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“Music…. Will help to dissolve your perplexities and purify your character & sensibilities; and in time of care and sorrow, will keep a fountain of joy alive in you,” well! This is what he has thought about music & its delightful side effects. With a big round of applause, I am your host Ayesha, welcoming you all to the most anticipated musical felicitation ceremony of the year.

“No, it’s not me.. It was her who codified that thought about music,” he thinks this sitting on the first row of VIP line. His heavy mind turns a blind eye towards the volumes of speeches of the host in his praise. He is stuck in her tracks but inside he feels lonely, he feels empty…
Something is not right.. Something is incomplete.. He can only recall the sensation of her pair of eyes, when he was parting away from her. Ya, feeling! Sensation! These are the things he can do as he is no longer able to view the beautiful creation of God anymore. Deep with pain & emotions, he can’t decipher, still is glittering with hope to rejoice her return on someday.

It has been said,”Time heals all wounds…” Really?? He objects! The wounds remain. In time, the mind protecting its sanity covers them with scar tissue & the pain lessens. But it is never gone. So, he is still feeling the audacious pain. Prior to five years, he didn’t even desire her footsteps in his musical academy but now he is craving to hear her voice. True! Time changes everything.

As he has vividly remembered in his memories the adorable footsteps of his woman heading towards him in his musical academy prior to 5 years. But hold on! That time neither she was his woman nor her footsteps were adorable. Her irritating footsteps were provoking him to yell at her. But as if she cared about the disturbances. That was the time, his impression for her was conferred, bad! Very bad!

“The person who doesn’t know the value of time & a late comer can never comprehend the essence of music & can neither get an admission in this academy.”, he yelled.. As usual, like any other girl, she gave him thousands of reasons for her late. But as if he was interested to listen! To cut short her, he came directly to the point & asked her introduction.

Because according to him,’ The attitudes & personal values create outcomes rather than talent. As talent can erode but with positive attitude it can be earned again.’ Breaking his thoughts, she blabbered,”I am Swara Gadodia. But mother calls me Naina as I am apple of her eye. I am fun loving. I want….”

“Shut up!!”, he enraged…
“How dare you mock on me! I give you a chance but you try to denounce me by saying your name as ‘NAINA’. Listen Miss Gadodia, I may be a blind man & don’t have eye/naina, but I am a good musician & your attitude shows that you lack the behaviour of being a good human even.” He shouted & left the music class in the middle of the hour.

However, on the same day at night, he felt stressful as no matter what he mustn’t need to shout a girl. But he had his own causes! Till today, he had met numerous girls but sorry to say! All were opportunistic. He was rich but had lost eyesight. Girls were ready to roam with him & spend his earnings but they didn’t wish to settle with him permanently.

His marriage proposal was rejected by the girl’s family as soon as they came to know about his blindness. In short! He hated girls and rejected any type of relationship with them. He searched his rear pocket & tried to symbolise the photograph. He endeavored to communicate with the photograph.

“Dad! The day you have departed me due to fatal road accident, I have deprived of two precious things in my life. One is certainly you & the other is my eyesight. In return I can only inherit the musical talent like you. But there is none to guide me when I have lost the track. I can’t show my helplessness to mom else she will feel immense pain. After your departure, I don’t want to give her distress as she is staying in solitude & my anguish can reap her heart. Though she is faking her strength but from inside she is broken.” He placed the photograph close to his heart and cried heart out.

After silence, that which came nearest to expressing the inexpressible was music; this was what his dad uttered to him many times. He grasped his guitar, which was gifted by his father & it was his father’s last token of souvenir which only belonged to him. He initiated playing the strings of guitar rhythmically to complete the decade old tune composed by his father.

After many repeated attempts also he failed to catch the correct note & this made him guilty as he couldn’t carry out his father’s last wish, to accomplish this tune. Like he was incomplete, the tune remained incomplete as well. Due to continuous sobbing, he felt dizzy & slept on bed.

‘Defeat isn’t the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”, this was what one of his mottos. So, early morning he came to the academy to recreate the unfinished tune. He was trying & concentrating on the beats of guitar, when he sensed her presence due to the aroma of her body.

He was amused as yet she didn’t produce any noise of her footsteps like yesterday. Still he was astonished at her presence & interrogated rudely,”Miss Gadodia! What has made you to come this early to the academy?” Like a sparky girl, she replied,”The same question can be reverted to you, Mr…” “Oh hello! This is my academy. I can come & go anytime as per my preference & ya! Watch your tongue.. I am not Mr… Call me SIR..”, he said in fury.

“Sir! Why will I call you sir when you haven’t allowed me to get admitted in your academy? By the way how can you feel my presence in the lack of any noise?”, she replied back.

“Due to your body odour, idiot & mould your conduct to be admitted in this academy.”, he yelled. “Idiot.. Huh! You are one of them as you have rejected my candidature even before knowing me properly & what do you think; you have talked decently with me yesterday? As you sow, so shall you reap.. Simple!”, she said without losing her cool.

