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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 69

Hi Friends,
Sorry I have not posted ff for last two days..Thodi zyada busy ho gayi thi… Will try to post it regularly or at least on alternate days from now onwards…And yes, I couldn’t comment on ffs too…But I have read them.
Most of my readers have asked me whether it is my story in personal chats… I am happy that you all feel this story to be real. But this is not my story. I got the thread of the story from a gossip of a celebrity’s love story… So thought of sharing how this story came to my mind.
I am not sure whether this is a gossip or a true story. It is about Dilipkumar sahab and Madhubala ji. I have heard in news that they had a solid relationship and were engaged too. Later some legal issues aroused in which Dilipkumar sahib had to go against her father. She wanted him to apologize to her father. He denied doing that. She chose her family over him. Both were right at their own positions. Both of them kept their ego ahead than love. Thus it ended tragically.
I heard it in news or fb. I thought what if this happens with our generation and how they will react. So that was the basic idea of story. Twinkle’s parent getting insulted and how Twinj handles their ego and love. Rest everything is my imagination…But I promise this story ends at a happy note… 

Kunj and Twinkle are at Rocky’s farm house.
Kunj: Vaise baat toh Yuvi ne sahi keri…Sochne wali baat hai… (I think he has a point. We need to think about it.)
Twinkle: Ek baar to jeetna banta hai uss se… Per ye kerna… ( I also want to give her a tight slap at least once. But doing this is like…)
Twinkle is thinking.

After sometime..
Twinkle: Vaise…Me 2 aur hafton ke liye Amritsar me reh sakti hun…Abhi tak maine office me inform nahi kiya hai ki me iss hafte jaa rehi hun…
(I think I can stay back for 2 more weeks as I have not yet informed the office that I am thinking of leaving job this week.)
Kunj has a smile on his face as he already knew that Twinkle is not gonna leave Amritsar. He hides it from Twinkle.
Kunj thinks. “Muje pata hai meri do dhari talwaar… Tum muje chod ke kahi nahi ja paogi…” (I know my love… You can’t leave me like that…)
Twinkle: Oo..Hello…Kahan khoye ho?
Kunj: Nothing.
Twinkle: I think Yuvi is right. I am ready to stay back and be nice to you..Just for 2 more weeks. What about you?
Kunj: You are right. We should do this.
Kunj has a smile on his face as his plan has worked. This time he couldn’t hide it from Twinkle although he tried to.
Twinkle: Ye daath kyu dikha rehe ho tum? (Why are you smiling?)
Kunj: Me? Nahin toh?
Twinkle: Dekho… Zyada khush mat ho…Me sirf Alisha ki vajah se yahaan rehne ke liye taiyaar huyi hoon. (Don’t think too much. I am staying back only for Alisha.)
Kunj: Haan toh me kahan kuch keh reha hun? (I didn’t say anything?)
Twinkle: Aur in do hafton me muje line marne ki toh..try bhi na keriyo… (Don’t try to be oversmart with me in these two weeks.)
Kunj: Toh Alisha ke samne kya kerna hai? Manager or team lead ki tarah behave kerna hai kya? (Then what do you wanna show to Alisha? How strong is our Manager team lead bond?)
Twinkle: Alisha ke samne tikh hai..Per akele me ho toh chance marne ka sochna bhi mat… (That’s fine if it is to show Alisha. But don’t try your tricks on me while we are alone.)
Kunj (Keeping eyebrows raised): Wait…Yeh tum muje warn ker rehi ho ki ideas de rehi ho? (Are you warning me or giving me ideas?)
Twinkle gives him a pathetic look. Kunj makes a sign of his lips are zipped.
Yuvi came back.
Yuvi: Chalo…Tumhara decision to change hua nahi hoga…Kam se kam iss baat ki tasalli hain ki yeh ghar sahi salamat hain…Me toh soch reha tha iss baar akele chodne ke baad ghar baki hi nahi rahega…

(I am sure your decision is the same and won’t get changed. I am happy with the fact that rocky’s house is intact. I was expecting something else.)

Kunj laughs. Twinkle gives a tough look to both.
Kunj informs him that they have changed their mind. Twinkle leaves.
Yuvi: Kya yaar? Maan gaye tumko… (Salute to you sir…)
Kunj gives a witty smile.
Yuvi: Kya plan tha boss…Muje toh laga tha ki ye work out nahi hone wala…Per tum toh master nikle…Pehle kidnapping aur ab yeh… ? (Awesome plan…At first I thought it won’t work out. But you are master in this. First the kidnapping and now this..)
Kunj: Aage aage dekho hota hai kya…
Yuvi: Aur Alisha ka kya scene hai? Kuch socha hai? (What about Alisha? What’s your plan?)
Kunj: Don’t worry. I have convinced Mummy about the difficulties of a girl staying in hotel and as a friend it is her duty to help Anita Aunty. I have told her that Anita aunty will have this in her mind, but will be hesitant to ask her help. As a friend, it is her duty to offer help and let Alisha stay here.

Yuvi: Hmm
Kunj: Mummy has called her up and she has convinced her. Alisha will reach on Saturday and will be staying with us.
Yuvi: Wow… It is going smooth… Everything is in place.
Kunj: Ek problem abhi bhi hai…Mummy papa…Unko kya kahun? Acting vacting unse digest nahi hoga… Ulta laath padegi aisa kuch bolne gaya toh…
(One problem is there. What about Mummy Papa? How to make them understand? They will slap me if I tell them about this drama.)
Yuvi: Vo to hain…
Yuvi and Kunj are in thoughts for sometime.
Yuvi: Bhai, tu tension na le…Unko me mana lunga… (Don’t worry… I will get them convinced.)

Yuvi is at home and helping Usha in kitchen.
Usha: Zyada makhan na laga…Seedha mudhe pe aao…Kya chahiye? (Why are you buttering me? Tell me what you need?)
Yuvi (Scratching his head): Vo kya hai na…Twinkle aur Kunj ne decide kiya hai ki agle 2 hafte vo purani saare baatein bhul ke unke pyaar ko ek aur mauka dena chahte hain… Agar in do hafton me, Kunj Twinkle ko apna pyaar realize kera paaya toh vo rukh jayegi…Verna vaapas chali jaayegi…
(The thing is…Kunj and Twinkle have decided to give another chance to their love for 2 weeks forgetting what all happened in past. If Kunj could make her realize their love within this time, she will stay back. Or else she will leave us forever.)

Usha: Yeh toh achi baat hain…Isme me kya ker sakti hun? (Happy to hear that. What do you want me to do on this?)
Yuvi: Nothing much. Don’t mention anything of past in front of her or anyone. And treat her like as you did earlier.
Usha: Tikh hai…Itni si baat ke liye tum kitchen me muje help kerne aaya…Ye to me aise hi ker deti…
(Fine.I will do it. But I feel like there is something else. )
Yuvi: Aap toh man jaoge…Per vo Hitler hain na…Unhe zara mana lena please…Kuch gadbad na kerde…
(I know you will…I want you to convince our Hitler. Please take care of him…)
Usha: Unka tension mat le…Me mana lungi… (Don’t worry. I will convince him.)
Yuvi: You are the best…
Usha: Aur haan…Unhe…
Yuvi: Hitler na bulana…Yehi na…
Both of them start laughing…

Precap: Alisha is back

Jisha ?

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