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Tasha-E-Ishq (twinj ff) – no one is perfect but we make each other perfect (Chapter 3)

Intro and Chapter 1

Chapter 2

hey guys i hope the links above work. they are the links to the previous episodes.
Twinj are sitting in the care quietly
Twinkle in her mind= OMG he is so boring , if he cant talk he can play the music . she decides to break the silence.
T= can I play the music please

K= yeah sure
She switches on the music system and the song dramaqueen from hasi toh pasi is playing in the blackground.
Kunj chuckles
T= what happened?
K= this song totally suits you he said and continues to laugh
T= shut up
K= im saying the truth

T= yeah whatever
K= anyway forget all this and tell me how life has been after graduation
T= it has been well thanks to babaji , I have been helping mum in her business…. You tell me how had London been?
K= London has been good … thankfully our business has been going good. Now I can settle here for a couple of years…. I missed everyone a lot.
T= we missed you to she said and smiled
He smiled back at her
K= so how come you stopped modelling ?

T= my only dream was to become miss Amritsar and successfully I became it…. Modelling was something I enjoyed doing but it gets worse the more famouseyou get and I don’t want to cross the limits and spoil my mothers upbringing
K= so where do you want to go an eat ?
T= our favorite masala bites outside near college
K= ok
They have some normal conversations and reach the restaurant
K= can we have 2 masala chips and cola
T= you still remember
K= ofcourse I do

Their food arrives and they enjoy it
T= so kunj did you make any girlfriends in London
K= no not really, there was this girl Alisha but I heard that she always wanted guys money , luckily cherry bhaiya told me
T= that’s good
The drive back home
K= thanks for coming with me and helping complete my dare
T= it was my pleasure
K= thank you babaji twinkle never created any siyappas today
T= shut up saru sarna …. You can never be sweet
K= yeah yeah whatever
The day ends with there nok jok

Precap = bebe entry

Kunj = siddarh gupta
Guys I hope you enjoyed it
Guys if the ff is boring please let me know I will not continue. I am only saying it as I am not getting a lot of comments
Take care

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