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the insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight: part 7

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darkness as something solid and real, so much more than a simple absence of light. It felt, it touch skin, questing, moving, exploring: gliding through mind. It slipped into lungs, behind eyes, into mouth…

wake to a Darkness in which U must follow urself endlessly, hating the U who so eternally pursues and confronts U. If U could rise from ur misery, seek each other once more, and find again the solace of each other’s eyes.


Radhika opened ridhima’s diary as tear drops fell down on paper. At one point Arjun stopped her and wiped her tears and said,” control urself, calm down. We are always with u.” That was Arjun’s one and only weakness in his life, tears in radz eyes. He made a promise to himself, to protect her and make her happy always. Maybe nobody knew but he was completely aware what she did for him, though she never showed off.

Arjun took the diary from her. Both arneil read radhika’s sentences on ridhima’s note about torture,pain,agony. It was more likely a reply, radz wrote ,” darkness frightens, darkness soothes, darkness restful. And i pictured each. I promise it will bring justice for us”. Both Arjun and Neil looked at each other. They knew she was seeking justice, revenge; but this time they knew how much hurt she was , how painful for her to do everything alone though they accompanied her. Suddenly out of blue Arjun sat near her and hugged her tight to console her. Neil smiled in between his tears seeing them. They were like kids in front of him. He let them spend sometime alone and went out for next step.

On his way of return Neil walked silently shedding tears. He reminisced the moments spent with ridhima. Arjun’s care, over protectiveness towards radz made him remember his past. If only he gathered some courage like Arjun in past , picture would be different now. He wasted his time in cursing himself and in alcohol. He thought himself as weak. But in reality he was never weak. It depends solely on how u want to become: Strong or weak. He realized that just after met those teens. He thought to guided them ,protect them. Instead he learnt how to stay strong and pretend to be normal for achieving the target. He never mind being as a helper. He got some kind of solace when he saw saral and bonnie face , the same traumatized face. Nandini ‘s helplessness that gave his heart immense joy. Now time for action. The last game.

Neil was so immersed in his thoughts he couldn’t notice one car was honking continuously behind him. Finally Sam came out from the car to see the person. She was going to say something stopped seeing neil , that to in a lost conditions. Neil was unaffected like before crossing her without noticing her. Sam didn’t like it somehow and went after him , put her hand on his shoulder from back side. He jerked off with sudden trance broken and coming back to reality .

Sam saw him devastated showing no reaction. She could notice his mark of crying though he already wiped his tears.she said with a smiling to change his mood ,” looked like destiny made such arrangements for us to meet. U almost got hit by my car last time,I almost hit u this time.”

Though Neil’s not in a mood to talk or listen but he immediately changed his mind remembering their targets and situations. He smiled in return and thanked her for saving him both times. He immediately turned and acted to sprained his ankle.Sam held him. He already knew Sam was attracted to him , so wanted to take advantage of situation. He was aware that sympathy was a thing u can easily get from girls followed by care. Sam made him sit on a road side bench and brought first aid from her car. She applied pain relief and offered to drop him at home. Neil was showering his buttering talk about her generosity ,goodness and beauty though he was feeling guilty about that. But he knew it was needed to divert Sam’s attention from radhika’s motive and their goals.

Sam dropped neil at home. He immediately went without saying anything.Sam was astonished seeing his sudden change of behaviours. Neil stood infront of riddhima’s photo which he hanged in his living room and staring lovingly as tears didn’t stop coming. He thought,” it would be great if u r here today. I missed u so much. But u know ur sister is a strong girl and very much different from u. I promise we will give u justice.” Suddenly he felt someone’s hand on him turned to be shocked,” inspector samaira!! What r u doing here”. Shock, annoyance filled in his tone. Sam didn’t like it and returned his wallet , dropped in her car.she asked directly about the lady in photo. Neil stammered for a moment but composed himself immediately. He stood silent. Sam asked with a doubt,” answer me Mr Malhotra. Why r u silent?”.

Neil, ” my girlfriend who left me in midway. Now u r happy? Don’t ask me why she left. I don’t even want to talk about her”. He knowingly said that to avoid ridhima topic. Sam saw disgust on neil face . But little did she interpreted in other way which only add other advantage for trio. Neil’s disgust for nandini & saral , made Sam thought that neil loved ridhima very much , ridhima betrayed him and left.” She further told in a caring tone,” forget the past which pricked u. Move on ur life”. Neil knew what to do and he started his drama by making up a story to increase Sam’s sympathy. Neil took a sigh of relief when Sam left. He informed everything to ardhika.

Radhika was about to blast hearing Sam’s intervene in ridhima life history. Arjun calmed her down. She was talking while breathing hard,” if only I don’t have a little bit of conscience I would killed that inspector. I hate whole police department for not giving justice to my di, to me, to u. Now she is taking about an honest officer.” She clutched Arjun’s hand more tightly which she held before. Arjun patted her affectionately to calm her. As she calmed Arjun told ,” let’s move now. Else nandini will doubt. This night is very special for us. Our final move. After that we will free to live like we wanted before”.

