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Swasan ss current track episode 2 my LOVE it HURTS

Sooo guys I found a name for my this ss on swasan current track…my love it hurts..really guys it hurts seeing swasan like this…

But I am loving this sooo much ahhh did you guys saw sanky New look ufff…this man will kill meee with his one look yaar how can be someone sooo cute devil handsome hot…♨♨♨♨♨♨I am feeling to much hot seeing his New look ok ok that enough for today….

Soo lets start guyss….

Epi 1

Swasan ss on current track epi 1

Sanskar was sleeping Holding ss locket in his hand thigtly..his sleep Got disturb by sunray he rubbed his eyes lightly..he Got up from Couch went to washroom for getting ready…today he have to get laksh back with hoon or crook he cant take anymore he cant be like this anymore he dont wana be the reason for raglak sepration….

After getting sanskar went out without infroming someone…Sanskar went to meet his dective..

Dect: Hallo Sir

San: Hallo did you find

Dect: yes Sir I found his car
(Guys just imagine today scene)

San: hmmm lets go

Saying this both went towards car Workshop there he meet the owner from car Workshop

Ow: how can I help you

Dect: he is mr sanskar maheshwari I told you na he is coming

Ow: oh yes soo you wana meet your brother

San: hmmm

Ow: Come

Before going sanskar told the dective to go and he will get his payment…..

Sanskar and owner went inside the Shop…Sanskar was looking here there and suddenly he saw his brother laksh Working as Mechaniker he repaing the car his cloths were full dirty sanskar got teary seeing his brother in that state but somewhere he is still angry on him how can He belive adarsh n Pari he didnt trusted him…leaving all the thought he start walking towards hum but in his mind was only one thing  he dont wana be the reason behind raglak sepration..

Sanskar taped on laksh shoulder…Laksh turned to him was shocked seeing his brother he was still feeling guilty for not trusting n using Bad words for him and for doing his death ritual…he couldnt look into his eyes and were looking down sanskar without saying anything hugged him laksh was shocked by his behaviour but still hugged him…After few mins sanskar Broke the hug and took laksh hand and he was fowlling him like Child and didnt say anything sanskar made him sit in the car and start driving without looking at him…but laksh was looking at him with teary eyes and the guilt were still visibele in his eyes…

Sanskar stop the car near a lake went and went towards lake…Laksh was seeing him while sitting in then but seeing him walking he also came out of car and Walk towards him…
Sanskar sat on Bench and was looking towards lake laksh also sar beside him they were silients for 5 mins but soon was broken by laksh

Lak: bhei I am sorry

San: (smile sadly) laksh your sorry cant bring my 6 months back so dont be sorry…

Lak: bhei I know I did wrong for not trusting you I am sorry plzzzz maaf kardo (saying this he sat infront of sanskar on his knees) bhei maaf kardo

San: (still not looking at him) why did you left…

Lak: (looking down) bhei bec..of my guilt I couldnt look into your eyes I was ashemed of myself  how I couldnt trusted n how I could do your death ritual I am sorry bheiiiiii I am sorry ????????mujhe maaf kardo plzzzz forgive your lucky plzzzz

San: who I am laksh to forgive you han even I did wrong na…

Lak: no bhei you didnt Do anything wrong it was me I taunted.

San: no laksh I am sorry I couldnt be a good brother for you I should had try to make you understand

Lak: bhei did you forgave me

San: laksh chalo everyone is waiting for you ragini will be happy

Hearing raguni name laksh felt bad how could he leave her alone without infroming her…and that sanskar ignored his question…
Both sat in the car sanskar start driving to mm when They reached sanskar hold laksh hand and start walking towards door…but stop infront the door and without laksh inside…Laksh looked at him in confuse He was about to enter but stoped by sanskar…

San: wait (saying this start Calling everyone) badi ma bade papa mom dad uttra

Hearing sanskar Calling everyone came towards him

Ap: sanskar beta what happend

San: Ma see there (pointing towards gate)

Everyone got teary seeing laksh back uttra brought thali from Temple and gave to ap,ap did laksh arti and made him Enter in the house….Everyone hugged laksh and cryied and question him why he left And He told them because of his guilt whatever he did sanskar and ask sujata for forgivness to Bad mouthing on her upbring…Everyone forgave him but sanskar was left he didnt forgave him…

San: laksh get ready

Everyone looked at sanskar in confuse way…

Lak: why

San: we have to go bari dont you wana meet ragini she is leaving from 6 months there she will only come back when you will bring her back

Hearing this everyone got happy laksh Run to his to get ready and to meet his love on other side the family member were happy that their both dil will come back…and They all left for bari…

At bari

Swaragini were dancing on their friends wedding happily… (guys just imagine the wedding venue when swaragini will dance toghter ) at that Moment maheshwari family arrived…seeing them swaragini stoped dancing Shekhar sharmishta went towards them greet them…
They all went inside the house swaragini were looking at them…

Ap went towards ragini hugged her and kissed her forehaed…

Rag : Ma

Ap: raguni he came sanskar brought him back…

Hearing this that He came swaragini were shocked and happy ragini happyness has no bound even swara was happy seeing her sister  happy ragini start looking here there

Rag: laksh g laksh g (then she saw him coming with sanskar she Run to laksh and hugged him thigtly n start crying?????) laksh g aap agay you came

Lak: shhhh ragini I am back And i am sorry

Rag: no no laksh g plzzz dont be sorry promise you want leave me now (Broke the hug foward her hand) promise me

Lak: (took ragini hand ) I promise

Everyone was happy seeing that everything good now back to normal..seeing sanskar swara was happy she was seeing after 6 months even sanskar was feeling good seeing her….but soon the Reality Hit hin and  everyone hearing sanskar….

San: soo ragini I fulfilled my promise your laksh is back and now I hope I am Not the reason behind your seprating from laksh (he said looking towards swara with angerness)

Rag : sanskar (but intrupedt by sujata)

Suj: Jiji everything is normal our both dil will be back I am soo happy

Hearing this swaragini were happy but swara happyness faded away by sanskar

San: correction mom not both dil only one dil ragini will be back…(he looked at swara..)

Hearing sanskar everyone was shocked Tears start fowlling down from swara eyes seeing his angerness or you can say his hatred…

Suj: what are you saying sanskar

San: maybe you all forgott what 6 months before happend but I cant

Suj: san (intrupedt by sanskar )

San: no mom (walked towards swara looked at her with anger) soo Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari you are a very good wedding Planer na han ? (She didnt said anything just tears were fowlling down and was looking at him) plzz dont cry and yeah for whom are you crying ohhhh sorry sorry how can I forget this is happiness tear na you are happy for your sweet sis na you must be happy but dont worry (whiped her tear with his thumb) I will turn your happiness tear in your pain tear you will cry everyday everynight for me and i will make sure..(he turned to go but stoped and said something which made everyone shock) and yeah I heard from everyone you are great wedding Planer soo I was thinking to giving you contract for my WEDDING with my LOVE (he looked at her) atleast this can you do for me na

Saying this he left making everyone is shocked hearing this…Swara couldnt react her love is getting married to his love was her love not so strong fit him…..she stood there like a statue….

Epi ends……

Precap: swara breakdown swara regreting for suporting ragini…

Ufff soo guys what do you think about this epi….

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