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the pain that continues (episode 69 )

Hi guys .
Episode 69 :
“ deal done “ aadit said n heads out of room .
Aaradhya follows . when aadit n aaradhya reaches down … every one already arrived at dinning table n waiting for aaradhya n aadit . aadit takes his seat as usually . aaradhya stood quietly looking dadi thinking whether she can sit directly or have to wait until dadi passes order to her . dadi signs her to sit seriously . Aaru takes her seat . maids serves them break fast .

Aaradhya ‘s pov .
Everything is so strange here . they appointed maids for every small thing . n every one eating so calmly as if all attended some official dinner . every one here is so different from my family .
Aaradhya lost in thoughts . soon interrupted b dadi’s voice .
“ u were so late today … “ dadi in complaining tone .
“ I’m sorry … next time I’ll be on time “ aaru said . “ even aadit is late “ at end aaru murmurs .
“ I think no one will follow timing in ur home . “ dadi said .
“ no dadi maa . all my family members will be on time in our home . its just me . I usually be late . “ aaru said frankly .
All looks at her a bit surprised at her openness .
“ n don’t u think they did mistake by not saying anything to u for being late all the time “ dadi said .
“ may be but I just understood that they all love me . “ aaru said recalling her breakfast time masti at her home .
“ so true aaradhya . we have seen how all ur family stood for u yesterday day “ dadi replied .
A smile on aaradhya’s face recalling her past playful memories disappeared after hearing her .
Parvathi feels really bad for aaru . even aadit felt same but remained neutral .
“ even u forced Aadit to marry me na dadimaa n just like even my family forced me . “ Aaradhya replied .
“ how dare u to say that to me haa ? don’t u have manners to respect elders . this is wat u learnt in ur home . “ dadi louder .
“ no dadi maa . Im just … “ aaradhya about to give her explanation but in vain .
“ again daring to reply me … listen girl don’t know how u were all these years in ur home but here u have be like us . first learn how to behave with elders . “ dadi said angrily .

Aaradhya felt really bad . Aaradhya is about to get up from her seat . suddenly some one stops her pulling her down holding her hand . aaru looks at Aadit who is tightly holding her hand under table . Aadit glares at her . all didn’t notice them . Aaradhya angrily tries to free her hand from his rip but in vain aadit tightened his grip gluing her to seat itself . Aaradhya becomes really angry on aadit for stoping her for his family n not even caring for her self respect . Aaradhya looks him for a while angrily n starts having her break fast feeling not at all interested to have it . Aadit leaves her hand n starts having his break fast .
“ wats this ? “ Aadit louder .
Everyone looks at him .

“ wat happened Aadit ? is break fast not ok “ dadi asked so concerned for aadit .
“ not ok . it is horrible dadi . wat happened to our cook today … “ aadit shouted .
“ its like always na aadit “ parvathi said .
“ r u serious mom ? I feel its horrible today . “ aadit replied .
“ aadit calm down . I will remove that cook from his job right now “ dadi said .
“ no dadi maa “ aadit shouted suddenly .
“ but u said break fast is horrible “ dadi asked .
“ ya but not always right . just today its not gud for me . I will warn him later . u all plz carry on “ aadit said n gets up from his seat n leaves .
Aaradhya left shocked with sudden change in behavior as she too feels break fast is not that bad . parvathi understands y aadit did so .
“ Aaradhya see him plz “ parvathi said to aaradhya .
Aaradhya slightly shook her head trying to analyze wats happening . she gets up n goes to room .
“ y u send that girl ? “ dadi asked .
“ maa . she is aadit’s wife n she should be concerned about him na “ parvathi said
“ that’s it . “ dadi asked suspicious .
“ yes maa wat else . ? “ parvathi said
“ or else u n Aadit trying to save that girl from me … “ dadi replied .
Parvathi remained silent .
“ remember parvathi u n aadit can save her once . but she will be here for six months . wat about it ? “ dadi said .
Aaradhya hears all this from upstairs . Aaradhya heads to room . she looks at Aadit in room . aadit looks at her but looks away .
“ he did this for me “ aaru thinks for a while looking aadit .
Aadit notices aaradhya is still staring him . he tries to ignore but no use .
“ now y r staring at me like this … am I so handsome ? “ aadit asked irritated .
Aaru gets back into senses with his shouting .

“ handsome n u ? “ aaru asked laughing .
Aadit becomes irked n about to leave from room . Aaru stops him holding his arms .
“ arey listen to me first “ aaru said hoding him .
“ leave me “ aadit said louder .
“ y don’t u hear to me completely hubby “ aaru shouted pushing him back .
Aadit’s back hits wall .
“ ouch … “ aadit shouts holding his back of head .
Aaru rushes to him .
“ is it hard ? “ aaru asked rubbing back of his head concerned .
Aadit stares her n then pushes her hand away .

