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Swaragini: “I Love You” (introduction)

Swaragini: “I Love You”

Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari : The female protagonist and is married to Sanskaar Maheshwari. A bubbly, caring and kind-hearted girl. She loves her own family as well as her in-laws family equally.

Sanskaar Maheshwari: The male protagonist and is married to Swara Bose. A happy go lucky guy, caring and a true gentleman. He loves his family a lot and, can sacrifice anything for them. He treats his in-laws as his own parents.

Supporting Characters 
Maheshwari Family

Laksh Maheshwari: He is Sanskaar’s elder brother and is married to Ragini Bose. He also loves his family a lot like his brother and his biggest priority is his wife.

Ragini Laksh Maheshwari: She is Swara’s elder sister and is married to Laksh Maheshwari. She loves him a lot.

Annapurna Maheshwari: She is Sanskaar’s and Laksh’s mother. She loves her sons a lot and treats her daughters in laws like her own daughters. She is very supportive.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari: He is Sanskaar’s and Laksh’s father. He loves his family a lot and is a businessman.

Suhasini Prasad Maheshwari (played by Farida Dadi): She is the head of the family and Durga Prasad’s elder sister. She didn’t marry to handle the family. She loves Sanskaar and Laksh like her own sons and is proud to have Ragini and Swara as her daughters in law.

Bose Family

Sharmishtha Bose: She is Swara’s and Ragini’s mother. She is a very loving and caring mother. She is a businesswoman but, handles both her business and house nicely.

Shekhar Bose: He is Swara’s and Ragini’s father. He loves both his daughters equally. A reputed businessman.

Chapter 1

The story starts with two boys in black track suit jogging and entering a huge mansion. The door shows a name board which states “Maheshwari Mansion”. They enter the mansion and climb up the stairs and go to their respective rooms.

Room 1
One of the boys enters a room. The rooms has a combination of black and white paints. On the wall opposite to the door a huge photo frame is hung. It is a wedding photograph. He goes to the bed, pulls down the blanket from a girl’s face slightly, kisses her forehead and says, “Good Morning Love!”
“Good morning hubby”, she replies. She says, “Go have your bath. It’s just 6:30 now and we need to go down by 7:30. Everyone will be waiting for us.”
“You care about everybody except for your husband Ragini.”, says the husband. “Liar! Don’t lie so much Laksh”, replies Ragini.
“Okay fine. I’m going to take a bath. Be ready by the time I come out.”, Laksh says.
“Sure Mr. Husband.”

Room 2
The other guy enters his room. The room is a combination of white and blue. He goes inside and says, “Where is this Chuhiya Bose, I mean Maheshwari?” He looks at his watch and says, “It’s just 6:30. She doesn’t wake up so early.” Just then a girl enters and says, “YOU!” She is wearing a pink churidar with light make up and looking gorgeous.
The guy replies, “Ofcourse, it’s my room.” The girl corrects him and says, “OUR ROOM.” She adds “Oh god! Keno Thakur keno? (Why God why?) I woke up so early so that I don’t have to see his ugly face but, still he came. I couldn’t sleep also properly and now, I had to see his face.” “Oh hello! First of all I’m not ugly and secondly, tumhara chehra dekhne ka koi shock mujhe bhi nahi hai (I also don’t want to see your face).” “Dekho Sanskaar, subah subah mera mood mat kharab karo.”, the girl replies. “Exactly Shona”, Sanskaar replies. 

Sanskaar goes to the cupboard and takes out his clothes and as he was about to go Swara murmurs to herself “Pata nahi maa ne bhi kiske palle baandh diya! Isse toh main akeli hi acchi thi.” (God knows with whom maa got me married! It was better when I was alone.) Sanskaar says, “Sunna maine.” (I heard it.) “Haan toh! Sunane ke liye hi bola”, (So what! I said so that you can listen) replies Swara and walks out of the room. While going to the washroom Sanskaar says to himself “She’s a total gone case.”

Sanskaar (POV)
She’s is so childish, so mad but, still I love her so much. God knows whether she loves me or not. I’m scared to confess my feelings. What if she doesn’t feel the same for me and I lose her forever. I LOVE YOU SHONA. I LOVE YOU A LOT. I need to find out whether she feels the same for me or not. 

