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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 78

Next day

Twinkle is at office and is restless…She just wants to reach home anyhow and meet Kunj. Kunj was also eagerly waiting for Twinkle. Somehow she finishes her office hours and reaches home. They all are having evening tea together. Usha has prepared pakoda with snack.

Kunj was behaving as normal as he can… On the other hand, Twinkle was behaving weirdly…Everytime she looked at Kunj or even they have an eyelock accidently too, Twinkle turned red…Every gesture of Kunj reminded her of yesterday night’s conversation and their first kiss..Twinkle was trying hard to keep her face expressions normal and failed miserably…But to her surprise, Kunj was behaving as if nothing has happened at all…He was enjoying his tea and snacks and talking to everyone…Sometimes she felt as if he is ignoring him…Twinkle felt irritated…
After sometime, Usha has gone somewhere and Twinkle is working in kitchen…Kunj knew that Alisha is the only one at home and she is busy talking on phone with Sachin. He was sure that she won’t come out soon from room.
Kunj was about to hug Twinkle from behind. Twinkle could see him coming in the glass of kitchen…He was about to hug her.
Twinkle: Haath mat lagana muje? (Don’t you dare touch me?)
Kunj: Kyu bhai? (May I know the reason? Please)

Twinkle turns around and looks at him angrily…
Twinkle: I was so excited to meet you…I couldn’t concentrate on my work today…The whole day I was waiting for the moment, I reach home and meet you…And you…you were not bothered at all…You were busy enjoying your tea and snacks… Full on ignore mar rehe the, tum muje…Jaise tume koi farak hi na padta ho… (You were ignoring me like anything…as if it doesn’t matter to you….)
Kunj: Ohhh…So that’s the problem…Meri do dhari talwaar…

Twinkle: Rehne do…Koi do dhari talwaar nahi hu me…Jao, jaake TV dekho…Pakode talke bhejti hun…Sadu Sarna…
(Let it be…No need of buttering…Go and enjoy your TV…I will send you more pakode…You Sadu Sarna…)
Kunj: To tume kya lagta hai, muje kya kerna chahiye tha…Sab ke samne aake tumhara haath pakadta aur kehta ki kitne derse tumhara intazaar ker reha hun, meri jaan…Aao…mere paas baitho…Ye kehta….
(Then tell me what I should have done…I should have come on knees and hold your hands and said.. “My love, I was waiting for you so long…Come and sit in my lap…” this is what you wanted?)
Twinkle hits him hard on his chest with her fist…

Twinkle: Tumse toh baat kerna hi bekar hain… (I don’t have time to talk to you…You won’t understand…)
Twinkle turns back and starts chopping vegetables, but this time making a huge noise of chopping. Kunj comes near to Twinkle and takes the knife from her and keeps it aside. He turns her to his side…
Kunj: Tume kya lagta hain me wait nahi ker reha tha tumhara…Subah se clock ko dekhta hua baitha hun ki kab tum aaoge…Yuvi ke saath bahar jaana tha, usse bhi mana ker diya…Vo to dialogue marke gaya hain ki “Sita ke chakker me Laxman ko na bhul jana..”
(What do you think?I was not waiting for you? I was also excited to meet you…I was supposed to go out with Yuvi, but cancelled it only to meet you and spend time with you… He even tonted me while going as he understood my intentions…)

Twinkle: Per tumare shakal se toh aisa nahi laga? (But your expressions said something else?)
Kunj: Me bhi kya kerta? Jab bhi tume dekhu ya anjaane me bhi nazrein miley toh tum laal tamatar ki tarah ho jaati thi…Sab gharwale wahi the… Muje toh laga tha ki tumhare expressions se sabko pata chal jaayega ki kal raat ko kya hua tha…
(Even if I look at you or share an eyelock accidently, you were turning pink…I was afraid that everyone will make out….You were blushing that much…I had to ignore you…I was left with no other choice…)
Twinkle (feels guilty): Sorry…muje kuch aur hi laga…Me bhi kya kerti…Mujse control hi nahi ho reha tha…Tume dekhtey hi sharam si aa rehi thi…
(I am sorry…But what to do? I couldn’t control myself…)
Kunj: Aay haaay…Iss sharmane pe toh me fida hun…Dil toh ker reha tha ki tume ek tight hug dedu tabhi…Bus jaise taise control ker reha tha…
(I go crazy when I see you blushing…I felt like giving you a tight hug when you blushed…Even I was controlling myself…)
Twinkle: Matlab…matlab tum muje dekh rehe the… (That means you were noticing me?)
Kunj: Haan toh baar baar pakode ke aur chutney ke dishes yahaan se vahaan kyu ker reha tha…Ussi bahane tume dekh reha tha…
(Then why do you think the pakoda dishes and chutney dishes were getting passed continuously…I had glances of you while doing this…)
Twinkle has a shy smile on her face…Kunj pulls her from waist and hugs her tightly…
Twinkle: Jitna seedha tum sabb ke saamne bantey ho na utna ho nahi… (Smart move…man…)
Kunj: Koi shakh…

