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Chapter 55
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Reason for Swara’s fear revealed

If Saanvi could ever go back in time and do something different, She would make sure that she never read novels. Because then, she would never have fallen in love with a man who would never love her back.
She still remembered…..

It had been a woefully boring day and Saanvi knew that she had to get out of the house. Her father was positively aggravating her and she couldn’t stand it anymore.
Saanvi : Papa, I’m going out now. I’ll see you later.
Papa : But beta…
Saanvi : Papa please, Stop asking me to marry someone. I don’t want to, EVER.
She stormed out of the house muttering loudly.
Saanvi : Silly man. Why does every parent have only one goal in life? Get their kids married… that’s it. What nonsense.

She suddenly stopped and stared in front of her. A BOOK SHOP! Her frustration magically slipped away and she was in another world. Her Saanvi utopia.
Books were not just books to her. They were her secret fantasies, her hopes of a perfect future. She walked inside without hesitation and smelled the slightly musty, slightly magical smell of the books and grinned widely.
She strolled along the various aisles, randomly picking up, reading a bit and added the ones that looked interesting to her bag. Suddenly she stopped as she heard two women squeal.

Woman 1 (gushing) : Can you believe Laksh Maheshwari’s latest book? OH MY GOD… He is definitely the best author ever! AND he’s so….
Woman 2 (gushing as well) : I know what you mean. I swear, If I ever get to meet the guy…. Well, You’ll be looking at Mrs Talia Laksh Maheshwari. Just imagine me with that hunk!
They giggled and walked on as Saanvi looked at them amused and bewildered.
Saanvi : Who the hell is this author guy? Do they love his books or his looks? Chalo, Let’s go have a look.
She walked to the aisle where this author’s books were kept and picked one.

Saanvi : What a cliche for a title…Seriously? This author is supposed to be good?
She turned the book over to look at the back cover and sharply drew in her breath. Was this man Laksh Maheshwari? He was drop dead gorgeous and she couldn’t stop drinking in the sight of him.
Saanvi : Who is this man and why do I feel so transfixed?
She saw the shelves and chose his books, all 3 of them, immediately paid for them and went home. Her father watched her enter and was surprised.
Papa : Saanvi? What are you doing here so early? When you storm out, You go out for a long time.

Saanvi (rushing upstairs) : Papa! Sorry, can’t talk. Have books to read.
Before he could say anything else, she ran upstairs, opened the first book and was immediately transported to a magical world. She couldn’t take her eyes of the words, of the pages…. She was living the story.
When she saw the mystery solved, Her heart leaped with joy like she was the main character…When the protagonists finally got their happily ever after, she felt like she was the blissful lady there.

Saanvi put down all the three books and looked at the clock. To her amazement, it was close to 11 in the night. She had spent 6 hours ensconced in the room. She stood up, looked at the books again and realised something.
She would never be the same again.
The feeling she had got when she read these books weren’t feelings that a fan felt for the author or book. This feeling was way deeper than that.
In each and every word, she could feel the author’s thoughts and feelings. She could sense that Laksh was feeling happy at a particular scene, sad at another and energetic at a particular moment. More than the book, it was an analysis of the author.

She looked at the picture of him again. After what seemed like eternity, she kept it down and looked at herself in the mirror.
Saanvi : I haven’t met the man before, yet I can’t let go of him. He has nothing to do with me, yet his words are etched in my brain… No… in here (pointing to her heart). Why?
Papa : Maybe it’s love…
Saanvi looked around in surprise and saw her father stand at the doorway with a soft smile on his face.
Saanvi (perplexed) : Papa?

Papa (coming into the room) : Saanvi! Books are not something that’s alien to us. I have passed on my reading habit to you and so I know how you feel when you read a book. A good book is one where you understood what the characters are feeling, what they go through, what they want, what they have. But what you feel now is different. It is far more than anything you have ever felt or will ever fee, I suppose.
Saanvi : But how are you sure it is love?
Papa : I’m not. Only you can be sure of that. (rising up from the bed and walking out) It could easily not be true. It may feel weird and stupid, but love works in strange ways. Only you can be sure of it, Saanvi.
She stared at her father’s retreating form and wondered if he could be true. That night she didn’t sleep a wink.

She came down at 8 the next day and immediately sought out her father.
Saanvi (entering the dining hall) : Good morning Papa!
Papa : Someone’s cheerful.
Saanvi (picking up a slice of toast) : Papa, You should be cheerful too. After all, i am going to fulfill your dream finally.
Papa : Matlab?
Saanvi : Papa! Your beloved daughter is going to get herself married.
Saanvi (horrified) : WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S HERE?
Her friend Misha just looked at her and laughed.
Misha : Look at this girl. First she comes all the way to Darjeeling so that she can charm the youngest Maheshwari boy and now that he’s finally here, she freaks out.
Saanvi : Yes, I came here two months ago because I thought I’ll get enough courage to face him when he comes like SIX MONTHS later. But he’s here… He’s here and I don’t know what to do, Misha! I don’t know…

Misha : Sure you do. You’re ready Saanvi… You don’t need time to tell the man you love him. You just do it… That’s it.
Saanvi (taking a deep breath) : You’re right. I can’t act stupid. I will be suave, elegant and Laksh Maheshwari will just magically fall in love with me.
Misha (hesitating) : Saanvi! You know everything about the man?
Saanvi : What do you mean?

Misha : Do you know if he’s in love with someone else? if he’s married? Do you know anything about the man?
Saanvi : No! He’s not married…. I know that. As for love… (turning away ) If he loves someone else, I’ll know, And that’s all I need. Misha, I understand him. I love him…. And I want him.
Misha : Well, You don’t have to wait long now. He’s here babe, GO FOR IT!
Saanvi chuckled and gazed in the general direction of the Maheshwari Country Estate, Venus Park.
Saanvi : I changed my entire life for you. I only hope it was not all for nothing. Laksh Maheshwari, Here I come!
PRECAP : Rest of Saanvi’s story
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ROLE OF SAANVI : Sana Shiekh

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