowhere to be find now a days oko . leave that also , let me tell u why u r reading my dairy. Its based on 10 facts:
1. U r reading this right now.
2. You’re realizing that this is an stupid fact.
4. U didn’t notice I skipped three.
5. You’re checking now .
6. You r smiling.
7. You’re still reading this even though its stupid.
9. U didn’t notice I skidded eight.
10. You’re checking now.
11. You r smiling.
12. You didn’t realize that there is only supposed supposed to be ten facts.
How did u fell by reading that all ha?? Tell na if bored than stop reading u will get bore yr. If happy than stop here only because it is say more happiness also lead to sadness. If irritated than stop here only or u will get more irritated. If angry than stop here only u will get more angry……………………….. At last stop reading it here only u fell whatever stop reading now only. Let person thing be personal only na.

Sanskar smile after reading that and he look at swara and say u r really crazy.??
Swara:that to mai hu hi(that I am )??
Swara: how did u fell after reading.
Swara:oh .good??
Sanskar again look at dairy and turn the next page which decorately says bucket list.
On the next page there is 12 points written means 12 wishes.
He started to read up loud
1. Do something adventurous .
2. do a thing which bring smile on someone’s face.
3. becomes someone’s lifeline.
4. do something weird which never done before.
5. To know someone so well that nobody know him like I know.
6. Try all types of sweets and chocolates but vegetarian.
7. To be able to help someone.
8. Visit all the wonders of the world and to know the story behind them .
9. To know different culture and wanna live in them.
10. To sit and hear someone’s story of how they marry and live their life the passed years .
11. Don’t know why but wanna experience the felling of to be fell in love in someone .
12. To go to a church and do prayer there.
Till now this are it ……………..

Sanskar look at her face in disbelief.
Swara really this are ur wishes
Swara:hmmm I too think so its mine only.they are different na.
Sanskar:u and this wishes don’t match yr.
Swara: I too think so why I write them and how I write them actually I write it before my memory loss.
Sanskar: ok
Sanskar (in mind): means these are the wishes of real aashi but she is same as swara is now…….. Means it is swara real personality before memory loss. Her personality differ so much in this much time ……
Swara: where u lost??
Sanskar: nowhere .
But I have some questions to ask from u.
Swara:what’s that …….
Sanskar: what adventure u wanna do??
Swara: ummm…… Which people think as adventure and they love to do them .?
Sanskar: ok done. And someone’s lifeline??

Swara:I too don’t remember about that why is this wish there and what it mean may be I will get it mean one day or the other ……?
Sankar: ok and weird what about that u always do weird things only????
Swara: will find out that say while laughing ??
Sanskar: ok ?? and others I think we can do.
Swara : really and she hug him . sanskar was shocked by her sudden action but than he also hugged her.
Sanskar:so tomorrow morning be ready miss swara for the most wonderful phase of your life .?
Sanskar: ok Mr. Maheshwari I will be ready. I can’t wait for the morning . when this morning come yr.
Sanskar:soon … And he smile at her antics?

