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SWASAN – Acceptance (33)

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“Hey” sanskar embraced Swara in his arms. She buried her face in his neck and sobbed more. Laksh sat on the chair with his head in his hands. It was chaos spread in the entire floor. Still weeping, Swara heard the conversation between the head cop and durga Prasad.
” this is a such a shock to us even Mr. Maheswari. I just informed to their parents. After autopsy, we will shift her body to Ranchi for funeral”
” I just hope that their parents won’t break down completely ” durga Prasad said with a heavy voice. Even he became fond of that girl.

Piercing the silence that spread around, a stretcher made its way from emergency room. Swara clutched sanskar’s shirt and slowly turned to see ragini for one last time before taking her to autopsy. That girl was the life of the house. She was a sister to her. Even after knowing the true intention of her to kill sanskar, ragini kept quiet just for his friend’s word and acted normal. Ragini was like a sister Swara never had. Suddenly a fear erupted in her mind. She lost her parents who loved her, whom she loved too and now ragini. The fear of sanskar slowly started making sense. The same fear of losing everyone whom you love. It makes to feel that you were cursed to love.
Sanskar’s arm tightend around her just as ragini’s lifeless body passed them. His jaw was tight that any further movement would break his teeth. Laksh sat in chair giving no way for his emotions. He just stared at his love’s lifeless body.

Swara was slowly walking towards sanskar’s room with his arms wrapped around them. Laksh was following them animatedly. Sanskar was torn between Swara and his brother. Ragini’s death was such a shock to him too but being elder, he must be their support system. He must be strong and cheer them.
” want me to sleep with you?” Sanskar asked laksh with heavy voice. Laksh raised his head and slowly shook it, his every action screaming sadness and depression. He then gulped and walked past them. Sanskar sighed while Swara was still trying to control her outburst. Sanskar stood there for a minute looking at laksh who was staggering along the corridor. He looked.. Lost like an important part missing.
Sanskar sighed and motioned Swara into the room closing it after him.
” sit” he commanded softly gesturing the bed and Swara obliged. He gave her a glass of water. Sanskar sat beside her and cleared his throat.
” will you do me a favour?” He asked her. His voice was at the verge of being hoarse. Swara wiped her tears and turned to him frowning.
” cancel this marriage and forget you ever had in me in your life” he stated in one breath. Swara paused the glass just before her lips and gaped at him Like he instantly grew two heads.

Laksh’s step wobbled every time he took one. He felt lost, completely lost. That girl was his life. He loved her to an extent where he was unable to think his future without her being in his arms. Her lean figure, shy smile-reserved only for him, her live eyes..everything were still crystal clear in his brain.

Laksh frowned because he immediately remembered the cold and heartless girl which she turned into when she found about him. His eyes pooled. He was too dumb to let jealousy take over him and loose one of the important person in his life. Self loath has suddenly acquired hands which started circling around his throat, choking him, killing him yet he felt deserved. The two attempts of the murder would always remain as a mark in his life, however hard he try to remove them. Sanskar was showing pity to him, Swara was not the same, he could still see the pain and hate in her eyes, his papa would never believe him and lastly his only love hated him to the core, when finally he thought of redeeming himself, he lost her…she left leaving him empty and incomplete.
A small ache started building up in his heart. Laksh stopped in front of ragini’s room. He ran his fingers on the surface of door and the darkness of being alone started surfacing again, he just felt the way when his mother left him.

Laksh closed the door behind him and took a glance of the now empty room filled with her memories. There were many books on her bed just beside her pillow. His lips twitched sadly as he walked towards the bed. The room was just like him..dark and calm. Thunders roared outside while lightening lit the room. Laksh sat down leaning towards bed and brought his knees close to chest. Everything was painful..the ache, the darkness, the void in his heart, the scent of her in the room…everything inch was painful and it only increased ten folds when he realized that just before few hours, she was in this room…live and chirpy.
Just as the first drop of rain hit the ground, the emotions in him overflew. No matter what he always loved her and will love her. The sobs had now became uncontrollable and he has nothing to be embarrassed with that because he just lost the purpose of bring happy.