Swara comes down to the hall. A lady in her mid 60s, a man in his mid 50s and another lady in her mid 50s were sitting there. She greets everyone good morning and sits with them. They were talking to each other when the door bell rang. Twinkle said, “I’ll see.” She goes to the door and opens it. She saw a girl standing at the door in her mid 20s. She wonders who she was when Annapurna came and asked who’s there. She saw the girl and greeted her saying “Come in Kavita.”
As Kavita was about to sit, Sanskaar came down and gave her a bone crushing hug. He looked towards Swara who was looking at them with narrow eyes. Sanskaar broke the hug and said, “Shona, hamare liye kuch breakfast leke aaogi please?” (Shona, will you bring some breakfast for us?) Kavita added “Yes, I’m so hungry. You understand me so well Sanky.” Annapurna replied, “I’ll bring breakfast for all of you. Swara, you sit and talk to them.” As she was about to go, Swara stood up and said, “Maa, I’ll bring it. You sit here. Why will you work when I’m there!” Annapurna agreed and Swara went to the kitchen.

Swara enters the kitchen and starts taking the breakfast. She mimics Kavita and says, “You understand me so well Sanky”.

Swara (POV)
What does this Kavita think of herself ! Doesn’t she feel ashamed of flirting with my husband in front of me and all the other family members! But, what should I tell her. Sanskaar thodi na kuch kam hai! Kaise aake usse hug kiya. Mujhe toh kabhi nahi kiya. Aur mujhe introduce bhi nahi karvaya. Hadh hai yaar. Vaise bhi Shona tujhe kya! (Sanskaar is nevertheless. The way he hugged her. He never hugged me like that. Anyways, Shona why do you care!) He hugs whom ever he wants to. Why do you care! No, but why shouldn’t I! I’m his wife. I’ve full rights to. Iss Kavita ka kuch toh karna padhega. (I’ve to do something of this Maya.)

Ragini entered the kitchen and patted on Swara’s shoulder making her come out of her dream world. She greeted her saying “Good morning! Kya haal? (Wassup?)” Swara replied, “Good morning di! Kuch khaas nahi. (Nothing much.) Sanskaar’s friend Kavita has come so just taking breakfast for them.” She adds on “Anyways di it’s time for our breakfast too. Will you help me out in laying down the table?” “Sure. Ye bhi koi puchne wali baat hai! (Is this something to ask!)”, says Ragini.

Dining Area
Swara and Ragini are laying down the breakfast when Laksh comes. Swara says, “Good morning jiju! Kuch chahiye? (You need something?)” Laksh murmurs, “Ragini.” He replies, “No nothing. I’m very hungry. Can we start having our breakfast?” “Let everybody come”, says Ragini. 
After sometime everybody comes to the table and sit down. Kavita sits next to Sanskaar making Swara boil in anger. She starts serving juice to everybody and purposely pours down the juice on Kavita’s dress making her shocked. She immediately gets up. Sanskaar turns to Swara and says, “Lend her one dress of yours.” Swara being left with no option gives one of her churidars to her. She changes and comes down. 
After breakfast, Kavita leaves which makes Swara more than happy and everybody go to their own rooms.

Swasan room
Swara is sitting on the bed and thinking about Sanskaar and Kavita when suddenly Sanskaar asks her, “What are you thinking Chuhiya Maheshwari?” Swara replies, “Nothing. Why?” 
“Nahi tum zyada sochti ho toh darr lagta hai yaar… Kahin phir koi gadbad na kar do”, (When you think more I get scared… what if you create some problem) says Sanskaar.
“Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai.” (It’s waste talking to you.)
“Toh kar kyun rahi ho? Mat karo na. Mujhe bhi shanti milegi.” (Why are you talking then? Don’t talk. I’ll stay in peace.)

“Ab toh sach mein nahi karoongi. Tum karo jo tumhe karna hai”, (Now, I surely won’t talk. You do whatever you want to) replies Swara and walks out of the room angrily.
Hey all! Firstly, thanks you so much for your immense support on my three OS’s. I’m seriously overwhelmed by your response.

Well, this is my first fan fiction on Swaragini. I wrote this fan fiction before on Tashan-E-Ishq but, now I’m writing it here on Laddoo’s request.

Hope you all will like it. Please drop down your comments below. I’d be eagerly waiting to read them out. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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