“ arey I was helping u “ aaru said .
Aadit about to leave . but aaru bocks his way placing her two hands on wall .
“ wats ur problem aaradhya ? “ aadit louder .
“ r u hurt bcoz I laughed “ Aaru asked .
“ I think u r . but wat should I do we should not lie na . u r not handsome but u r hot “ aaru said .
Aadit looks on surprised wat she saying . Aaradhya looks at him .
“ I was joking again “ aaru said n burst into laughter .
Aadit becomes double irritated n pushes her away . n heads to door . aaru holds his hand .
“ u left breakfast in middle for me ? “ aaru asked looking him .
“ stop dreaming arrogant maheshwari . im doing something for u, come on its impossible “ aadit said rolling his eyes .
Aaru leaves his hand . aadit about to leave .
“ now I’m damn sure u did for me only . “ aaradhya said without looking him .
Aadit looks on thinking how she got him even after telling lie .
“ now u can go “ aaru added .
Aadit gets back to senses n turns to leave .
“ anyways thank q “ Aaru said out at last .

Aadit stops hearing this n both looks at each other . later aadit leaves .
@ its 10 am by now . aaradhya still in room going through some magazine . she finishes it n closes it .
“ hmm this monster got cool collection of magazines even novels too . I think he reads a lot . ditto opposite to me . “ Aaru thinks keeping magazine in its place .
“ Aaradhya can I come inside ? “ ria asked standing at door .
“ do u ask ur bhai like this every time ? “ Aaru asks smiling .
“ me asking bhai . impossible “ ria said .
“ then no need to ask aaradhya too . come on ria “ aaru said .
Ria smiles at her n enters .

“ hmm if it is bhai ok but we have to give respect to bhabhi na “ ria asked .
“ no formalities with me . I don’t even expect from any one cuz u know me how informal I am . even ur dadi maa declared me as manner less “ aaru said .
“ bhabhi plz dadi maa is not hard from heart . she don’t like ur family bcoz of some misunderstanding in business long back . so she is behaving like this with u . or else she loves bhai a lot n think how much can love his wife . just she needs to accept u . “ ria replied
“ that’s ok ria even I didn’t expect red carpet welcome here . the phase im going through since from few months is so horrible that it made me really tough from inside . I was carried away far from emotions . now dadi maa words not even reaching my brain . so im ok with her even . “ Aaru said out recalling the phase she is going through . she felt warm touch on her shoulder .
“ bhabhi plz na “ ria placing her hand on her shoulder .
“ kya yaar ?kab se bhabhi bhabhi kar rahi ho … its so weird hearing someone calling me like that . call me by my name . Aaradhya I know lil old fashioned name . but when u keep on practicing na it becomes cool . “ Aaru said to lighten up mood .
Ria laughs .
“ no bhabhi . ur name is so gud . its suits u more than anyone “ ria said .
“ u mean to say even im old fashioned “ aaradhya asks narrowing her eyes .
“ arey no yaar . how can any one call u old fashioned ? if they do so they must be mad like something “ ria said .
“ hmmm sounds gud . “ Aaru replied smiling .
“ arey Aaradhya I forgot u tell u I came here to tell u that dadi maa calling u down “ ria said .

“ oh no not again ria “ aaru said unwillingly burying her face in magazine .
“ aaradhya not everytime she dos wrong with u come na she said she need talk to u about some rasam . “ ria said .
“ r u sure ??? “ aaru asked doubtfully taking off magazine from her face .
“ come on aaradhya … sure “ ria said holding her hand n taking aaru with her .
Aaradhya n ria goes down . all ladies r present in hall . dadi looks at aaradhya .
“ where is aadit ? “ dadi asked .
“ I don’t know dadi maa “ aaru replied .