“If you want to prove your talent, then sing & later I will think about your admission”, he tried to control his anger to exhibit in right time. She sang offbeat while beating the table. Suddenly, the table fan was switched on & the papers in which the unfinished tunes were codified in braille script flew in the direction of winds.

“Sorry! I don’t mean to switch on the fan! I don’t know how have I committed this mistake! I will collect the papers..”, she pouted.
“Idiot! First switch off the fan! Else it will be hectic to collect them. Why can’t you perform anything properly? These papers are really important to me. If a single sheet will be lost then I can’t complete the tune.. Leave! To whom am I saying these stuffs?? I will collect.. You leave the room immediately..”, he recited violently.

Stubborn girl! Still present in the room as he could smell her perfume. Sometimes her frizzy, unruly curls were touching his face, while collecting the papers. After compiling them, she again started her nonsense,”What is written in the paper? Is it some tune? Can I help you in completing them? Actually I am fond of music from childhood, so may be I can help…”

“Cut the crap Miss Gadodia! You have sung like melancholy has overpowered this room. No beat! No rhythm! Nothing…! Now get out of this academy as you are rejected due to your bad performance…”, he sounded frustrating.

Even before he could vent out more displeasure, she said in a stunt voice,”If I am aware everything about music, then why will I prefer to learn? Please help me to improve my music..” But he gave least interest to her saying & tried to search her hands to drag her out of the academy.

While waving his hands, her hands collided with him. He gripped her hand firmly & asked her to get out as soon as possible & yelled,”You aren’t destined to learn music. Over the top! Your delicate fingers are so soft to play the strings of guitar! So, leave this dream & get out…”

“Has anyone put light on your thinking that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything & ya! Dreams are made to cherish, not to forget! My music will give life to my voice & inspire me through out my life.. By the way playing guitar without eyesight is a herculean task, I suppose.”, she said to put her point…

“You can’t talk to me like that, Miss Gadodia!”, he shouted….
“Don’t raise your tone! As you sow, so shall you reap…”, she said in satire. However, this time he wasn’t provoked. He liked her never giving up attitude like him. After all these squabbling, he admitted her in his academy & agreed to teach her music. Before going out of the room, she called him ‘SIR’ & he smiled after listening to this very word.

She started learning music from him. Days passed! Months passed! Both were familiar with each other’s company. His understanding about her was modifying. Certainly! At times first impression wasn’t the last impression.

One of such days, he was trying to complete the unfinished tune which she heard by chance. She came near him & started playing his tune on her guitar but alas! She faltered. He moved very close to her, put his hand on her to fret the strings of guitar on proper node.

After passage of months, his views regarding girls had also altered to some extent. Her proximity was affecting him. He couldn’t concentrate on the tunes. His sudden urge aroused to hug her tightly. So, before any unfortunate happenings could occur, he parted away from her & left the room.
From that day onwards, he tried to avoid her. He desired to spend time with her but at the same time feared to be rejected again.
However some people were destined to be.. It just took them a couple of tries to get there. Honestly the more he avoided her, the more he pulled towards her like a magnet. Her simplicity was her elegance & her truth was her appearance.

The more he desired to forget her thinking, the more he reminisced about her. So, to avoid all these confusions & hideouts, he met her in cafeteria to have a heart to heart discussion. When both of them were ordering beverages, the waiter pled him to sing a song with guitar. He politely refused by citing unavailability of guitar.

The waiter arranged a guitar & again pled. Still he refused. Some spoiled brats mocked on him & doubted his skills. Suddenly to his amazement, she grasped the guitar & played his unfinished tune erroneously. He couldn’t take it more & asked her to stop this nonsense & to stop copying other’s tunes incorrectly.

She challenged him,”Why don’t you sing then?”
“I hate fake show off by playing guitar in cafeteria.”, he blasted.
“Change your perception & inspire the crowd with your music. In the crowd, many must have given up singing due to lack of motivation. Your one song can boost their morale. Singing in cafeteria isn’t showing off at all but a reason to give smile on thousands of faces..”, she said in a convincing tone…
For the first time in life, he tried to look at life from her point of view & sang by matching the guitar’s rhythm. All applauded him after completion of the song & those who mocked on him, apologized him. That day he understood,’Actions speak louder than words.. & all thanks to her only!’ She congratulated him by shaking hands.

Both talked about their likeness, family matters & some childhood unforgettable incidents. In this process only, he came to know about her parent’s death. She was an orphan & raised in an orphanage. She called the caretaker as her mother to diminish the pain of her parental loss. He felt sorry for his harsh behaviour towards her on the very first day of their meeting.

After all these discussions in cafeteria, both decided to go to their destinations by walking & thereby they could spend more time with each other. While returning, silence engulfed them. Breaking the aura of quietness, he said softly,”I wish, I can see you once in life…” She reciprocated,” I have heard that those who have lost their eye sights, can sense and feel someone’s presence. Do you want the same?”

