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swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 21

Hiiii everyone…. So ready for the chappy…

Swaragini meet..

Ragini rushed to uttara’s room. she saw uttara lying on bed trying to get up.
Ragini: wait.. You are not fine.. You need to take rest..
Uttara looked at ragini
Uttara : doctor… Mera….mera jana zaruri h….. They will kill her. They will kill her…..
Ragini: who…who will kill whom….
Uttara: swa…swara…..
Ragini was shocked to hear swara’s name from her lips… Before she could ask any question uttara fell unconscious….
Ragini: oh…. Oh my god….

@ an unknown placE

A man was sitting.
Man: so… Dear ashutosh… What’s the news
Ashutosh: sir… She will be killed tomorrow.. Our secets will be secret… Once she will be killed i ll kill sanskar.
Man: hahaha… Noone can even know in the disguise of officee you are our agent… Now noone can stop us from capturing mumbai…

@ hospital
Ragini was sitting in her cabin. She was checking the x ray reports of sanskar. Suddenly ap came
Ap: beta… What happened… Uttara…
Ragini : aare.. Ma… Plz sit..she is fine.. She in fully conscious..
Ap looked at her with immense respect.. She folded her hands..
Ragini: are…na ma…don’t…
Tears escaped from her eyes..
Ap: beta.. You gave us everything.. But we gave you only torture.. Hm apne bete ko nhi smbhal paye…
Ragini felt a pinch in her heart.. She knew that in this one year how much she longed for his love. She knew how it felt when he used to talk rudely with her.. All of a sudden she felt as if whole world is revolving around her.. There was a blackout.. She heard ap calling her name.. But she was numb..

Ragini was lying on hospital bed Unconscious
Shekhar: i told her not to take stress.. This is harmful for her..
Ap: m sry.. Maine hi
shekhar: no no…she is your daughter too..no need to be sorry..

morning rays touched sanskar’s eyes.. As usual he took out his cell and tried to message swara… But reality striked him… Swara.. She is going to die today… Tears escaped from his eyes.. He wiped his tears.. With those he also wiped the memories of a lover sanskar…

Swara took bath.. She was donned in white clothes.. Her hair were wet… She remembered something.. Some words of sanskar echoed in her ears..YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOUR HAIR WET… She laughed at the irony… Her sanskar is going to shoot her… She is dying from the hands of her sanskar….

She went to the her execution room.. She saw blood of previously shot terrorist.. She laughed… She was thinking where will he shoot her… In the head or in the heart…
Lady: remember god… Take his name… Close your eyes.. May be he will forgive you…
Swara closed the eyes.. She remembered her god.. Her sanskar…

Sanskar was trembling in his cabin. How can he shoot her… How can he take her life… He touched the gun… It fell from hIs hands… He again touched it… Tears escaped from his eyes..

His mind was saying swara is terrorist.. Heart said noo
Mind said she took many lives
Heart said how can she
Mind said she never looked at him with love
Heart said really.. Is it so

Sanskar was strucked between the war of mind n heart… Finally he took his gun… He looked at national flag…he remembered his oath… His nation wants to sacrifice his love for the country… With determination in his heart he walked towards her execution room….

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