“ parvathi u were talking about wife – concern some thin na ? see this much ur new bahu concerned about ur son “ dadi said looking aaradhya .
“ even if that idiot goes out I have hear all this or wat ? now if I say this again dadi maa will take my double class for replying back . “ aaru murmurs .
“ u said something “ dadi asked .
Aaru nods nothing .
“ ok I have called u for talking about rasoi rasam . have u heard about it atleast ? “ dadi asked .
Aaru gives her blank expression .
“ actually new bahu have cook break fast for family pehli rasoi … but u r so early today morning . n ofcourse its our mistake too as we didn’t inform u about this . but atleast make us eat ur hand food . prepare lunch for us today . “ dadi said .
Aaru is so shocked her .
“ cooking n me “ aaru thinks .
All emotions are clearly seen on her face . laugh , angry , cry , pity .
“ seriously food by my hands . that too lunch for today … oh god “ aaru lost in her thoughts .
“ did u get it ? “ dadi asked .
Aaru looks at her not understanding wat n how to tell her she don’t know anything about cooking . aaru slightly shakes her head in half agreeing half disagreeing manner .
“ wat is it Aaradhya “ dadi louder .
“ yes … dadi maa y..yess I can… I will… I should “ aaru said with all expressions .
“ gud . “ dadi said n leaves .
“ I said na aaradhya nothing wrong this time . u just have to cook lunch . that’s all “ ria said smiling as she don’t know about aaru .
“ ya nothing simply wrong this time … “ aaru said smiling … “ its disaster this time cyclone volcano eruption tsunami wat not “ aaru shouted tensed at once shocking all ladies .
“ aaru beta u just have to cook lunch for us that’s it . “ parvathi said placing her hand on her shoulder .
“ its not the way to say maa . maa I have cook “ aaru said stressing words .
All looks confused . aaru looks at all faces .
“ still not getting “ aaru asked looking them .
They nod no .
“ I don’t know anything about cooking “ aaru shouted tensely .
“ not even simple dishes “ priya asked .
“ no … “ aaru said making crying face .
“ im gone today . dadi maa will seriously kill me . oh no wat do I do now ? “ aaru said sitting on sofa holding her head .
Parvathi n ria sits beside her .
“ don’t worry aaradhya . we will find out some way out of this “ ritha said .
“ but how di ? im sure dadi wantedly said this . she will keep her eyes on me while cooking I cant even manage by getting food from outside . basically I don’t have time even for it . its 10 already n lunch should be prepared on time that is 1 pm . if I cook na I will screw it up badly as I never tried cooking atleast once ever ? “ aaru said .
“ its like serious problem for aaru . she is right dadi wantedly did this . we have save aaru or else she have to hear much from dadi “ priya said worried for aaru .
“ true but by sitting like this thinking we r just wasting time . we must start come Aaru I will tell u some common tricks in kitchen “ parvathi said .
“ but maa “ aaru .
“ trust me come “ parvathi said holding her hand .
All follows to kitchen . everyone showing basics in cooking to aaradhya n Aaradhya looking them keenly .
@ aadit’s room .
Ria n aaradhya roaming from one end to other in opposite direction tensely . soon dumps into each other .
“ ouch “ both shouts .
“ sorry “ Aaru added .

“ me too “ ria said .
“ aaru u have to be relaxed . but how ? “ aaru said out .
“ aaru calm down . try breathing exercise . “ ria said .
“ no now I can do anything “ aaru said .
“ come on yaar . breath in “ ria said .
Aaru takes deep breath
“ breath out “ ria .
She leaves her breath . she do it thrice .

“ yar its not working “ aaru said .
“ aaradhya u remember wat u learn in kitchen na “ ria asked .
“ ya I do . but wat now ? now its 11:00 I have to start cooking early . maa said to decide one easy dish I can . now tell me which one ? “ aaru asked .
“ even I’m so weak in cooking u r asking me . ok lets check out in internet “ ria said .
‘ awesome . “ aaru shouts n takes out aadit’s tab .
They start exploring in net . soon comes on one dish .
“ awesome idea ria “ aaru shouts suddenly .
“ wat ? “ ria said .
“ u help me while cooking by telling all this procedure by blue tooth . I will do it “ aaradhya said .
“ u r right . im sure dadi maa will not allowing u to cook looking into phone or tab . done aaru I will help u “ ria said
“ so finally mission rasoi is all set to launch “ aaru said .
“ yeah “ ria shouts in excitement .
Both gives hi-fi to each other .
Aaru reaches to kitchen where dadi maa along with other ladies r there .
“ so u ready “ dadi asked looking her .
“ yes dadimaa “ aaru said .
“ don’t use any tricks ok . n listen no one will be seen here until she finishes cooking not even maids . every one out “ dadi said .
All goes out . aaru holding her phone . dadi snatches her phone .
“ don’t use any tricks ok “ dadi said .
Aaru nods n dadi heads out . aaru already kept blue tooth in her ear she covered it with her hair so that dadi don’t see it . dadi left aaru’s phone in sofa . so aaru could talk on blue tooth .

“ hello ria r u there “ aaru calls .
“ haan aaru “ ria replied .
“ ok then lets start “ aaru said .
Aaru gets started . ria helping her through phone looking articles on cooking in internet from her room . aaru follows her correctly . with a lot of struggling aaru completes cooking on time . finally all her clothes n at some place on her face have flour n some cooking ingredients stains . aaru looks at food prepared by her with loving look .
“ aww I made it … looking so cute “ aaru complimented her own work .
“ but wat about taste ??? “ suddenly strikes aaru’s mind . aaru looks at food worried .

“ god plz muje aur sasural walo par krupa karna . plz muje dadi maa se aur sab ko iss khaane se bachalo plz … “ aaru prays joining her hands closing her eyes .
N then looks at food n dishes holding her waist .
Episode ends .

Precap : bhojan ka svaad …!???

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