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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 28

If anyone missed out the previous part,

Part 27

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The Wedding Night!

So the night had finally arrived. The night for which everyone longed for, worked hard for. The venue looked heavenly. The atmosphere was filled with happy faces and sparkling dresses. The venue had benches on both the sides which were draped with a combination of green and white cloth along with a bunch of flowers at the tip of the benches. The stage had six chairs, two at the centre while two each at both the sides of the stage.

( This link might help you to picture the scene better https://www.google.co.th/search?q=indian+wedding+beach+decoration&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPlZGys6_PAhUVSI8KHZ0MAvQQ_AUICCgB&biw=1247&bih=726#imgrc=vEfMZcau9HJD_M%3A )

All the elders were present and were busy attending guests. So now arrives our handsome kunj. He wore blue pants with white shirt and a blue coat to accompany by. His hair perfectly set up making him look hot as ever.

(A glance at his appearance https://www.google.co.th/search?q=sidhant+gupta&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiCnoGap7LPAhUJMo8KHaC3BbcQ_AUICCgB&biw=1247&bih=726#imgrc=-5enIwMs*xJNiM%3A )

He also gets busy in attending the guests and later thinks “where is this twinkle? taking so much time to get ready as if she is the bride”. He wanders here and there but suddenly something shocks him and leaves him completely amazed. Yes, it was twinkle. She was slaying like a queen. (Wont describe the dress of hers as its really difficult to do so and also if i had to describe, i would describe it in the shittiest way so rather leaving it. So therefore, just check out her dress from this link, hope it works https://www.google.co.th/search?q=lehenga’s&client=safari&rls=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiXzPG5sK_PAhXHqI8KHcqcA_YQ_AUICCgB&biw=1247&bih=726#tbm=isch&q=pink+lehenga&imgrc=M3bhzjhj0vI5KM%3A )

Kunj just couldn’t take his eyes off her. She walks towards kunj and snapped her fingers to bring him back to the reality.

Tw: kaha kho gaye? (Where are you lost?)
Ku: tujh mein (into you) (without realizing what he spoke)
Tw: Kyaa??? (what?)
Ku: (after realizing) no nothing!
Tw: acha anyway, I’ll take a leave now! Ma was calling me. Bye!
Ku: acha twinkle sun (listen twinkle)
Tw: bolo? (speak up?)
Ku: You look hot
Tw: thank you! (with a broad smile on her face and some blushing)

Twinkle leaves leaving kunj numb in her beauty. He thinks “Haye! Yeh toh meri jaan leke hi chodegi”.


As it was late at night, many people had left and only the close relatives had stayed. It was now the time for the pheras. The priest was sitting on the mandap and preparing for it. Within some while, he called out for the bride and groom. He then told them to stand up and get ready to take the 7 pheres after all the puja that was required. Both ashutosh and megha stood up and began to take the pheras and promising each other on never leaving anyone’s side. All this while, twinj were lovingly looking at the pheras and smiling. After the 7 vows, ashu made her wear the mangalsutra and filled her forehead with vermillion. The priest then said that they are now officially husband and wife and ask them to take blessings of elders. They took blessing of all. All blessed them to have a great marriage life ahead. Everything winded up quickly and soon the area was all quite as everyone had left leaving twinkle and kunj. Twinkle was just about to leave and kunj got hold of her wrist making her stop. She turned and asked “kya hua? (what happened?”. Kunj replied “wanna talk about something”.”oh! well then speak up? what are you waiting for?” replied twinkle. Kunj moved forward and now twinj were close enough. He held her hand and spoke;

(Ishq bulaava plays in background)

Ku: twinkle, why is that when we are not together i feel so lifeless and when we are together i feel so happy and full of life. It’s like you are my soulmate. Everything seems just perfect when i am around you. Though we fight but i can never think of hurting you. The truth is that I’m crazy about you twinkle. I feel so alone without you. I wanted to tell you this since so long but never found the right time and now i think it is. I am really crazy about you twinkle. I can’t imagine my life without you now. If i don’t see you even for a while, i feel restless. Twinkle, I LOVE YOU! I really do.

Tw: I LOVE YOU TOO KUNJ! (in shock plus excitement plus happiness)

(Sajna ve plays in background)

They have a deep and an intense eyelock. In fraction of seconds they hug each other tightly filled with passion and love. While hugging, both recall their moments; the first time they met, airplane incidents, kunj taking care of twinkle when she was sick and drunk and many more. Kunj caresses twinkle’s face and gives a gentle kiss on her forehead. Twinkle smiles and hugs him back.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

How many of you missed me and my boring ff? I am sure no one did. But i think I owe you guys an apology, i am sorry for posting this part a week late but i was pretty stuck up with my studies so didn’t have the time to write. So here it is, the most awaited moment! You guys guessed it right and ofc it was pretty obvious at the fact that this was gonna be the confession. So this is what i had planned. I know it ain’t extraordinary like how the confessions are in other ff’s but i rather chose this because it has some importance and symbolizes the way how twinj made their confession of love (hope you guys remember it). Really wishing i haven’t disappointed anyone here. I know I ain’t a great writer like the others here on tu. Won’t say much.Bye x love you all ? Ignore errors (if any)

P.S. – Hoping for all links to work. *fingerscrossed* if they don’t, i am sorry for that as well. ?

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