Radhika’s eyes filled with tear listening him. She looked at Arjun carefully, observing his emotions, his actions. He was the same Arjun for her always like their childhood. The same love, care, affection he carried always for her. But it will be not that easy to move on with this past life. As simple it looks it will be more difficult. But how could she deny him, her ever faithful knight who was always ready for her, even he killed his own father, Anuj Mehera just for her. Just like she killed her own mother mala to protect Arjun.

Anuj Mehera was a cunning man who only had not eyes for money and power. Rather than his bis*xual intrests , he was illegal partner of samart Khanna and nandini Pandey in s*x racket and human trafficking network. Samrat had always eyes on mala n Mrs Mehera. Mala was an easy target to get but, Mrs Mehera who always tolerated his husband’s torture never allowed samart to touch her. Conditions worsened when he had his eyes set on Arjun. As a little kid Arjun couldn’t decipher things accurately but he had the feeling that it was wrong. Later Anuj blackmailed his wife if she didn’t agree with samrat conditions then he would kill Arjun. There was no way for Mrs Mehera as she choose to commit suicide. She called Arjun and told him to stay careful , not to be a coward like her with teary eyes. Arjun didn’t understand what’s going to happen, he wiped his mother’s tear and told her to stay with him always as he was afraid of his father. Somehow Mrs Mehera made up her mind for his son. That night when again approached by Anuj , she denied straightly and even threatened to tell police about them. Anuj couldn’t tolerate that as he brutally raped her own wife, after that he choked his wife to death by pressing pillow on her. He shouted,” if wife’s beauty can’t make me profit, then what is reason for this life”. But he forget little Arjun witnessed everything and trembled with fear. After Anuj left he ran outside, ran continuously aimlessly until he fainted at some place near a bridge.

Mala showered radhika with overly love, affection. She didn’t knew what happened with her mother who always ignored her and busy I her own world. Reality was samrat and Anuj visited her house and they awestruck seeing little radz beauty with intelligence. When they tried to touch her by bribing her with some chocolates, toys she pushed them aside and told directly not to touch her. She was a kid but her instincts told her that they were not good people. Mala told them something and they returned. After that mala’s love increased towards her. Saying that they were not bad. If she could make them happy they will provide them services and comfort which she never imagined. She stared her maa with confusion and went outside home. Mala called and told,” she was only 10 years. Let her some time. I’ll make her understand everything.” Her eyes lit up with a dream of money and power.

Radhika walked on road drowning in her thoughts. She accidentally bolted down and fell on Arjun who was gaining his consciousness slowly. She looked at him , could identify he was crying and trembling. Pain was evident on his face. Her heart was melting , don’t know why? May be she had that habit she couldn’t stand anybody’s pain and crying. Without thinking much she wiped his tears in her hand. And tried to calm him down. She asked what happened to him, why he was alone crying here. Arjun looked at her distrustingly while sobbing. She didn’t asked twice as she understood his uncomfortableness. She pulled him with her and gave him some food first and then took him to a dispensary for minor treatment as she marked his bruises before. First time Arjun saw someone else other than his mother was cared for him. He got emotional and only told that his mother died, that’s why he was crying. Radz comforts him and told him to be strong, not to cry like a coward. They introduced themselves before left each other.

Arjun didn’t wanted to back. He instantly liked radz care. It was to his luck he noticed radz near their school, girls school. His junior. When he ran to her she avoided first, he was hurt . But at time of returning radz pulled him a corner and told about her helplessness. She was not allowed to talk with people as per her mother’s instructions. Mala had a fear if radz will have friends they may found out about her lowy business , her reality. So she told her not to talk with anyone. But they meet secretly and become friends with each other. After Arjun went to college it was easy for them to talk. They grew up also. One day Arjun told the real truth about his mother’s death. After that Anuj married to a widow who’s happened to be amit’s mother. That ‘s why Amit bullied Arjun everytime. He also tolerated thinking of paying for his father’s sin. Radz hugged him and consoled him.it was first time radz hugged him, he felt one kind of affection in her embrace, his solace. If we said about love he lost himself in her at day one while he got affection from her after her mother.it only grew stronger as time passed.

But life was not easy as it seems. personal hindrance again knocked at their door. Like it was waiting for them to grew up. Both got heavy shocks of their life when returned to home. Radz reached at home . To her surprise her front door was opened. Coz that time mala was absent usually. She thought her mother returned. When she entered, someone dragged her. She was scared but didn’t loose her presence of mind. She bite hard the person’s hand and screamed aloud. Hearing her voice neighbours came and the man escaped. After sometime mala came back, but she was looking like she was unhappy. Later at night mala talked with samrat when radz eavesdropped everything. Mala told him to be careful as if their neighbours seen him. She also told him a fool desperate that he let the door opened and wanted radhika. She went on her own talk while radz stood numb and shocked. She couldn’t believe her own mother involved in a trap for her. She silently cried out that night.

