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The Date!! (Happy Birthday Aksa) ~ Zuha (OS)

***Happy Birthday Aksa***

Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Aksa…Happy Birthday to you…May you have many more…May you have many more.. Happy Birthday dear Aksa…Happy Birthday to you ?????

Yeah, yeah I know I am late as always ? Aksa your birthday as yesterday and I am gifting you today…So I planned to post yesterday only but due to busy schedule I failed to do so… I woke up at 10 in the morning and I went to watch a movie (At cinema) @ 11…I reacehed back home at 2:45 p.m … Then I had my extra classes from 4-6p.m then at night a family dinner was planned so always my Sunday is for Family or studies ?

But belated happy birthday to you sweeite ?? May Allah Bless U & Shower His Blessing Upon You! May This Year Be A Blessed One For You! May This Year Bring Colors Of Glory In Your Life ? Keep smiling ? Always ?

Now time for your GIFT!!!!!! I know it will be a boring one as I am writing comedy (Pathetic at Comedy) but just thought to many you burst in laughter ?

The Date!!

***Kunj’s POV ***
This date I may never forget. My angel’s birthday! Yes my Angel, my Twinkle’s birthday! Twinkle…A short introduction in 3 words…My safety wife ? Yes my Twinkle Sarna. I always fix an alarm this day and look it is ringing now.

I jumped out of the bed and looked up to my adorable sleeping beauty. She looks so cute while she is sleeping.

I rushed to the bathroom. And came out dresses in formals. In a white shirt and black coat. I put on my the and brushed my hair.

I wanted to make this day special for my Angel, so thought to make today’s breakfast.

I ran in the kitchen and opened the fridge and grabbed 6 eggs but as I was about to close the fridge my leg slipped and I fell over the floor and over me the broken eggs ??? Disgusting!!!!
***POV Ends***

***Twinkle’a POV***
Stretching my hand up high I woke up from the deep sleep…I guess that is why Kunj calls me his Sleeping beauty. I looked at our wedding picture, placed on the side table and looked at it smilingly. But then my smile vanished remembering Kunj’s silly doings yesterday. I was wondering all this when I realized Kunj as missing from the room, washroom’s door was open so no chance of him being in the washroom, but why am I thinking about him…I don’t even give a damn to it.

I stepped out of the bed and the next voice was, “OUCH!!!” I looked down to find brush laying down which hit me. It must be Kunj.

The next minute when I stepped in the kitchen, I was damn sure that it was Kunj as of finding the water tap running down and shampoo spread all over the floor ?? What shall I do of this man ???
***POV Ends***

***Kunj’s POV***
I got up from the floor and looking at my state I wanted to vomit but anyways…I grabbed 6 more eggs from the fridge hoping that reach safely in our stomachs.

I finally finished cooking and I made an omlet! FINALLY!!!!!!!

But when I turned I was shocked looking at the state of the kitchen. I was damn sure that if Twinkle will see this she will definitely be angry with me.

Hoping that before she comes I am done with the cleaning thing.

But my bad the very moment Twinkle stepped down and was shocked and shouted “KKKKKKUUUUUUNNNNJJJJJJ!!!!!”

She was so loud that the whole house shook and I fell down with my spinning head. And the thing which I said was, “Main theek hoon!!”

I stood up, slowly with a bunch of spinach on ny head ??

Twinkle gave me a death glare and said sternly, “You are impossible Kunj!!!!” And an left from there throwing my pant on my face when I realized that all the while I was roaming in my shorts ????

I completed all the work by 6 at the evening…and I hope that my plan works!
***POV Ends***

***Twinkle’s POV***
I finished all the house’s chores and exhausted I work finally threw myself on my lovely bed to find a box there…I opened it and found a golden sari with silver blouse and embroidery over it with a note “@7 poolside! ~Hubby”

So now this Sadu Sarna is trying to fix up my mood…Go on not but this time not so easily!

I dressed up myself in that sari gifts by Kunj with a diamon necklace and a light make-up.

I left for the avenue.

I reached at the poolside to find it decorated heart-shaped baloons… There I found my Sadu Sarna standing facinghis back towards me I smiled…He is such an innocent fellow…I walked over the path made out of red roses leading to him..He made me felt as a princess…throughout the way I noticed my pictures, from my childhood till today…That is what I feel as a WOW factor….I finally reached where my Prince, My Kunj was waiting for me…He turned with his killer smile on his face..He pulled me in his embrace. I found myself as in heaven in this Earth. Of course I had my Sadu sarna with me❤

He broke the big and giving a gentle kiss on my cheek said, “Happy Birthday Angel!”

My jaws dropped and I burst into laughter He looked at me confused…

He questioned me; “Why are you lauging? Look I am wearing my pants ?? Didn’t you like the arrangements? What happened Twinkle?”

Controlling my laughter I said, “Buddhoo (Stupid) By birthday was yesterday! That is why I was annoyed from you as you forgot it! Silly!”
His jaws dropped and his face turned pale and he shouted, “WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT????????!!!
???THE END???

Yeah I know PATHETIC is the word to describe this Pathetic OS! Without any sense ?? So Chappals and Tmatars are accepted also eggs ? but please throw them softly ?? And once again happy birthday Aksa❤❤❤

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