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Swaragini leads after leap n my pov.

Hello everyone so I m here to express my views n share them pls read if u r interested. P.S the people who have habit to say u wasted my time n blah blah comments are welcome to leave!Here I m going to say my opinions n u r requested to say urs in the comments.


Ragini Laksh Maheshwari- Yes she is broken , broken without her love but not letting anyone know. She has done mistakes in the past,for which she is judged even now but she knows the pain of losing the person for whom she had done all good-bad deeds ,her LAKSH…..but she had reason to cry n do wrong even then n has a reason to smile be strong even now and both are her LAKSH…..Now she has to unite the one who have separated FOR her not BECAUSE OF HER n she will do it all with a smile for her LAKSH ….and for her sister who is already weak too……………………………………………….

Sanskar Maheshwari-He is just living from past 6 months planning revenge but he is hurt too hurt by his love which made him hate her that she chooses her sister over him each time. Her each taunt still echoes in his ear yes she did wrong but he didn’t try to know why even?…..Why his ego stopped him…?What made him hurt her this much…..?Why he is making efforts to find laksh when he was ready to kill him earlier…?
These questions had made him a mystery…

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari- The mistake was not entirely hers yet not she was blamed . Laksh Ragini Sanskar Shekhar all did wrong to her but she forgave all n told them what’s right..But she is a human even she will do mistakes so why no one told her about right and wrong why no one consoled her? She is not a god so even she is HURT.
She is not angry on Sanskar for threatening her because she loves him she is not angry on him because he let his ego overpower THEIR love either , because she loves him .She is angry bcoz he was ready to kill his brother even though SHE told him to handle laksh calmly coz pari n aadarsh had instigated him.But he almost killed him. She is elder to ragini n had forgiven all her mistakes n expects the same from sanskar being elder to Laksh…how difficult is that?She supported ragini bcoz her sister was broken n needed support , so that isn’t choosing over love in her views!
Hence,it is still somewhere her mistake in all what happened too….

Laksh Maheshwari-He is currently missing when he wasn’t ,he fell in aadarsh pari’s fakeness.But he wudnt have gone for sake of guilt possibly, though.Coz he doesn’t know the whole truth yet .But He has to come back for his BACCHA HIS LOVE RAGINI to unite those who separated coz of him being missing. N we sincerely hope he comes back soon…..

So guyz this was my take on the current track by characters. Love swasan raglak forever??….hope they unite soon thank u for reading my opinions pls convey urs too n sorry for mistakes.


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