More shock waited for Arjun as he reached home. Anuj waited for him to give him a offer. After hearing the offer Arjun was dumbfounded. How could be his father behaved like that with his own son. He thought may be his mother was different blood, but he was his own blood. Anuj told Arjun,” as I expected u become a handsome man. Need to utilize this handsomeness. Don’t you think so!!”. In other words he explained Arjun to trap rich ladies in his handsomeness and to work as a gigolo or male s*x worker. Arjun felt like his brain stopped functioning while everything spinning around him in a great speed. But this time Arjun gained some confidence and bravery , as he straightly denied his options. He went away listen his father threatened him to kill his laughter, his lady love. He stopped on his track and stared at his father shockingly. Anuj laughed devilishly and said, ” don’t think m a fool Arjun. If u will not agree on my condition, ur sweetheart will face the bad consequences which u even can’t imagine”. Arjun was broken asked sometime to think. Anuj went out.

Arjun was aimlessly walking. As he decided to let radz everything know he visited her. But the sight infront of him made his blood boiled. He couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He was a kid when he couldn’t protect his mother, for which he regretted till date. But he won’t let anything happen to his lady love. Anuj was trying to molest radz. Arjun shouted highly. He knew if he do anything here then there might be chances , radz could trapped. He literally dragged out his father. On the way Arjun roared while he asked for time , why he went to radz? Why he tried to such disgusting things with a girl who is his daughter’s age.. In return Anuj laughed and said,” I don’t think any ladies as my daughter and sister. Moreover she was daughter of a sl*t, who will served as a sl*t.” Arjun’s anger reached at its peak when he heard further badmouthing words about rads from his father. Scene of his mother’s death displayed infront of him. It was near the abandon building he took out his cutting edge knife from which he prepared art crafts from waste garbage, and stabbed his father mercilessly. It was unexpected for Anuj, so he died at spot after two stabs.

Radz followed them. Seeing the sight she cried. Arjun was trembling and crying. He was ready to surrender radz dragged him out as she saw some people coming towards them. For her he was the most important person whom he wanted to keep safe. It was a high time for her to handle Arjun as he was a emotional one. Somehow radz managed to console him by saying he did nothing wrong. He protected many. After that horrible day when they sat at river bank they saw a man approached them. He introduced himself as Neil Malhotra. Neil told everything about ridhima and gave her ridhima diary as proof. The memory which was going to fade came back alive. She didn’t believe neil first but somehow couldn’t deny totally as she got to know her mother. Later Arjun inquired about Neil and told radz about his truthful and genuine. Rads was not crying this time.she was burning with vengeance fire. She promised herself to punish everyone whoever responsible for their miseries.

Still she had hope her mother didn’t do anything, but she was also trapped by a web. Later when radz confronted mala about ridhima and Ankush matter, mala instead of showing she was guilty she proudly said she did no mistake. If she did something for her own that was not a mistake. And moreover she said. She was going to tell police that Arjun himself killed his own father. She knew it by hearing their conversation hiding. After seeing her mother’s no guilty feeling, moreover she was ready to sold her also, and importantly she would threaten to inform about Arjun to police, radhika couldn’t think anything. She clearly knew her mother had breathing problems. She was allergic to inscent sticks. She lit some sticks hiding and closed all windows and door tightly from outside. All this while she was crying herself but didn’t stop. When mala stop protesting, she opened from outside and went to workplace. When she got news she came back as she didn’t know anything.

After that nandini adopted her. She was well known about her intentions. Arjun didn’t want her to go to nandini but she said,” it was best to keep an eye on ur enemy so closely. I can’t leave this chance. Neil make Arjun understand that nothing will happen to her. They will be with her always but hidden. Nobody should know about their interconnection. At college when Amit bullied Arjun that was first time radz saw. She told Arjun that he was not guilt for the crimes his father committed, so no need to tolerate again. Bonnie’s case to amit’s arrest everything radz planned and Arjun executed. When jai came to picture things changed a bit. They couldn’t know about him until Arjun came across him talking with teji. He heard and they planned for him. When radz went movie with kritika, while Arjun crossed them, samrat came to Arjun and sat inside car and threatened him. Radhika heard that and for safeguard future of Arjun they hit samrat in traffic looking like an accident. Zubin badmouthed about radz , so Arjun punished him. And finally saral – bonnie physical intercourse, in real nothing happened between them, they just drugged and made them drunk and made them sleep in such position.they changed the medical reports. Just to make them feel the same pain. In everything Neil helped them.

Their pov
We seek revenge, justice. We embraced darkness. Even darkness has some rules. We are we. Not monsters like u make u something horrible when u were out of sense. Now get ready to embrace ur punishment. We r coming.”
Arjun went to bar and saw saral was drinking. He sat near him and encouraging. Next day headline. ” death of ministers’ son saral Joshi”…

Precap: The chase: Catch me if you can!!! And end

About ending don’t throw rotten eggs and tomatoes for last chapter…m telling from this chapter.??

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