He nodded & touched her cheeks gently. While waving hand on her face, he uttered,” Your attractive lips speak words of kindness & your lovely eyes seek out the good in people. Remember if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find mine at the end of your arm to hold you, to support you..” He suddenly took out his hands from her face to cease his overflowing emotions.. But within no time, she turned him & put her lips on him…

The sweet tender touch gradually turned to a devouring passion. She parted after sometimes & hugged him to engross in his pain. True indeed! The emotions that could break his heart from many days, were today the very one that healed it…

He felt her sobbing. So to lighter her mood, he imitated,”Still you can’t sing properly Miss Gadodia…” & on this note, both shared a heartily laugh… In the mean time, both reached near his mansion.. He wanted her to introduce to his mother but his mother came outside in the nick of time & suggested her to leave without giving her a chance for formal introduction. She greeted his mother & left the place.

In the next morning itself, his mother alerted him to stay away from her. According to her, due to his richness only, she was after him. He tried to convince his mother about her sanity but his mother was adamant in her own version. After a heated argument, his mother gave him an ultimatum to choose between Miss Gadodia & her. He tried to persuade his mother but in vain! He had to take a final decision…..

He feels a patting on his shoulder and his memories of past years are broken down. “It’s your turn…”, he can hear his mother’s tone. He tries to focus his attention towards the felicitation ceremony & within minutes, he hears the host calling his name..

“He is the musical sensation of this year & has broken all the previous records. He is an inspiration to millions of youth. With a huge round of applause, may I invite Mr.SANSKAR MAHESWARI to come on stage & receive the honour..”, he can hear the praise of his name.
He comes to the stage with the help of the support stick, receives the honour & says a precise speech,”Thank you! Finally I am able to accomplish my dad’s wish. But I wish! I could receive this award on her presence who has inspired me…” His voice has choked & he has left the stage at once, while leaving the audience flabbergast.
He orders the driver to take him to the same cafeteria & orders the same beverage, he has drunk on that day with her. Some people ask his autograph & selfie.. He fulfils their wishes. All these outcomes have remembered him more about her.

“You are wrong mom! She was never after my money…”, he consoles himself & thinks about her childish innocence.

He had taken the correct decision on that day. He left everything for her. With much difficulty, he hired a cab & reached to her orphanage. She smiled after seeing him & asked,”Has aunty come to meet me?” He nodded negatively & asked sportively,”Can you stay without me? Can you accept the only me, without any surname & status?”
He sensed her tear drops & got her unspoken answer. He hugged her tightly & confessed his love,” I love you & will always do until I die & if there’s a life after that, I will love you then even. I have left everything & I am not going to back off…”
“What do you mean?”, she asked curiously.

He told her all the arguments happened with his mom & finally said,’I have chosen YOU.’
She was completely aghast. She took him to his mansion, greeted his mother & conveyed,”I love him aunty & I don’t want anything from him. But I can’t take him away from you for my happiness. For my love, I can’t separate a mother from his son. He is all yours, aunty…”
She held him & said,” Our conversation is lyrics, laughter is music & the time spend together is melody. Replay them over & over without getting stale & you will feel my presence near you as always! Aunty loves you. Please don’t be rude with her & ya! Try to accept newness in life by completing your dad’s last wish…” & she left after that.. He tried to stop her but she had gone.. Gone away from him……
Five long years have passed! He is still incomplete.. Suddenly, he can sense the same odour as hers! Is it possible? Is she near me? No! No! It’s an illusion. Very soon, he hears his mother’s voice,”Beta! Can you feel her presence?”

“What do you mean mom? Is she present here?”, he asks inquisitively.
“I am sorry to mistrust her. She is a gem for you. I have seen your sufferings for long five years. Still you have never acted rude to me due to her promise only. I have hired a private detective to search her & look I have found her…”, his mother says in one go…

He hears his tune & recognizes it as has been played by her due to the frets movement. “Still you can’t play guitar properly…”, he chuckles.
“You aren’t there to guide me SIR…”, she says aloud.

She hugs him tightly. Tears aren’t stopping from their eyes! But these are the rains of happiness. Parting the hug, he approaches,”Call me Sanskar, not sir!”
“Remember! As you sow, so shall you reap. Call me Swara, not Miss Gadodia…”, she giggles.
“Don’t worry! You are soon going to be Mrs. Maheswari”, he sniggers. His mother joins them for a group hug & says,”Today I have found my son in addition with a daughter!” People in cafeteria clap for them & he grasps her hand tightly to claim her as his!

The music playing in the cafeteria has changed.

“Music is my art, music is my home, music is my heart, music is YOU & ME alone…”

He smiles listening to the lyrics. Deep inside his memory lane, destiny reads,”He has taken his pain & turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to & that’s good music does! It speaks to you & changes you. For him, it’s a bonus to find his soulmate as well..”

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