HI Guys This Is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla Now I am deceide Write FF

Her son was on his hands and
knees on his hospital bed, watching
for the first glimpse of his hero

Ragini let Laksh go in first,love
overwhelming her at the happiness chasing
across her son’s pale face.

“Laksh!” Shivansh beamed up at his hero. “You came. You’re really here and everything.”

“Sure I am, buddy.”

If her son’s eyes got any bigger, they would
roll right out of his head.

“Mom, it’s “Laksh Maheshwari! We saw him on TV when he showed that bull who was boss
and set the new record. I saw. He’s the best.”

Laksh’s warm chuckle rang with good
humor and not self-importance as she was
expecting. “Hold on there, little cowboy, I just had a good day. You didn’t see me a month
later getting thrown off a bronc five seconds
in and breaking half the bones in my books.”

That was exactly why she couldn’t fall for a man like Laksh

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