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Swasan trust me episode 2

Thank you thank you for liking my story……so lets start….

They were shocked seeing eachother swara was totally numb she didnt knew what to do but she Broke the silence…

Sw: (shocked) LAKSH (yeah guys He is none other then laksh)

Laksh looked towards swara and had Tears in his eyes remembring something but the He looked towards the man who was trying to Kiss swara…… He was hell angry..He held the color of the man and drag him to Hall were everyone was….Swara came back to her sens and Run after laksh……..

Laksh was still dragging the man when They reached Hall He throw him on the floor before He could Fall someone else hold him

Op: with concern are you fine

Man: yeah thanks Arjun

The man looked at laksh with anger his eyes were now Red duet to anger……

Swara reached in Hall she looked at laksh then at the man before she could speak she noticed maheshwari and gododia family there she was shocked Tears start fowlling from her eyes….

The maheshwari & gododia family looked at her They were numb shocked and They had guilt in there eyes…..but the silence were now Broke by someone and They all were came back to there Sense…..

Bheiiiiii someone scremed Everyone turned and looked towards the Person she was uttra..uttra ran to the man and hugged him while crying bhei where were you han ? SANSKAR bhei  ( the man is none other then our handsome hero SANSKAR )

Sanutt were hugging eachother but laksh forcefully break their hug…sankar looked at him He was hell angry with him…

San: what the hell is your problem laksh

Lak: oh just Shut up if you cant Respect other woman then how can you Respect your Sister han

San: laksh

Lak: dont rise your voice infront of me did you… ( intrupedt by dp )

Dp: laksh what are you doing

Lak: looked at dp Papa you dont know what He was doing papa i thought he would change himself but no he is still the same chi papa i cant explain what He was doing…..

Dp: what was he doing laksh

Lak: he was forcing him self on SWARA..

Everyone was looking at swara now and some people were shocked…. sharmishta and ap with teary eyes went towards swara they try to Touch her but she moved back….

Maheshwari and gododia family was looking at sanskar with anger were purvi and Arjun looking shocked they tried to explain them something but They didnt heard……Sankar was numb After hearing those Words from laksh… Shekhar went towards sanskar to slap him but was stopped by someone

Shek: how dare you to Touch my dougther (about to slap him )

Someone shouted from behind DONT YOU DARE TO RISE YOUR HAND ON MY HUSBAND MR SHEKHAR GODODIA maheshwari and gododia family looked towards the Person and were shocked to see is swara

Shek: swara

Lak: husband

Sw: yeah right MR LAKSH MAHESHWARI he is my HUSBAND and how dare you to insult my HUSBAND (Laksh and the family member are shocked hearing from swara…
Swara was looking at laksh with anger and went towards sanskar held his hand…..) And what did you said HE WAS FORCING HIMSELF ON ME but let me tell you He dont need to force me because I am already HIS…… HE CAN DO WHAT EVER HE WANT DO WITH ME do you get that

Laksh and everyone shocked by hearing swara Statement 

Lak: swara what are you saying you dont know him He is..(intrupedt by swara )

Sw: excuseme mr laksh maheshwari I know my husband very well and for that I dont need any cerfication from someone like you who didnt even trusted his FIANCE

Lak: swara I am sorry I know I should have trusted you but the Situation was not good that time but I love you swara

Sw: while loughing hahahah laksh what did you said you love me hahahahah nice Joke but let me tell you I LOVE MY HUSBAND VERY MUCH ( she looked towards sanskar with teary eyes and she knew He is very hurted she thight the Grip on his Hand He looked at her very hurted) And He is everything to me my FAMILY my LIFE colour of my life and thank you mr laksh maheshwari that you didnt trusted me and bec.. of you I got HIM

San: with Broken voice Swara

Sw: smiling JAAN lets go to OUR home

Sanskar nodded his head in yes….swasan left the Party they were broken hurted now They both were remembring their past….

The maheshwari and gododia family were still shocked hearing that swasan are married….

Recap: swasan romance…..

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