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The cup song girl

Hey guys its Ishita here. I was in no mood of typing bt suddenly this idea came into my mind so i wrote this os THE CUP SONG GIRL. Here the story is written by the view of shravan.
You all know what the cup song is bt if u don’t link is this — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d1rnOm9IGQ
this is a Marathi song on cups sung by mithila pallkar.

So lets get started—-
I was sitting in a cafe with pushkar. I heard a noise. The cup. Yes someone was playing a tune with the cup. I thought it would be a child doing the noise. Bt suddenly with the cup tune a girl started singing. The voice was so melodious. It was mind blowing. I turned to see the girl. She was so beautiful. I was speechless. Suddenly pushkar asked “ bhai itna kya stare kr rahe ho kahi pyaar to nai ho gaya, first sight love”. I said “ pagal hai kya i don’t believe in your so called first sight love” I walked out but secretly clicked her pic on my phone.
I found her in social networking sites. Her name was SUMAN TIWARI. Nice name i thought.
I started stalking her. I was surprised to know that she was in my collage.
One day I she was sitting alone and crying. I sat near her—
I SAID-Hey why ar u crying
She- no smthing went into my eyes
I .- let me check
She – no no its ok
I.- you know i listened yr cup song and that was amazing
She smiled and was surprised—where i just love cup song
i.—in a cafe so friends?
She happily agreed
Days passed and day by day our friendship grew stronger

One day i decided to confess my love
It was her b day.
I gave her a dress and a chit which read come wearing this dress at my house in my room.
She came. My room was dark. I switched on a single bulb.
I came on that spot.
She—oh my god shravan what is this??
I.- Ms- suman tiwari i saw in the cafe for first time. You were singing the cup song. I loved it. Bt i loved you even more. I love u suman tiwari i love u. I dint knew anything just i thought to confess it so i did.
She was surprised and dindt say even a word. Her eyes were filled with tears.
I.- sry if i hurt u i m really sry
She – no pagal mai kab se isse din ka intezaar kar rahi thi muje nai pata kab bt i also fell in love with u bt i fell i love u too.
She hugged me.
Then we we got married.
And today we have twins Ishaan and ishaani.

Sry evary one if i bored u thank u for bering me and my nonsense stuff.

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