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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 26

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The last painful emotion slammed against her before she lost the feeling of feeling.
Sanky: Goes near DP : takes his hands into his : I will not believe this papa. I will not. Pleads to him, plz tell the truth. There is something, you can’t hurt her. She is more than us to you.
Uttara(angrily): Bhai, are you still believing them. Then do you think all this video is not true. If then y would he lie.
Sanky: Uttara, no keeps both hands on his head, I dnt knw but my family can‘t do this.
Sahil: Seriouslyyyyyyyyyy bro. Sahil hugs Sanky, who is completely shattered. On one side his wife who is broken with all the happening, on the other side his parents who are helplessly hiding something.
Sanky decides something and whispers the same to Sahil. Sahil assures him through his eyes. Sanky drags swara in front of DP. Ok dad if you don’t want to accept it then fine. After seeing her condition also you are going to remain silent. Then I will accept whatever happening is true.
Sanky pushes Swara, it’s all because of you. Whatever is happening is because of you.
Uttara: (Confused) Bhai, stop why are you blaming her. What was her mistake.
Sahil: Ya Uttara, what is wrong I am with Sanky on this.
Swara falls down with a thud after hearing Sanhil’s blame. AP and DP are hell shocked with sanhil reaction.
Uttara: could not believe what is happening Sahil u tooo.
Sanky: Ya Uttara, we are talking reality, it was my biggest mistake to marry her. If I would have not taken that decision, today we would have not witnessed these things.
Sahil goes near Swara lifts her and asks her to get out of the house and from their lives as she is the reason for all miseries. Swara was still like a statue, AP becomes worried for her.
Uttra: Justtt stop it u both.
Sahil: Then what u want from us, tell me one thing, Why are you against your family, y u and me are fighting, Sanskar look at him. Sanhil were praying that AP or DP should stop them. Swara walks like a lifeless body.
DP gives a tight slap to both of them. AP runs to Swara and stops her. Where are you going Swara you can’t go anywhere and hugs her. Sanhil smiles victoriously and goes near DP and aks him to tell the truth.
Sanhil: Y can’t u let her go, and this slap. You can’t even bear a harsh word against her, What’s is it u can’t hide to us anymore.
Sanky : Swara, dad did not do anything I think u got to know everything. You saw his care for u na.
Sanky bring Swara and puts DP hand on her head, now tell me dad whatever you want to tell. DP is shocked and does not know what to say.
ASR comes with a bang.
ASR: What the hell is happening here. Swara stumbles and when she is about to fall, Arnav holds her by one side and Sanky holds her by other side. Swara looks both of them.
ASR: Swara r u ok. He takes the water from the table and feeds her.
Sanky: With anger: Who the hell are you. Stay away from my family.
ASR closes his fist in anger. I know very well know what your intentions are and looks at Kavitha. Never come near my wife and dnt even think to hurt her. We are doing a project and that’s all matters, never interfere in my family issues, if you want we can drop the project too.
ASR can’t take it anymore Sanky continously blaming him. ASR yells enoughhh
ASR: Holds Swara by shoulders. She is my shona, my sister do u get it.
Sahil: She just told ur like her brother don’t act like a real brother.
DP: He is Swara’s real brother. They are blood related. All are shocked. Swara gets her second shock of her life.
Swara: Turns towards Arnav. Are you my brother, keeps his hand on her head.
ASR: With teary eyes yesss. Swara slaps ASR. ASR keeps his hand on his cheeks.
Where the hell were you these many years, when I needed you. You did not show up at that time, now y did you come. I have a family now, I dnt need anyone. You know how nights where I could not sleep, I was longing for someone to feed me, to share my feelings, do you have any idea the fact that there was no one was killing me each and every day.
It took me so many years to come out all this and accept the fact I had no one. Swara folds her hands in front of everyone. Please leave me, I can’t take anymore I am so confused I dnt know whom to believe ,please leave me and runs to her room .
Sanky tries to follow her but DP stops him and asks ASR to go to her. ASR goes near to Swara, who is sitting on the floor. He goes and sits beside her on the floor.
He caress her hair, I know it is very difficult to accept all this. Just listen to me once and then u decide.
Ours was a beautifully family, you were the princess for all of us, the reason for our sole happiness, he smiles, we lived happily until that black day came. It was the worst day of our life where our like became topsy turvey.
Swara curiously what happened.
Arnav: Shona , this is not the right time , I will tell everything after some time u become normal.
Swara: Plzzz bhai.
Arnav: I will tell u half but dnt ask for more plzzz.
It was a fire accident that shattered all our lives. Our parents died in that. After that accident I thought you too died. But I searched u all over. Deep inside me I had a feeling you were alive somewhere. But I could not find you. I was not able to stay in India. I can’t accept that our life changed within a day and became orphan. I went to abroad but was searching you continuously and recently came to know that ur alive.
U know ur our shona, Our little princess he showed their family pointing little shona. You were 6 months old Swara sees the photo and touches the faces in photo and hugs ASR.
ASR: I am sorry shona for making you suffer for these many years I am sorry and kisses her on her forehead.
Swara: Bhai, I m sorry I hurt you.. plzzzz forgive me. Even you suffered and wipes his tears.
ASR: DP uncle did all that for saving you. That video and that time, he did not know what to do that’s y.
Swara feels guilty. She tries to stand, but ASR lifts her and bring her to living room. All become happy seeing Swara forgave ASR.
Swara: Touche AP and DP feet I am sorry ma , papa. I did a big mistake of nt trusting you. Plzzz forgive me and cries hardly. Uttara too joins her, me too.
AP lifts both of them and wipes her tears. Today I came to know how my both daughters are matured enough after seeing their talks and winks. AP hugs both of them. DP blesses them
Sanhil: too joins them and hug. Swara hugs Sanky and thanks him. He wipes her tears and have eyelock. Swaut coughs and teases them. Everyone have their food happily.

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