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Swasan- Love Story in Heaven chapter 2

Here we go

Part 2

Scene starts wid twinj entering a magnificant room… jst a word came from their mouth after seeing it- HEAVEN. They thought that how someone can have such a gr8 house and room….The white cloudy floor, white walls wid beautiful decorations, a bed placed in middle and much more..( sry guys i am very bad in describing these sort of things..u can imagine anything u want)…
Poor ppl still thinking it as earth…

As they entered god turns towards them…
God- come my child….
Swasan -goes towards him….
Swasan- why u brought us here???
God- every gud soul have to cme here…
Swasan- total confused…
Swara -why u wanna give us treat due to our gud behaviour…. than i shud tell u tat i am gud bt this man always irritates me so he is nt at all gud soul…. vaise i am telling u all this bcz main nhi chahti ki kisika loss hoo….
( stupidly)
God was literally laughing on hearing her words bcz no one even tried to speak such words to him as yamraj already tells them abt the death and all….( bt these 2 dont let yamraj speak u know na…) …..

Sanskar somehow stops swara from speaking
Sanskar- sir i am sry bt she is total crack i dont know wat was god thinking while making her…… bt plz can u tell why have u brought us here nd wen we will be allowd to go back….

God goes in deep thinking abt sanskar’s question and listened only first half and totally forget abt the second half… that wat must he be thinking while making her……( haha…)
His thoughts came to an end by swara’s words….
Swara- sir where r u lost???

God( seriously)- I am god and u both r dead…..
Sanskar- oh i c then i am salman khan, she is priyanka chopra bt where is sohail khan…..
Swara started laughing loud….
Swara-u want ur sautan by urself…. hahaha…..
Sanskar realises wat he said and bites his tongue….bt was also happy on swara’s statement…..
Bt u know wat god was literally frustated by now and was cursing himself ki kisse utha liya???? ( lolz…)

God- stop it u both…and listen me carefully this is nt a movies or a daily soap . Ths is real life( or may be a ff….lolz) and u both r dead. Remember ur accident… u r in heaven i am god nd u both r souls…

Swasan who were listening all this silently burst out laughing….
Swasan- yaar aaj kal log kaise kaise mazak karte hain…
God- this is nt a joke….
Swasan- okk than prove it…..
God hits his own head wid hand….
And makes them follow him…..
He goes near window and waves hand..so tat the clouds gets separated and a clear view is visible…

The scene shows tat both sujata and shomi along wid their families r standing in hospital and doctor was sayng them sorry they r no more…on hearing this they cry hard……

After sme tym god clears tat view and turns towards them…and see them sad and almost in tears…he thought that they understood….
God- its okkkkk my child. This happens wid everyone….
Swasan- o its not ok…. who is dead in our house…. we cant meet our family members as u kidnapped us nd know showing us this clips…..we r feeling guilty tat we cant help them out….and cries
god- who died means its u…. idiots( thunderstorm occurs) sry sry…
cant u see all ur family members r thir except u.
Swara-as we r here and how this thunderstorm occurs as no clouds r their… and where is sanskar???

Sanskar was seeing hidden under the bed as he is afraid of lightening and loud sounds….

god- bcz i usd a foul word nd this is nt allowed in heaven and as god i am strictly prohibited….

swara- wah wah god ke upar bhi rules… ullu samjha hai kya…( again thunderstorm…) and sanskar fears more bt swara warns him to come out otherwise she will kill him.

Sanskar cmes out ..

god – dont u believe me know also…
both- no and these r not proves this is all technology….

god- iss technology ne toh logo ka dimag hi kharab kr diya kissi kute ko samjhana inse asan hai….( in mind)

(To them )- okk i am giving u last proof want to believe toh believe otherwise i will snd u to hell…

Swasan – haha…ohkkk

God- try touching eo …..

They do so bt they crossed eo. They did this for several tyms and sme results . Now they started panicking and believing his words….

God- do u beleive me know???

Swara started crying loud bt sanskar was shocked…..

swara- ( seeing up) ohh babaji? then she realises( seeing to god) ohh god g why u did this wid me??? Abhi meri umar hi mya thi… abhi toh meri shadi bhi nhi huyi…shadi kya mera toh bf bhi nhi tha nd maine mere pati pr torcher bhi nhi kiye apko pta hai maine net se alag alag tareeke search kiye the…

Sanskar was feeling shocked as well as relaxed as he is safe now…?….

Sanskar- cant we be able to touch eo…
Swara– yahan bhi ghatia soch….?
Sanskar- are i was jst asking like this also..
God – u can bt for that u have to prove urself and give test…and only then u can stay in heaven….
Swara(murmers) maine socha tha marne ke baad shanti milegi….( to god)…kaise test and also agar hum test mein fail ho gye toh….

Sanskar- ofcourse then we will go to hell…?
God- will u stop guessing….
Test will be revealed 2morow and if u failed then no hell or heaven instead u will be trapped b/w earth nd heaven somewhere in middle…

Swasan’s jaw dropped on hearing this….
Screen splits at swasan’s shocked and gods determined face….

To be continued…..

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