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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 18

TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love Chapter 17

Night time
Twinkle was in her room remembering about how Kunj told her that he will fulfill her dream wedding. She was smiling away. She also began to blush as she remembered how she hugged him and how he reciprocated the hug.
UV= oh ho someone is blushing hena Rudra
Rudra= exactly what are you thinking about he said sitting down next to her
Twinkle= I am thinking about how my life has taken such a drastic change in 1 week. 15 days ago when I found out that papa fixed my rishta I got really scared because I never met him before and papa wouldn’t let me meet his from what I have done in the past. Then I met Kunj on our engagement and I found him really sweet.
Rudra= Awww sweet this made Twinkle blush.
UV= Leela masi will be really happy to know that you are happy with Kunj.
Twinkle began to cry
Rudra= what happened? Why are you crying Twinki
Twinkle= maa will be all alone after I get married. You all know papa is rarely here. He is always busy with his business and other work. She sobbed. Everyone only comes Amritsar for a get together or we will either go Canada or Mumbai
UV = stop crying . There is a good news for you.
Twinkle whilst wiping her tears= What
UV= from now on me and Rudra are going to be staying in Amritsar
Twinkle= WHAT!!!
Rudra= you heard right… papa is opening another air force airline in Amiritsar and I will be leading it.
Uv= and I am going to be looking after Dads business that’s nice Amritsar
UV&RUDRA= so stop crying now Chipkali.
Twinkle smiles and say thank you . She hugs both of her brothers. They both leave her room after a while.
Next day (TM)
Everyone was sitting down in the lounge talking.
RT comes and greets everyone with a smile which shocks everyone.
Leela= twinkle jaa papa ke liye paaani la
RT= not pani go get me juice.

Twinkle went a brought juice. She served it to RT who took it and thanked Twinkle for the first time.
RT= thank you bacha.
Twinkle and everyone else were shocked with RT behaviour but smiled. To there shock RT also began to talk to everyone about the marriage plans. Soon everyone left to there own rooms o rest for a bit.
Anita and Jhanvi room
An=It feels so good to see RT finally talking to twinkle with love
Jh= I know I am so happy later but late he was finally talking to twinkle with the love she always desired .
Twinkle was in her room talking to Leela
Twinkle= maa papa finally spoke with me with so much love after such a long time
Leela= I know bacha I told you naa papa loves you.
Outside in the garden
RT was talking to someone on the phone.
RT= yes I know meri jaan I am flowing your instructions.
On the phone= good now do exactly a I have told you
RT= yes from now until the wedding I will talk to Twinkle and Leela with love and after her wedding I will some ow bring you here.
On the phone= that’s like a my husband
RT = I am already missing you and my 3 musketries (children)
On the phone= we are too
RT= I will try to call you late Jaan bye love you
On the phone= Bye love you too
RT then goes to his room

Twinkles room
Twinkle was talking to Kunj on the phone and had told him how RT spoke with her with lots of love. She sounded really happy.
Kunj= I am so happy to hear that
Twinkle = even I am ….BTW Kunj how are my dream wedding preparations coming along she asked cheekily
Kunj= they are coming along great. Only 2 more weeks left till the wedding functions start and then you can see if I have met your expectations or not.
Twinkle= Kunj I am sure you will do your best to make everything perfect.
Kunj=are you ready to become Mrs Kunj sarna
Twinkle= ahh let me think about it……………………………………. Of course I am ready to become Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna
The screen freezes with both of there smiling faces.

Precap= 2 weeks leap , Guest arrival, wedding functions start

Hi guys I hope you enjoyed it
The wedding functions will begin from the next episode and I hope you enjoy it
What did you guys feel about RT twist please let me know.

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