Swara quickly stood as if the bed burned. She turned to sanskar just to meet with his sorrow filled eyes. Her heart constricted. This boy was fragile and vulnerable and most of the time what he speaks, he really doesn’t mean it. Swara cupped his face ” I can understand sanskar” she whispered to him. He immediately pushed her hand out of his cheek.
” you don’t understand anything” he snarled. Swara instantly turned pale. Sanskar ran his hand through his hair ” you don’t understand anything Swara. I lost my mother when I was born, then I lost anothr mother because she was greedy of money. I was okay with it” no you were not..she wanted to say him but kept quiet ” but no, I lost my father. He was in coma for 12 years and died. My love was then centered only to bade papa and laksh. Ragini came afterwards and then you” he whispered shakily ” I once again started believing in love but turns out you came to kill me for revenge and my bhai..the only person I trust with every single atom tried to kill me twice.” He chuckled bitterly ” and now look at the girl, my sister, she died and it is just because of me” he choked. It was so painful. Swara shook her head

” no sanskar. You are person whom everyone wants to love. Look at the people you have. Starting from bade papa to me, everyone are ready to sacrifice their life for you.”
Sanskar shook his head ” even bade papa would leave me in few months Swara. He has hole in his heart and was a affected by heart attack twice. Every person who loves me will die Swara. I can’t lose you . enough is enough. The damage has been done. Anyway laksh is going to new York and you please leave my life…please” he buried his head in his hands why don’t anyone understand his pain. Swara wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. ” do you able to smell my scent?” She kissed his forehead ” my touch?” He hugged her more closer to him.she kissed his cheek “feel my love?” Sanskar nodded weakly ” I promise you sanskar that this will never be dream where you awake up and find everything is snatched from you because I will be with you in every thin and thick. If life really wants to snatch me from you then it would offer you the best sanskar… The best” she spoke to him as if he was a child. The soothing voice calmed him but the pain was still persistet.

Sanskar shook his head. He didn’t want some other person in his life to die the pain was extreme and unbearable. Swara slowly pushed him back on the bed. Later she climbed beside him and envoleped sanskar in her arms to show how much of person is to be loved. Few drops of water touched the pillow as sanskar’s cheek made contact with it.sleep didn’t come to neither of them that eaisly..that night was going to be long.

Swara opened her eyes to a soft knock on their door. She turned to sanskar who was facing her and a small smile came on her lips looking at his sleeping form. Everything about him was good except that he looked tired and worried. Swara frowned trying to remember what might the reason for his sadness. Sanskar stirred slightly and Swara caught a line of dried water at corner of his eye. She pressed her lips tighter as tears came to her eyes. Ragini was dead, yes the only girl who knew everything about her yet loved unconditionally was dead..she was no more. The pooled tears now threatened to fell down.
” bhai” there was a soft whisper followed by knock. Swara wiped her face and opened the door. She stared at laksh face and gulped hard. His eyes were red and swollen.
” is he alright?” Laksh asked in hoarse voice, motioning his chin to his brother’s sleeping form. Swara turned back to sanskar and smiled.
” what do you think?” She answered mirroring his voice. Laksh sighed deeply ” I am going to Ranchi. Will be back by night ” Swara nodded as laksh left.

Swara tried to calm the pain as she watched the golden rays of sun sinking down leaving the world to dark. She glanced at her watch for the fifth time that evening. Soon as laksh left, sanskar too left saying he had some work which of course she didn’t ask because she knew what he meant. As much as she tried, the memories of ragini were haunting in the man is on and hence she came to the howrah bridge in idea of spending her evening there.

Someone cleared throat behind her
” these are the details you asked for mam” vishwas spoke handing her the files. Of course she came there to meet him.
” Vijay scindia is a typical ruthless business man mam but the most astonishing detail is much into social work. He even have few NGO’s. For a man who claims himself as heartless, has completely dedicated his life for poor.” Vishwas said as Swara went through the file. Yes of course his every words was true. That Vijay was not a married man too.
” and about vansh, he was an orphan and stayed in uttar Pradesh. Was raised, studied there of course. From what his mates said, vansh suddenly grew rich that he left the orphanage and moved to Mumbai. Later, they never met him.”
Swara sighed. Of course the money was from laksh. When she raised her head, she saw vishwas squirming in front of her. She raised her eyebrows.
” mam..the account from the money which was transferred to him is on…on..ram prasad maheswari’s name”
Swara gasped at the new information. Was her theory correct then? She quickly regained herself and pulled mask of carelessness.
” and what about the other thing”
Vishwas relaxed ” I am not so sure mam but decreased amount of electrolytes in body would result in coma.”
Swara nodded. There were the pieces. It was indeed ram prasad maheswari who was after all the fuss. She waved her hand to vishwas who nodded and retrieved.

