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Swasan: Was It All Her Fault? (Few Shots ~ Introduction)

Swasan: Was It All Her Fault? (Few Shots)

Hello! So, Ria’s back with this series of a few shots. It’s a very short story of a few parts (not yet decided) and considerably a serious one along with a bit of romance. Anyways, that would be decided later. I just have the plot in mind but, I’ve not yet decided the exact details.

Swara Bose: An unmarried, independent and confident girl who loves to enjoy her life but, things turn out to be different when life plays a game with her. The once independent and confident girl changes into a dependent and nervous girl. What makes her so?

Sanskaar Maheshwari: The successful businessman settled in Kolkata with a caring, fun to be around and a very supportive personality.

Ragini Maheshwari: Sanskaar Maheshwari’s younger sister and a famous journalist.

The rest of the characters will be introduced layer as (if) the story continues.

The story starts with Ragini bringing Swara to Maheshwari mansion wherein Swara hesitantly shares her worries which upsets the Maheshwari siblings. The Maheshwari siblings provide shelter to Swara and together try to sort out her problem making her gain her lost confidence and independence. How does the trio sort out the problem? What is the problem? Will the Maheshwari siblings be able to bring the old Swara back?
Okay, so how was this? I don’t have any clue of how was it but, I hope you all will help me. This series will be in Sanskaar’s voice and if needed, Swara’s voice will be introduced.

If you all like the prologue I’ll try coming back with the first part soon. Also, anyone waiting for my fan fiction – Swasan FF: Would You Love Me The Same? it’d be uploaded soon.

Anyways, do drop down your views below. Criticism is whole-heartedly welcome but, no ill comments.

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