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The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 5

shr enters the cabin with the thud

suman looks at him: what the hell is this Mr
shr: exactly what the hell u did????
suman: what I did??
shr: where is my car key
suman: I don’t know
shr: u have picked it up
suman: ap ka naw dimagh chal gaya h I have my own car y would I pick or car key????
shr: to take recpvenge u JAL cockri
suman: what the hell first u called me billi now JAL cockri how dare u
shr high on his vocals: shut up just tell me where is my car key ????
suman: get out
shr= first my car key
suman: I said naw I dnt have
shr: u r the owner of this fashion house naw????
suman: that really does not mean I will keep eye on your car key jaeye but kam hain mjhe
shr: uuuuuuu don’t forget all this I will take a revenge from u and very heavy revenge just wait and watch
suman : whatever leave
shr leaves such,man laughs bechara

flashback: suman picks up the key and drops it in the dustbin
suman: fazool chezen fazool jaga PR axhi lagten hain
she smiles and leaves
fb ends

shr on the other side was hell angry: I m not gonna leave her I have to take revenge she don’t know what thing shr malhotra is miss suman malik u r gone billi kahin ki
he stands near car and calls adi: oye fashion house aja
adi: why?????
shr: just co,e ohk what do u mean by y????
adi: my car is with u how would I come???
shr: I really didn’t know that u have only one car
adi: ohk fine coming
shr: and ya bring a keymaker along u
adi: y????
shr: zzzzz
and cuts the call

shr: com on shr think for or revenge come on shr just think
adi reaches there with another car
adi: kia hoa shr????
shr: I lost the car key
adi: oh god shr how could you be so careless
shr= amma bibi lecture nae sunna mjhe Terra hat side lag
shr snatches other car key from adi hand and leaves in the car
adi: oh god

shr reaches home and keeps the maxi in his cupboard
shr: wah India what a gift u have given to me proud of u seriously billi she mila CIA mjhe awwwwwwwww ullo ki sar
shr picked up his guitar na starts singing
it was his hobby when he has to solve problem he used to sing
har pal meriyan yaadan yaadan wich hai tu
dil di gal main dasan te daasan phir kinu

harr pal meriyan yaadan yaadan wich hai tu
dil di gal main dasan te daasan phir kinu
tere mere mere tere ek jindari ek jindari what to do
jhommon main naachon main gaaon ke likhon tere liye main kia karon
dheere dheere se mere zindagi main ana
dheere dheere se es dil ko churana
tm she pyar hamain hai kitna Jane jana
tm she mil ke tm ko h btana

idea struck on shr mind
shr gets up and starts dancing
dheere dheere se mere dimagh me ana
dheere dheeere se us larki ko maza chakhana
us se naafrat hamain h inti janae Jana
us se badla le k use h btana
adi comes and sees hi m like that

adi enters room: I knew it I really knew it
shr stops: what u knew???
adi: I knew u r mad
shr: oye oye tameez
adi: aqal
shr: what???
adi: what were u doing
shr: singing
adi: dancing
shr: no
adi: yes
shr: nooooo
adi: yesssssss
shr: whatever he lays on bed
adi: next time I will make video
shr: whatever
adi: a cha listen I have thrown a party for today morning
shr: party ohooooo
adi: and suman malik is gonna design our clothes
shr: y she???
adi: she is the best
shr: ohk when she is coming
adi: an hour later
shr: ohk nikal
adi: what?????
shr: WO darwaza h nikal
adi: uuuuuuu
shr pushes him: what uuuuuu nikal
adi leaves

shr: oho that’s the perfect time to take revenge just wait and watch miss suman malik u r gone miss billi
shr lays on the bed again
on the other hand
suman: offer is gud u guys go and take the measurements I will design the clothes
pia: mam last Sunday u have released new designs I think we should show them may be they like them it will save time
suman: that’s the gud idea
pia: I will send the our designed clothes there with people to take their measurements
suman: along with them I m also going
pia: y mam
suman: I will see which one they like an which one need perfection furthermore I m free naw
pia: ohk mam as u wish
suman: ohk then bye
suman leaves in car
screen splits on shr mischievous face and suman sweet face
segment finished

precap: shr’s revenge

helooooooooop everyone
I think I m going too fast so what say guys I should slow down it haina????
anyways guys thank u soooooo much for kr comments
u r the best like me hahahah
take care
love u guys
silent readers dnt be silent

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