Twinkle is still in Kunj’s arms and is enjoying that moment…Alisha comes out of the room finishing her call. She has reached the living room and saw Twinj in that position in kitchen…Twinkle too saw Alisha and was about to break the hug and stand straight. Kunj can’t see Alisha as he is facing Twinkle. Alisha turns back and leaves to her room silently. She tries her level best to go silently so that she is not disturbing their romantic moment. Twinkle is surprised to see her behavior.
Twinkle (still in Kunj’s arms): Isse kya hua hai? Jiss Alisha ke me jaanti hun, vo to mauke dhoondti thi hume alag kerne ki… (What happened to her? As far as I know, she has always tried to separate me and Kunj and won’t miss a chance to do that…)
Next day Kunj has called Twinkle to meet up in terrace. Alisha has noticed Kunj making signs to come up. Usha calls Twinkle to help her out in kitchen, if she is not busy with anything…Twinkle couldn’t say anything and was stuck and confused.
Alisha: Aunty, If you don’t mind, I needed Twinkle for a while…Actually I was trying to buy some wedding jewellaries online…I needed her help as she knows Indian traditional jewellary trends…Is that okay?
Usha: Of course…Wedding shoppings are more important…You both carry on…I will manage this.
Alisha holds her hand immediately and takes her to the room.
Alisha: Now leave…Kunj must be waiting for you…I will close the door and aunty will think that you are with me.
Twinkle is surprised to see her nowadays behavior…
Twinkle: Are you alright? Kunj or the entire Sarna family is not here.. So you don’t have to pretend now…I very well know that you don’t like me at all..You had tried every possible way to separate me from Kunj…Now why are you behaving like this? What’s your new plan?

Alisha: I know what you are thinking and I won’t blame you…Coz I have done that much bad to you…But now I have understood that I was wrong and I shouldn’t have done this. It was my insecurity of loosing my best friend Kunj, which made me do all these things…
Twinkle: I don’t believe you…You are planning something big…
Alisha: I swear…I wanted to apologise to you..But I was afraid about your response…Trust me…Nowthat I am in a relationship, I understood your relationship and the troubles which I brought in your paradise…I am sorry…I know there is no point in regretting and you won’t be able to fogive me…I was that bad to you…
Twinkle: I forgive you…Trust me…If you have told me this 2 days back, I would have slapped you and went away…But now, I can’t…You are one of the reasons due to which me and Kunj are together…I mean it…Let’s start it fresh….
Twinkle leaves to terrace…

Kunj was waiting for her and pulls her close…
Kunj: Itna koi time lagata hain kya? Kabse wait ker reha hoon? (I was waiting for you…Why are you so late?)
Twinkle: Aunty wanted me to help her in household and somehow Alisha managed to free me from there.
Kunj: Hmm
Twinkle: You are not surprised? I think she has changed…She said sorry to me and I felt it was genuine..
Kunj: I know…She has changed…I think you should forgive her.
Twinkle: Hmmm…
Kunj: Aisa kyu leg reha hain ki koi aajkal kuch zyada hi taiyaar ho reha hain? (I feel like someone is getting more and more beautiful nowadays…)
Twinkle: Nahin toh…
Kunj: Na jaane kyu do din se tum kuch zyada hi pyaari leg rehi ho…Bus pyaar aa reha hain tumpe…
(I feel like from past two days you are looking more beautiful and elegant…I feel like showering love on you…)

