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SWASAN-A love story (chapter7)

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Sanskar does not comprehend what to do. Swara becomes asleep and he does not know her address.

Sanskar (monologue) : Now what to do. This crazy girl becomes asleep and I don’t know her address. I think I should get her to my house.

Then he goes towards his house.


Shekher is watching the stars from the window. Shomi comes from behind.

Shomi : I know you are thinking about them. We could not change what happened.

Shekher (teary eyes): Tomorrow is their death anniversary. I always loved her. I do not know Maa’s one decision could separate me from my love and my daughter.

Shomi : Shekher don’t be sad. I know you are missing them but you could not change what have happened. If their souls see you like this, they will not be happy.


Sanskar picks swara in bridle style and enters the mansion. All sevents are hell shocked to see a girl in his arms because they have only seen work files or his laptop in his arms. Sanskar ignores them and head towards his room. Swara was murmuring continuously in her sleep.

Sanakar (to himself) : She is a disaster. She could not even be quiet in sleep.

He placed her on his bed and takes off her shoes and covers her with blanket. Suddenly he saw his face and shoves off the strand of hair from it. There is something happens in his heart. He then goes to another room.


Swara wakes up. She feels pain in her head. Then suddenly a glass of lemonade comes before her. She sees towards the person who belongs to this hands and saw the face of sanskar.


Sanskar slaps himself on his head.

Sanskar : You idiot. You really don’t have brain. Why would I welcome the storm by kidnapping you?

Swara : Then what am I doing here? You adds drugs in my drink?

Sanskar : If I have to add anything in your drink, I would had add the poison. You really eat my mind. You have drink wine thinking it of juice and then do weird things.

He then becomes angry thing of past incidents.

Sanskar (angry) : And you also vomits on my coat.

Swara (angry) : It must be by mistake. I should vomit on your face.

Sanskar (more angry) : Now shut up and do the breakfast then you will have to come office.

Saying this he went away.


They were as usual doing their work. Then sanskar calls swara and asks her to get coffee from a shop. She goes there and purchases coffe then goes to his office. She knocks the door and get in. Sanskar was as usual busy with her work. He was working on many files.

Sanskar (pointing towards table): There..

Swara placed the coffee on the table and have just turn away when her elbow his the file that crashed with the coffee and it splits on the whole table destroying sanskar’s work and some on sansakar himself ?

Swara seeing this took the tissue box and removing the coffee from files. But it unfortunately worsen the situation and destroyed his work completely. Sanskar was watching her with immense anger.

Sanskar (very angry) : You are really very clumsy. Cant you do a single work without you destroying anything? You have just ruined my work and splits coffee on my shirt. Now set it up.

Swara becomes frightened for a second. She goes towards him and starts to remove coffee stains from his shirt. Sanskar becomes calms seeing her face close to him. He was just staring her the whole time. After swara done she goes to her cabin.

Swara (to herself) : What type of angry arrogant man he is ? I know I have done mistake but I don’t do it intentionally. He roared me very badly. I really hate him.
Sanskar (to himself) : What is happening to me? Why I feels different? What is this feeling? Does it …..No it cant happen. How it could be? But it is. I love her. I really love her.(he laughs) So I fall in love with this most crazy and clumsy girl. Yes I love her. I love her very much. (He sees her from the glass wall) I love you swara. You are crazy but only mine. You belongs to me.

It is the start of his love obsession. What will it becomes? Will he ever gets his love? Will he get her even if it is against her? Swara on the other hand does not apparently feels for him. Will she ever develops feelings for him?

So i am done with this chapter. If you think that the story is going fast then it is not because there are many things that have to happen. And please comment about t his chapter. Thanks you.

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