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Swasan New FF : part 4

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Coming to the story…..

Maheshwari house
As soon as swara and maheshwari family entered the house……they all saw something or someone which made them hell angry…. The person or the girl was none other than Ragini…….
On the other side Ragini was happy and emotional to see her sister after 6 long years…….. In all these years she realised her mistakes and repented them but nobody forgave her especially Shekhar and Sanskar……Now she wanted to ask forgiveness from Swara thinking that she is her old Swara who will forgive her….and it took not much time to Ragini to understand that her sister is totally changed and she will never forgive her…..
Ragini: (emotionally) Swara……. I am sorry swara…..I know being your sister I have done that much wrong with you that an enemy also can’t do to his/her enemy…..Please forgive me…..
Swara: Sorry but do I know you???
Ragini: Swara I am your sister…… I know whatever I did with you is wrong but how can you say this……
Swara: Sorry Mrs.Gupta but when I don’t have any relation with your family then how can be with you……Ragini relationship is not only based on love but also on trust and about trust……Sorry to say but I can’t trust you once again neither forgive you….it’s better you get lost from here…….Saying this swara went inside house whereas Ragini also realised that she have to live her life with the guilt which she’s having since 6 years……
As Swara entered Maheshwari house she was welcomed by getting hugged by spasam on which she got angry but still had a fake smile plastered on her face remembering her conversation with Sanskar……
All were tired after enjoying some family moment together as also they had a tough time in baadi….

In swasan room
Swara: Sorry Sanskar but I shouldn’t have keep those conditions in front of you…. I am really sorry Sanskar……
Sanskar: No Swara I am sorry that whatever We all had done with you was something that one can’t imagine also…….but still you forgave us and giving love to your step sons is something unexpected but still I know that one day you will love them as your own children…..
Swara(thinking something): Hmmmm
When sanskar went to washroom to change swara went to flashback that how her life changed 6 years back…..
It’s been a week since kavsan engagement……. Swara was in her room playing guitar and thinking how her sister betrayed her……Suddenly she started feeling dizzy….She went unconscious…..after a minute or two sharmishta went up to see her daughter and found her daughter unconscious…. She was worried but when doctor came and checked her she became more worried as doctor told that she’s three weeks pregnant….and sumi didn’t want her daughter to live a lonely life which she lived in these 20 years but destiny wanted this thing only as when mm came to know about swara’s pregnancy instead of being happy they started accusing swara ….
Flashback ends
Sanskar came back and went to couch to sleep and swara slept on bed….

Precap: Flashback part……..Sanskar strange behaviour towards mm members and spasam……..Swara bonding with spasam….

Sorry guys I know it’s really a short part but what to do can’t decide till now what to write in past as it’s confusing me and moreover forgot about the ff but don’t worry next episode will be quiet longer…..

By the way tell me that I should name the grey characters after 4-5 episodes or after sometime…….

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