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Tere Bin (epi-1)

This love story cannot be completed but gods decision was this love story will have its destiny but will they love each other.They are very far from each other but still the feeling of love for each other is there but still don’t know each
other.Will they ever meet?

Ritik Raheja-He lives in London with his family.And womaniser and martial arts champion.

Shivanya-She is willing to take revenge from her parents murderer.She can go in any extent to take revenge.

Shesha-She is Shivanya’s sister and loves her and helps her in every difficult to take revenge.

Raheja family-Same as in season 1 of naagin.

All the Raheja family lives in London.

A boy is seen fighting in the ring.He was in vest.A muscled man comes to the ring.He punches the other boy.The boy falls down.He is Ritik.

Angad:Bhaiya you have to win this match.

Divya:Come one bhai

Ritik gets up and beats the man and wins.

A snake is seen in forest.The snake turns in human form.She is Shivanya.

Shivanya:I will kill my parents murderer.

Her eyes become red in colour.

Precap:Ritik flirts with girls.A unknown feeling for Shivanya without knowing her.

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