Scene changes to raglak:
Laksh:thank god everything got sorted out.
Ragini:hmmm with sanskar tension and ur weird doings everything got sorted.
Laksh:the phase where awesome na ragini.
Ragini:yes when swara for treated u propose me and than everything went good but one thing go wrong.
Laksh: hmmmmm our shona left us.
And they remember the thing which happen after their comeback from the trip.
In the one week of the trip raglak fights get less every time when they were together they don’t know what happen but many things changed in this one week tour there feeling , their behaviour toward each other everything just changed in some days may be from very time but they realise it now. They started treating each other in a different way laksh got to know about what is happening but ragini know everything all around happenings but not the thing which is happening in her heart. She don’t know what is going on with her. But she love the feeling still she don’t know about it but love the feeling . which arise when he is with her and go away when he is away. But a small thing arise in her heart while talking to him , while looking at him, when he smile her heart also say to smile when he got injury during the camp the injury is on his hand but its hurting her more than him ……… The small small acts of her make laksh sure that she love him .and for getting fully sure the last thing left and that was her feeling to come up and she realizing the feeling herself . so he think to start the plan after they came back from the trip.
Finally they came back and the next day they have holiday and the other day they went to collage in this two days ragini miss laksh very much. She always thought of him while doing anything but now also don’t get hold of her feeling. And the day she get ready the way laksh likes to see her.his favourite colour his favourite dress and all the things he likes.
She enter the collage and find sanlak talking. She go towards them and greet both of them with a smile
Ragini:good morning guys?? how r u both??
Laksh: till now we both are good but don’t know what will happen to our health now.
Ragini just smile at his talk and don’t answer him back this shocked sanskar he looked at laksh as asking what have happened and laksh sign him will tell u later .
Sanskar ask about swara.
Sanskar:by the way ragini where is swara??
Laksh: yes where is she??
Ragini: she went to did a house in Bombay . she have some work to do in Bombay . and dida also want to meet her so ..,……
Sanskar: ok .when did she came back??
Ragini: may be 2-3 weeks. Why??
Sanskar: nothing . just ask randomly. Ok guys I am leaving.see u both later.
Laksh: ok rahini what about u how the day went ??
Ragini: which day laksh??
Laksh: yesterday without me ……….. And wink..??
Ragini: the day go well as always……
Laksh: ok ….
Ragini: why u ask so??
Laksh: actually I fell like…..
Ragini: u fell like……. Tell na laksh (very eager to know)
Laksh: leave it na…… (Chodo na yr).
Ragini: when did I hold u .., (Maine tumhe kab pakda)
Laksh: ragini I say leave the topic.
Ragini: I will not…..
Laksh: ok than I am leaving…
Ragini: no no …… I will leave it.
Laksh: that’s good.
Ragini: ok tell how am I looking.
Laksh: as always why ?? U do something special I don’t feel so .
In mind( u r looking so beautiful in my favourite things but how come I will tell so soon this to u ha . firstly I have to know what u fell for me. … And I am damn sure u love me).
Ragini: (sadly) ok …..I just ask randomly.
Laksh: hmmmm in mind( awww…….. So cute u look when u say like that and that cute look I am falling more and more for u by seeing ur innocence ……please confess ur felling soon na so I can propose u soon).
Ragini: laksh what r u thinking ??
Laksh: nothing.
Ragini: ok
Laksh: waise ragini what did u wanna in an ideal guy .
Ragini: means??
Laksh: the guy u wanna marry in that guy what do u wanna??
Ragini: there are many things..
Laksh: tell I am hearing.
Ragini: 1. He should be care for me.
2. He always stand by me. But correct me on my mistakes
3. He should know to respect everyone girl , boy, elder or younger no matter.
4. If he can’t make me laugh than never make me cry.
5. He should good from heart.
6. He should be educated and can take his decisions. Means I wanna a guy who have a thinking of mature kind . he thinks wisely before doing anything.
7. He should be a good human being first of all .
8. He should be good looking but if not all than also no matter as what can we do of looks beauty always vanish away with time but goodness never.
That’s it.

Laksh pov:
Hmmm i will always care for u my dear……..
I will always there for u but always correct u if u r wrong……
Hmmm everyone is equal so I will always respect them as I do now……
Cry word will never came in ur dictionary when u r with me only u know one think that is happiness and laughing….
Good at heart I. Don’t know I am good or not but I will try to do so……
I am Educated and when u r with me how come I will took wrong decision……..
Good human that u only tell me but I will try my best……
Good looks I have but its not necessary no worries………
Love ur thoughts and ur thinking my dear scolding queen …….. Love u and now I will soon tell u about this all.
Pov ends .

Laksh: ur thinking is really nice ragini. I love the way u think .

Hearing the word love ragini heart beat increased and she smile a little and manage to say thanku.she say:
Ragini: thnku laksh.
Laksh: if u have to choose from our group whom will u choose as ur partner.
Ragini : (without thinking) u whom else.
Laksh: really .
Ragini: (she get the thing and diverted that): hmm u r my partner only so I will choose u na only whom else…
Laksh: (get that): hmmmm true…,…… He feels happy by getting his answer and thought to propose her asap.
Laksh (in mind): I will propose u soon ragini as I got ur answer just wait for sometime.
Laksh: ragini tomorrow there is a gift for u.
Ragini: what gift laksh??
Laksh: will tell u later.but I am sure its going to be the wonderful gift and the wonderful day of ur life.
Ragini: will be waiting for tomorrow. When it comes.
Laksh: soon very soon……and he smiles??

PRECAP: PRESENT: SANSKAR fulfilling swara wishes. Laksh get a hint about swara.
Past: laksh proposing ragini and swara problem coming out.

So completed this part also and mine birthday is 2 June means amazing love and today I have 2 questions and everyone have to answer them so here we go …
1. What are the things in ur bucket list??
2. Which type of guy u want for itself??
And do answer and about mine they are that which I portray in form of swara and ragini thinking lists ……. And do comment to tell me how was it and the answers of the questions and to tell if I do anything wrong…….. Love u all…..NOW START UR WORK.


god give us the life as a gift so live it to the fullest enjoy as much as u can and do whatever u want to do its ur gift to God.

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