After spending an hour there, she returned home. As her eyes fell on kitchen, she remembered about being hungry since last night. She made her way to kitchen thinking to make some toast to her before preparing dinner.
” need something?” Ramu kaka’s voice starled her. Swara weakly shook her head before grabbing a glass from shelf.

Ramu kaka sighed ” I can understand beti. I have seen ragini only three times before she actually can where to live.”
Swara smiled again before gulping. Ramu kaka stopped chopping the vegetables and turned to her.
” that girl was so lively. She..she had high influence on brothers.” He fidgted ” I know about the boys. everything about them. Laksh was never a person who would kill someone for his own benefit. I don’t know what has happened to him but I am 100℅ sure that he would have regret probably killed himself if something has happened to sanskar”
Swara paled listening him. It means he knew about her too. ramu kaka simply continued.
” I just cannot make myself to hate them because they are my family ”
” what?” Swara whispered. He nodded.

” I have two sons and one daughter. I lost their mother while delivering my daughter. Being the young, she was pampered a lot and that pampering has lead to horrible incident and she killed herself” his eyes moistened ” from there I was the only one to rise my both children. It was the time I joined here.” He smiled fondly at the memory ” I have seen two scared and lost boys when I stepped here Swara. Both of their behaviors are extreme yet they are close, always. As years passed, I grew fond of them and then finally treated them as my children. Even they did the same. They are very kind from their heart and never considered me as a servant. But of course their way of shoeing the affection was different. I always wanted them to be blessed with girls who would actually give happiness to them because they both lived in a illusion of being happy from the say I stepped here.”
Swara inhaled. She knew it

” you and ragini were the same. I haven’t seen drastic change in sanskar like laksh. I swear, that girl has changed him, a lot and now…” He trailed off, his voice breaking the end
” how about your children? ” Swara asked to distract him. He let out a dry chuckle. ” after becoming successful, they found this old bag as dirt and threw it away. ” she knew how it is to be isolated ” and again they order the same dirt if they have few works like looking after their children or do some other servant work in home. Its the reason I’d not stay here sometimes during night”
” kaka” Swara reached for his shoulder and squeezed. Ramu shook his head. ” I proudly say that I am working here because this is my family. Everyone including you and ragini also treated me the same way and Now her death is just… Shock. Its choking Me too” he whispered. The 50 year old now looked very fragile and vulnerable to Swara. Not having any words to comfort him, she kept on rubbing his back.

Sanskar was still in the farm house, the place where he came that morning. It was the only place that didn’t had the memories of ragini. He actually planned to spend the weekend there and now he was glad as it got postponed because he would never survive with her haunting him. Everything was good just before three days and then suddenly his father died. The big loss and now ragini.. The biggest loss. Something in his chest tightened. The pain was too much for him to bear. He impaitenly gulped water. Every scene, incident was replying in his mind invoultarily. The way how Swara trembled, stuttered with words then their journey to the parking, ragini’s body, laksh’s reaction, hospital..
He brought the glass down from his lips to place it on the table but it lost its balance and fell on the ground breaking into thousand pieces.

Mrs. Annapurna maheswari!!
He saw her. That day when ragini was taken to hospital, he saw her in a car. What was she doing anyway in kolakta?
His eyes turned red, the veins bulged, jaw clenched, fingers turned to fist.. He now really need answers and he knew where he can find them.

A/N: hello guys..fortnight episode.. I know! But I was a mess since week. I was so much depressed and sulked in my room all day and night these days. I have actually mentioned the reason in my timeline. So check it because even if I think about it, I would start crying all again. Though my eyes are stinging now, all it matters is your happiness.. So I am here giving you all an update be a use I want to care for the person who loves me but not hate.

Anyways two chapters from tomorrow and they will be short, you know for cliffhangers * smiles evily*

Q/A TIME: so do you think sanskar will get his answer?
Was that ram prasad only who transferred money to vansh?

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