Twinkle (blushes): Nazar nazar ki baat hain… (It is just the matter of perception…)
Twinkle tries to leave from there…Kunj holds her hand and stops her…He hugs her from behind…He brings his lips close to her ear and whispers…. “I love you”
Twinkle has a cute and shy smile on her face… Kunj rubs his lips down and reaches her neck.. She closes her eyes…He turns her around and gives a gentle kiss on her forehead with all the warmth and love he has for her…He steps back then…Twinkle opens her eyes and is happy that he stopped there…They both knew that she wouldn’t have resisted him from going further…But he chose to be in his limits.
Kunj: Bus ab sab tikh ho reha hain..Hamesha aise hi khush reha kero… (Everything is going to be perfect now…Always be happy like this…)
Twinkle: Kash aisa hi ho…Bus sapne dekhne se darr lagta hain..Abhi tak amma aur achan humare bare me kya sochtey hai ye pata nahi hain..(I hope so…But I am afraid to dream of anything…I don’t know what will be Amma Achan’s response on our marriage…)
Amma – Twinkle’s mother
Achan- Twinkle’s father (That’s how mallu’s call their parents..)
Kunj: Kuch nahi hoga…Muje pakka pata hain ki vo haan karenge…Unki beti ne unke respect ke liye yahaan aake mummy papa se ladai keri aur unse mafi bhi mangvayi…Aur aisi beti ko vo kabhi mana nahi ker paayenge…( Don’t be..I am sure they will say yes…You are the one who came all the way from Mumbai to Amritsar to regain their respect..You fought with everyone for your parent’s respect…They will never do something which will shatter their daughter’s dream…)
Twinkle: Muje pata hain ki unhone Uncle ko maaf ker diya hain uss baat ke liye… Per kuch hope mat rekho…Yaad hain, Manohar uncle ke bare me bhi tum itney hi confident the ki, vo tume samjenge aur shadi ka proposal leke aayenge…Phir kya hua? (I hope so…I know they have forgiven Uncle for whatever happened… You had the same opinion about Manohar Uncle that he would be the first one to understand your feelings and come with the marriage proposal…And what happend..He was against us…)
Kunj: Iss baar me yeh baat aise hi nahi keh reha hun…Tumhare parents ready hain hamari shadi ko, aur maine unhe mana liya hai…Mummy papa se bhi unki roz baat hoti rehti hain… Bus intezaar tha, toh sirf tumhare haan kerne ka…
(Now this time I am not guessing it…I have talked to your parents and have convinced them. Mummy Papa talks to them on a daily basis and they all are happy and ready for our marriage…Everyone was just waiting for you to change your decision…)
Twinkle: Ye sab tumne kab kiya? Aur tume kaise pata ki me man hi jaati… (When did you do all this? You already knew that I will change my decision..How come?)
Kunj: If you really wanted to leave the job and go from here, you could have left the next day itself. But you chose to leave after a week which itself meant that you wanted me to convince you…Of course, your ego won’t probably admit it now also…But I know…
Twinkle has a smile on her face…

Kunj: Ab bolo…Iss do dhari talwaar ko chalana muje aata hain ki nahi? (Now you tell me…Don’t you think I am the perfect one to handle this two sharp edged sword..)
Few days later
Kunj has informed Usha and Manohar that Twinkle has changed her mind and wants to be with Kunj. They are very happy and the happiest is Manohar as he considered himself to be the reason for their break up… Everyone is at the dinner table and the discussion topic is Twinj marriage… Manohar is very much excited to meet Twinkle’s parents and decide the wedding date. Usha and Manohar want the marriage to happen as soon as possible.

Yuvi: Rishtey ki baat kerne ke liye jab bhi jaana hain, chale jaana…Per shadi ek mahine ke baad hi rekhna…
(Please make sure that the marriage is after one month.)
Everyone desires the marriage to happen soon and is stunned to hear such a response from Yuvi.
Manohar: Ab tuje kya masla hain? Sab kuch toh tikh ho gaya hain? (What is the issue now? Everything is sorted..Right?)
Yuvi (scratching his head): Vo kya hain na…Vo maine…Inke chalte apna project adhura chodke aaya hun…
Manohar gets up from the table and is very angry…He is about to say something and Kunj is trying to calm him down.
Yuvi: Dadna mat…Papa…Maine sab setting ker rekhi hain college management se…Chicken pox ka medical certificate bana ke jaana hain…Tabhi ek aur attempt kerne denge…Aur uske turanth baad final exams hain…To vo bhi khatam kerne ke baad ache se enjoy kerenge…
(Please try to understand…I have fixed everything back…I will provide the management a medical certificate and they will give me another chance for the project…Soon after that my final exams are starting…It would be great if the marriage happens after that so that I can enjoy it to the fullest…)
Manohar is relaxed to hear that his entire year will not get wasted. Usha has also forgiven him.

Kunj and Yuvi heads back to Mumbai…Alisha got married to Sachin and is happy…After 2 months, Kunj and Twinkle got married and are happy that they could convince both the family and their blessings are with them.

Hi Friends,
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Jisha 🙂

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