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swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 20

Hii friends missed me guess no… a big NO right chalo never mind actually my mind was out of control was having fever so couldnt post but am sure after reading this youll gonna wont beat me after all am choti si bacchi na ?? acha coming to story well there is a slight change in episode i will not show khushi’s fight today it will be in upcoming episodes so lets start

swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 19

Swara was busy in changing the room with suresh kaka
She very well knew sanskaar would be hell angry seeing changes in room despite of this she was changing all the positions at that time pankhuri sees her
Pankhuri : oh wow swara you are doing this much change in your room but you know the fact that this is sanskaar room too and he doesnt like changes
Swara : uff bhabhi calm down he wont say anything just trust me
Pankhuri : i trust you but
Swara : dont worry about me bhabhi he wont shout or be angry despite he will be happy so dont take tension allright
Swara to kaka
Swara : are kaka put that vase near the bed ha perfect
Pankhuri smiles : acha baba am not taking but come down fast ok
Swara : yeah

On road anjali was walking on road by headphones on her ears she can hardly listen anything around at that time one car was gorning to move aside but she didnt listen the boy came out of car and he was karan only
Karan then sees anjali walking so carelessly he goes to her and took her headphones out
Anjali : oh karan you when did you came
Karan : i came when you were busy in your own world whats the use of these stupid things cant you just straightly walk or why are you walking why not any driver is dropping you
Anjali : are karan relax actually i prefer to walk to my destination and about these headphones so i just love it
Karan : better change your taste acha come i will drop you allright
Anjali : kk chalo

In office sanskaar was sitting in office he was doing some work in his lappy but his full concentration was on swara her behaviour and now he was little worried what will be her next move

Sanskaar pov
I really didnt expect this kinda behaviour from her i mean i she has two face one is the betrayal and other one the one i know my best friend my heart is screaming that she loves me but my mind is saying that she will also leave you now whom do i trust heart or mind why do always this kinda games are played with me!!

Sanskaar pov ends

At evening everyone returned home laksh from clinic anjali from her boutique adi and dp from office and now sanskaar too cane he was very well knowing that swara will do something to irritate him more he entered mansion but he doesnt find her in hall but only he kbows how much he was eager to know her next plan to woo him

He entered his room and was sensing something was different
He moved towards wardrobe
The wardrobe which was previously divided into two parts for his and her clothes now it was one his and her clothes were mixed up in hangers then he glanced his room he can see that she has changed the room
He was busy in thinking when someone higged him from behind
Swara : so how are my changes
He know that whenever she touches him he loose his senses but he made himself strong and jerked her
Sanskaar : and may i know why you did this
Swara smilingly : common sanskaar that changes has to be made i mean see we both are husband and wife so why cant our clothes be together and second let me tell you the curtains which was so old i took thema nd placed new ones and your bedsheets you are too lazy to tell kaka to change your bed sheets and covers so i did this and just some furniture moving thats it
Sanskaar : really swara only this much you have taken an oath to irritate me why you did this changes who told you to do it never do it again understand
Sanskaar almost shouted
Swara felt bad listening who is she to him she was on verge of crying but she cant be loose this time she too shouted on his level
Swara : i am your wife mr. Sanskaar of you forget let me remind you i too have equal right of what to do in this room as its my room and i will do it again and let me tell you after 10 mins dinner is going to serve so be there after 10 mins neither you know the consequences
Sanskaar mouth touched ground seeing her shouting and ordering him
Swara reached to the door but turned around
Swara : and haa come down witha smile it wouldnt be nice na your family will see you in angry or sad face so better plaster a smile and come
Saying this she goes and sanskaar was standing like statue whether to shout on her or laugh on her antic
At dining table swara served everyone kids have eated already so they were sleeping while sanskaar came wearing white pajamas and black loose tshirt
He came nor with angry face but smile was also not there he sat beside adi opposite to swara and swara was sitting beside laksh
Anu : so sanskaar how was your day and you came so late
Sanskaar : actually maa was having some work in office
Dp : but sanskaar its not good to remain in office for so long now you are married man give some time to your beautiful wife too like i give right na anu
All laughs sanskaaar glares swara
Anu : aap bhi naa
Adi : are mom dad said right sanskaar you should come early see i toh find excuses to come home early for pankhuri
Pankhuri : adi shut up and eat neither i will broke an egg on your head
Adi : acha acha sorry
Adi pouts all giggles seeing their cute love
While swara was seeing sanskaar then she got a idea shelooked undertable then she moved her leg and startef carressing sanskaar leg
Sanskaar was drinking water started coughing adi pats his back
Adi : are are eat calmly why so hurry
Sanskaar became stable he glared swara and looked at her with blood shot eyes but she made a puppy face and gave what-did-she-do look
Sanskaar didnt paid attention again started eating food again swara started carressing his leg she was moving her leg little senously sanskaar was having hard time to control she then kicked sanskaar leg an lltook her leg behind giggling sanskaar bounced on his place seeing at her he thought to take revenge he then founfmd someone leg infront of him he assumed her leg and then kicked badly
Laksh bounced and hissed in pain
Laksh : aaahhh
All got worried
Ragini : what happened laksh you fine
Laksh : are sanskaar bhai what are you doing its my leg you hit me so badly
Sanskaar eyes popled out of socket swara was laughing in her mind
Pankhuri : laksh what are you telling
Laksh : are bhabhi this sanskaar bhai beat my leg assuming it to swara bhabhi’s leg he thought its her leg
All roll over their eyes and then they started laughing
Ragini : oh my god no doubt why jiju was bouncing on the chair
Sanskaar was embrassed
Sanskaar : hmm my dinner is finsihed i am going bye everyone good night
Adi : are sanskaar ruk toh
But he left in so hurry
All had good time then everyone was heading to their room when laksh saw swara standing tensed
Laksh : oh bhabhi where are you lost
Swara : woh am actually scared what will he react after today dinner incident
Laksh : are bhabhi no worry when you have taken kali maa avtaar then why are you scared if he shouts on you shout on him back
Swara : but laksh i want to win his love back and by doing this he is only hating me
Laksh : uff bhabhi you na always worried just go and aleep tomorrow you have many work so bye good night and just go
Swara : haa ok bye
Swara goes to her room she slowly sees in the room and foimund sanskaar was busy in his files she slowly goes to bed when sanskaar stopped her
Sanskaar : wait ms. Swara can you explain about what you did just now
Swara : first its mrs. Not ms. And second what should i tell you i dont know anything
Sanskaar : dont be so innocent swara this time you did it next time wont ok

Precap : sanskaar and swara day out for seeing land some romantic moments

I know youll are ready with tomatoes for small update but guys maaf kardo i am sleepy next time pakka wala bada so bye tc

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