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Take on Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi

Eight minutes of roller coaster ride for Dev and for us. His conversation with his maa is by far one the best scenes that I’ve watched in the Indian Television. The expressions on par with the dialogues, sometimes, conveying way more than those mere words. Each one hitting us square in the chest. Each one showing us a man in love talking about that love to the woman who matters the most in the world to him – his mother.
Impatience – when maami refuses to leave.
Determination – the moment maami leaves the room. He was there to confess and confess he would!
Guilt – A son intent on getting everything out and redeem himself. Maine tujhse chupaaya maa! Nahi hoon mein tera achcha beta.
Resolute – Fear had been eating away his insides but overriding that fear was his resolution to say that one sentence that for all intents and purposes would determine the course of the rest of his life – Sonakshi aur mein ek dusre se pyaar karte hain.

Terror – At his maa’s continued silence. He can’t read her. He is scared to contemplate what that silent stare could mean. Maa bolna kuch.
Realisation – That he can’t separate himself and what he thinks as his from his mother. That mother is a part of his life. He has to share everything with her – sukh-dukh akele ka nahi hota. Maa se baantna padta hain.
Pain – He has unintentionally hurt his maa. Caused her so much pain that she was shattered on the inside. His heartfelt apology – maaf karde mujhe maa.
Despair – He didn’t share. He has let his mother down and there wasn’t a goddamn thing he could do about it when his mother said in that quiet voice – jab bhi tere zindagi mein pyaar aayega toh sabse pehle mujhe batayega.

Hope – Oh God, there had been so much hope on his face and in his voice as he slowly let go of the fear. Toh tujhe Sonakshi pasand hain! – part statement, part question.
Relief – He has unburdened himself and his mom gave him her blessing. Like the relief of a guy tethering on the edge of a precipice and pulled away to safety at the last second when he heard his mom – meri khushi teri khushi se alag nahi hain
Joy – I wanted to ruffle his hair and hug him as he laughed and said ab stupid feel karta hoon.
Guy in love – Dev Dixit talking about his lady love. The one who stole his heart and made it hers. A glimpse of what captivated him, makes him a different person in the presence of his Sonakshi. So natural, the way he explained – uske saath hastha hoon, sharaarathein kartha hoon, ladtha hoon. Phirse bachcha banjaata hoon.

He felt so many things in the span of those eight minutes. Is it any wonder that he didn’t realize his maa wasn’t feeling any of those things? That her words were not matching with what her eyes were refusing to divulge? In his own words, Shaayad woh sirf apne baare mein soch raha tha. And who would blame him?!
Last night had been all about parent – offspring equation. Sona with her baba and Dev with his maa.

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