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Swaragini : Raglak ff. Love story ( by malika) ep 3

Hey guys so sorry soooooo sorry for latest update. I know many of you will be angry. Today although I’m busy just for you all I have come. I will write a small chappy. I’m sorry but what to do I’m busy with my wedding as it’s tomorrow. So I want to spent my time with my relatives and you all. Don’t worry I will continue my ff. On Friday I will be a regular writer. I promise ( paka). I’m sorry for my bak bak. Let’s start.

Ragini after changing her clothes, she went to sujata’ s room.

Sujata: where were you. ???? Don’t you know I’m hate waiting!!!.

Ragini: I’m sorry chachi ji. I will never do this again.

Sujata suddenly changed her expression and said sweetly : Oooh beta it’s okkk. Never mind. I have an important thing to say. Come and sit near me.

Ragini was surprised and went to sit near sujata scarily.

Sujata said : beta I will not eat you. Don’t worry I’m non veg.

Ragini : hai…..

Sujata : listen beta, nowadays your uncle is facing some finance problem. And nowadays everything is expensive. Soo I was thinking why don’t you work.

Ragini like someone put a stone in her heart and went away said slowly and softly : yes aunty I will work. For my family. Don’t worry. But where. ……

Sujata: don’t worry I have found a job for you. That’s too before your opinion. You have to go to Mumbai. They are very rich people. And they will give you a good salary.

Ragini: Mumbai……. It’s ..too far. ( hey guys I don’t know if it’s really far or not. I don’t live in India. )

Sujata: I know but don’t worry , I will give you some money for travelling.

Ragini: but what is my job and what is the address.

Sujata: Cooker. … You cook very well naaaa. ….. So you just have to cook for everyone there and in the evening you come back home. And the address is xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Scene changes. :

In the afternoon. …

Ragini after completing all household she went to the terraces where she was seeing the sky…. . In the sky there were many birds flying and our ragini was looking at them.

Ragini P. O. V

When I was small God snatch my parents from me. I didn’t complain anything instead I smile thinking that everything happen for goods. Oooh God I don’t have any complain against you . This family is very sweet. Chachi ji is strict but kind from heart. Chacha ji is like my second father. And swara is my sister. I can do anything for them. Today what happen in the morning I’m not angry instead in this incident is will learn a lesson. That if swara is happy then chachi ji is definitely going to be happy. I have to do this for them. Yesssss…. Baba… Maaaa. I know you are always with me.
Ragini P. O. V ENDS.


Ragini wake up early in the morning and stay outside sujata ‘ s room. After some time sujata came.

Sujata: wow ragini you woke up early in the morning. …… Take this money……. And gooo quickly

Ragini : yes chachi ji.
And she take sujata’ s blessing and went from bus..

Scene changes. :in Mumbai

A boy is riding a bike. ….a handsome and charming boy. …. He is riding very fast in the roads. …. And behind him there are police. They are trying to catch that boy. But that handsome boy trick them and fled from there with his bike. ….. And drove fastly…….. As soon as possible.

Sence changes : in a bus. :

Ragini came out from the bus and went in search of that address where she had to work. . She was walking in the pavement

Scene changes:

A girl is waiting someone as she was standing since one hour. That girl was getting irritated and she was about to go that the same boy drove fastly and stopped near her. That boy remove his helmet. …… And hold his eyes and said sorry to that girl.

Girl:: Oooh please laksh. ..you are always late…… Hate you …
And she started going but laksh come in front of her .

Laksh : sorry riya.. Baby….. I’m sorry bit what to do police was behind me that’s why I’m late.

Riya : Ooooh today nooo I will not forgive you… You have to do something for me….

Laksh: okkkkk darling anything for you. You just order me……

Riya : Think twice laksh…….

Laksh: you just tell me…

Riya: okkkk you have to close your eyes and turn. The first person you will see, you have to slap him/ her.

Laksh : Ooooh God from where do you get these ideas. Okkkk

Laksh closed his eyes and he turned. When he open his eyes he saw a girl and slap her. ….. That girl was non other than ragini……

Recap: laksh and ragini meeting and laksh ‘ s family intro.

Hey guys I’m really sorry. Please forgive me for late update and yes from Friday I will be regular. I will update all my three ff. Please put tout valuable comments and tell me if you like this ep or not. I want you all support in this ff. I hope you didn’t forget this ff. PLEASE TELL COMMENT GUY AMD SORRY FOE ANY GRAMMER MISTAKES. I WROTE THIS FF IN A HURRY.

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