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Swasan New FF : part 2

Hey guys,…….Thanx for your wonderful response…….Before starting the ff I want to tell you some points:
1. Swara had not left gadodiya house just because of Kavsan engagement there is another reason behind it.
2. Swara already knows what is happening in gadodiya and maheshwari house by her sources…..
3. As I said there will be no negative character but two person will be having grey shades that to for two persons….(now think who two will having grey shades and for whom)
Now coming to the story….

Kolkata Airport
A lady is standing outside the airport with her kids having tears and determination on her face….
Lady: Emi kaira come kids…Let’s go to your dida’s house…
Kids: K mumma…..

After an hour….
Bose house
Sumi is watching T.V. when she heard a knock on the door….
Sumi(to herself): Who is this in this time???Let me see…
By saying this she opens the door and shocked to see swara….
Sumi(teary eyes): Shona…..
Swara: Maa
Sumi(hugs her tightly and crying): Shona beta where were you?????You don’t know how I had lived this 6 years without you….Didn’t you miss me…Please beta never leave me otherwise I will die…….
Swara: No Maa don’t cry…….. Now we will live together….Oh I forgot Maa meet them they are my….
Sumi(interrupting her): My grandson and granddaughter….Right
Swara: Yes Maa! (To Emika) Kids she’s your did a…
Emika: (Happily) Dida!!
Sumi: Haan mere bacha…and kissed both children forhead.. .
Come inside children….
Gadodiya house
Shekhar and parvati listen to the shouts and come to see what’s happening and shocked to see swara……
Shekhar (happily goes towards swara and hugs her) : Shona beta…. Beta please forgive me….. I know whatever happened 6 years back is neither forgivable nor forgettable but Beta I am your father Naa…Please give me one chance to rectify mistakes….Please…..
Swara : Father…..Hahaha Nice joke Mr Shekhar gadodiya but why should I forgive you,…Who am I to you???
Shekhar (blankly): Shona….
Swara (Angrily): Don’t you dare Mr Shekhar gadodiya…. Only my close ones can say me shona NOT ANY OUTSIDERS.. Just get lost from here….

Parvati: Ae chori ! We also don’t want to waste our time by talking to you or seeing a bad omen like you !!! Chal Shekhar
Shekhar: Mrs parvati… Don’t you dare to abuse my daughter.otherwise……
Inturrepted by Sumi
Sumi: Not your she’s my daughter Shekhar only mine…..You have only one daughter and that’s Ragini……..So now don’t make mine or my daughters mood off and get lost…(to swara and kids) Beta make your self comfortable I am going to make some snacks…
Saying this she goes to kitchen….

Maheshwari house
Living room
Telephone is ringing…. A lady picks it up….
Lady: Hello
Os: Hello Ayesha beta,.
Ayesha: Ji Namaste Shekhar uncle what happened??Is everything OK….
Shekhar: Haan beta Actually I have a good news..
Ayesha: Ji boliye
Shekhar: Beta Swara came back in baadi…
Ayesha (happily): Really this is best news uncle…
Shekhar: Yes beta …please inform to everyone good night beta
Ayesha: K uncle….Good night

Then ayesha informs everyone and everyone is happy to listen it……
Sanskar (in his mind) : Now swara I will never let you go anywhere I will apologise and make you mine again…..
Screen ends with everyone happy face…..

Hey guys sorry for short part but it’s 3 a.m. and I am feeling veryyyyyy sleepy so will post the next part tomorrow and as promise I will post a long part tomorrow…. But guys please don’t forget to tell me whether you like it or not…and tell me what you think who two will have grey shades and for whom (two,)

Precap: swasan meet……and love hate relationship starts….

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