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Swaragini : swasan ff Love story ( by malika) ep 1

Hey guys thank you so soo much for your support. I know many people don’t want to see raglak in negative role . I thought to make them negative forever but I don’t want to make anyone disappointed so I will make raglak negative only in two ep. You all will see ragsan and swalak friendships bonding. I don’t want to make anyone disappointed and please tell me if you don’t like the ff. I will give a small intro of swara and then I will start the ff

Swara Bose : only daughter of janki. Very intelligent girl. 17 years old. She is still studying. Love her mother a lot. And is best in writing story.

Janki Bose : mother of swara. 44 years old and cousin of ram. Love her daughter a lot. Always has a dream which will reveal in third or second ep. Her husband is no more.

Actually swara and janki are middle class people. So let’s start.

morning in a village :

We can see many big buildings and in the sky their are many birds flying like they have got freedom. Then we go to a balcony . There we can see a beautiful girl is drying some clothes. Yes she is swara. After that she goes in the kitchen and started shouting. :

Swara : maaa! !! Where are you?? I’m getting late for college. Maa!!

Then wq go in the terrace where an old lady is with one children . She is telling them a story. But after hearing swara voice she stopped and yes this lady is janki. She then said. :

Janki : yes betaa!! I’m coming. Just wait.

After telling that janki went in the kitchen where swara was waiting for her.

Swara: maaaa quickly take your breakfast and take your medicine. Doctor has said that you should take them on time.

Janki : haaah! Beta I will take it. You just go to college. Aren’t you getting late??

Swara bit her tongue : yes yes yes! Bye maa!! See you afternoon.
Taking a bread in her hand.

Scene change in a. Coffee shop:

Two people are sitting. One is a girl and another is a boy. Yes it’s ragsan.

Ragini : sanskar you remember our childhood .!!

Sanskar who is drinking coffee : yes rags! I remember all the moment we had spent together it was Soo funny.

Ragini : what!!! Which moment??

Sanskar : you remember when we both went to school for the first time. When you first enter the school you slip in mud! Haha… You was looking like a dark chocolate wow. I wish that time I had my mobile phone then I could have take a picture. Haha.. .lol

Ragini: what the hell?? Okk now let’s go to office otherwise your mom will scold us.

Scene office.

Both ragsan went towards their cabins.

In sanskar cabin:

Sanskar was working in his laptop that sujata came with some files.
Sujata: beta!! Where were you in morning??

Sanskar : mum I was with ragini!! And what is this in your hand??

A small smile appears in sujata face : beta this is the file which contain some important information. You need to read it again and give it to your father.

Sanskar : ok mum. But where is papa I didn’t see him ??

Sujata; he is in his cabin beta. Okk bye read it once again and then give it to your father.

Scene in a big cabin:

A man is sitting with an old pictures . Yes this is ram and this is the picture of swara when she was a child and janki. Ram is thinking something while wearing swara. Suddenly we can hear a knock knock in that door.

Recap: ram and janki meeting.

Laksh entry will be later. And yes this atory will be a little different . Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I wrote this am all chappy in a hurry. Don’t worry I will give a long scene of swara in next ep. Today I was free soo I wrote it and next ep of my both ff will be on Saturday.

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